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Happy Friday Good news! Toys R Us & Babies R Us Canada has a new awesome online Moonlight Madness Sale!
Babies R Us Canada Promotions: Get FREE 3-Piece Car Seat Accessory (Valued at $50) with the Purchase of Any Britax Car Seat!
Babies R Us Canada has a new sweet promotion where you can get a FREE 3 piece car seat accessory with your purchase of any Britax Car seat! Toys R Us is having their Moonlight Madness sale one night only Friday, October 12th from 6 pm to 12 am. Finally made a trip out to my local Toys R Us and Target to check out there stock of the new LEGO 2011 sets. I absolutely love the new Kingdoms sets, which are very similar to the Medieval Market Village.
The Space Center seems like a scaled-down version of the shuttle sets I remember buying in the 1990’s.

Funny to see Series 3 Collectible Minifigures still plentiful, even as Series 4 are on the shelves, and photos of Series 5 are all over the web. This Toys R Us moonlight madness sale is valid today, Friday, October 24, 2014 online and in store. No promo code is required because the car seat will automatically be added at checkout at Babies R Us Canada. Purchase a B-ready stroller and get your choice of a free B-safe or chaperone infant card set or a second seat. I do have to wonder how many barns & windmills they will sell compared to the more castle-themed sets. I have the original this is based from, which came out in the late 1980’s, I believe. LEGO has an entire aisle on both sides at Target, so I was surprised to not see any new Alien Quest, Kingdoms, City, etc.

Get FREE shipping online on qualifying items when you spend $25 or more!  This Babies R Us Canada FREE Shipping offer is valid online for a limited time only. If you still have Christmas shopping left to do, this is the perfect time to do it online as you’ll receive your order by Christmas Eve. This kind of offer works best on new release games that generally don’t see discounts otherwise. The Britax B-ready stroller retails for $529.99 at Toys R Us and comes in silver, black, twilight, red and navy blue.

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