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There's no denying organic baby food costs an arm and a leg, but paying the extra cash ensures your lil one isn't ingesting growth hormones or pesticides. Walk into an average grocery store and you face a choice—47,000 choices of products, actually. Here are 20 top organic foods to get you started.Add them to your grocery list to upgrade your diet, strengthen your body, and help heal the planet.
Want to learn more about how organic farming can save the environment and bolster your health? Pick up a copy of Organic Manifesto today! One serving is nearly 20 percent of your daily fiber, and it doesn't taste like the box it came in. Sweetened with honey and topped with sesame and sunflower seeds, it's the perfect slice for sandwiches.
As I do at the beginning of each year, I make predictions about the hottest segments, ingredients, and products within the organic sector. In my Top 5 Organic Food Trends of 2012, one of my choices was High Pressure Processing, also known as HPP.
HPP has been used in the food industry for decades, largely with packaged meat and chicken, but it was only within the last few years that it has become much more well-known, thanks to many of the pressed juice and coconut water companies. One area where HPP has not been widely used in the organic industry is in fresh, refrigerated baby food. But that is going to change in a major way. Austin-based Pure Spoon launched last year and is now sold in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana at Whole Foods Market. I also expect other players to quickly jump into this category as it is guaranteed to explode. In New York City, when many of us get sick, we go down to the local organic juice bar and do shots of ginger or some other superfood that will strengthen our immune system. More often that not, these shots are already bottled, instead of made-to-order.
I have already started to see bottled shots for sale at non-juice bar locations, and major organic markets will begin to make a big push into this area. Organic shots of turmeric, ginger, blue green algae, sea buckthorn, wheatgrass and other liquid superfoods will soon make their way into grocery stores across the country. On the other hand, people are always looking for dishes that contain beans, because of the high protein content, yet many don’t want to take the time to prepare them. That is why bean pastas make so much sense and it could explain my obsession with the red lentil pasta by Tolerant, one of my all-time favorite products. Bean pastas will definitely grow in popularity, and consumers should expect many more choices when they’re shopping this year.
With so many companies now delivering pressed organic juice via local and overnight delivery, you can pretty much have it when and where you want it. Sakara Life, the NYC-based organic meal delivery service, which now operates throughout much of the East Coast, will be expanding to Los Angeles in 2015 and will soon be offering overnight delivery throughout the U.S. DL revAMP just became the first USDA certified organic meal delivery service and offers its program to consumers across the country. Paleta, which has a big presence in the Los Angeles market and also delivers to San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Seattle, has its eye on national expansion. The good news is that our organic meal delivery options will be much, much greater by the end of 2015, and don’t be surprised to see other regional players taking their business nationwide.
One of the most powerful foods that a person can consume is matcha green tea. It is loaded with antioxidants, aids in weight loss, reduces inflammation, and improves digestion. More specifically, matcha contains a specific organic compound, or catechin, called EGCG, which is known for its cancer-fighting properties. Given the tremendous health benefits of matcha green tea, I expect organic companies to increasingly use this ingredient in a variety of different drink and food products.
To join my newsletter list, please enter your email below and I’ll send you my Top 5 Inexpensive Ways to Shop Organic. Yesterday I popped into Costco for a couple of items and I was pleased to see they have started carrying a LOT MORE organic foods. You may think that eating organic costs more, but has anyone noticed how much Americans spend on their daily Starbucks habit and stopping by McDonald’s for that convenient lunch that has a greasy burger, fries, and a Coke?

What we really need are incentives to local and organic growers so that they can afford to sell produce more cheaply. Yes I agree with Vera, and actually the price of Organic food REALLY NEEDS to come down at least below NON ORGANIC FOOD AND GMO FOOD, as this is what will CHANGE the food industry and everyone will start buying it because it is or will be cheaper to buy and the NON ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCERS will wither away like a during flower, we try to eat as much organic food as possible but it being so expensive is not in our LOW INCOME BUDGET THAT ALLOWS US TO HAVE, if we were MIDDLE CLASS INCOME FAMILY WE WOULD BE ABLE TO BUY ALL ORGANIC FOOD. What we need is for the Organic food prices to come down so me and others can afford to eat healthier it’s very hard for me to shop for Organic food I try real hard to eat healthy. Frankly, other than it’s trendy followers, there is no real reason for the price of Matcha to be so high. When ordering any other herb, there is rarely more than a dollar per pound difference in the cost of Whole Leaf Herb as compared to Powdered Herb.
In fact, since most of it hails from Japan, I think I’ll stick with teas grown, organically, in India, away from fallout zones and horrific pollution.
I’m a regular person who decided to take his physical and mental health into his own hands. Garlic – is known for its properties that reacts with the blood in fighting harmful bacteria and viruses. Mackerel – the enormous content of docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids in mackerel helps the skin look fresh and young.
Green Tea – known for its high levels of antioxidants, it doesn’t only make your skin look clearer but it helps in building your immune system. Sweet Potato – works on skin wonderfully with its abundance in potassium, sodium and vitamin A. Dark Berries – Aside from the fact that berries contain high levels of antioxidants,  they are also good source of protein, potassium and vitamins A, C and D. Copyright © 2016 Organic Living Chic - Organic Living Chic is an organic lifestyle blog which provides organic food info, organic skin care, organic produce, general information, and latest news and trends.
Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. With so many toxins and chemicals making their way into our food supply, that’s not a very comforting thought.
Organic foods are made simply and humanely and are much better for your health, and the environment than conventional foods. Pesticides can cause nerve damage, birth defects, cancer, and other health problems depending on their chemical makeup.
Organic meat and dairy products have been shown to have higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for your health. The United States Department of Agriculture uses several different labels to let custumers know exactly what is in the organic food they’re about to buy. This label can be applied to company practices as well as food, but it isn’t regulated or certified in any way. There is no regulation for this label; ultimately, it’s a statement made by the company producing the product.
Some organic products have greater benefits than others; if you want to save money you can limit your purchases to only the most essential organic foods. Most farmers markets will not charge the premium for organic foods that supermarkets include in their prices, making them easier to fit into your budget. Keep in mind that foods are given many different labels, and not all of them mean that the product is organic. Supermarkets and other sellers of organic products often have sales and deals which will allow you to save money on your purchases. Local farmers may use organic practices on their products but do not have the extra money to get them certified. If you just can’t fit organic foods onto your grocery list, you may want to consider growing your own. Although they can cost more than traditional foods, eating organic foods can provide health and environmental benefits that may save you money in the long run.
The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides seals of approval to food items that contain organic ingredients, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are healthier than their nonorganic cousins.

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HPP is an alternative form of pasteurization that uses pressure, instead of heat, and kills harmful bacteria without significantly impacting a product’s nutrients and vitamins. This spring, a new company that I am very excited about, Little Spoon Organic, will be launching nationally.
For retailers, this product line has enormous growth potential and is a logical extension of the pressed organic juice category, which already boasts significant shelf space in the refrigerator case.
And for people who want to eat organic but travel a lot or don’t like to cook, this can be a challenge. Scientists have reported that matcha green tea contains up to 100 times more EGCG than other teas on the market. For several years I’ve bought one pound boxes of organic spinach, organic apples and berries there, and occasionally other organic items, but they are now obviously making a big push for the organic market with a big variety of prepared foods along with more organic fresh veggies and fruits. It’s just dried and powdered tea leaves and EGCG is found in regular brewed tea, as well as in black, and white tea. This is silly and a waste of money, buying powdered tea leaves, at such an exhorbitant price.
India has so many varieties of tea, that I’m sure I can find one close in flavor, to the type used to make Matcha.
Most people ate oranges and other citrus but don’t know that applying this directly to skin can remove dead skin cells, tighten pores and act as efficient toner when used as part of skincare regimen. Some pesticides can be washed off of produce, but that still doesn’t make them entirely safe. They can help reduce inflammation, improve cardiovascular health, fight depression, help with ADHD, Alzheimers and other mental disorders, and even improve prenatal health. The remaining percentage comes with its own set of restrictions, though, and must be approved by the NOP (National Organic Program). This does not mean the product was not grown organically, though; the farmer may have been practicing organic methods but didn’t have the funds to pay for certification.
The Food Safety and Inspection Service does try to regulate the products given this label by requiring that the product have no artificial ingredients or color and be made with minimal processing. The only way to actually determine if the label is accurate is to visit the facility itself. If you stay informed on these labels, you can avoid purchasing products that are not organic.
Keep a close eye on flyers, retailer’s websites, and other media outlets which may advertise deals. If the products are not labeled organic but are locally grown, you can ask about the farming practices – you may be able to save money by buying organic products without the built-in cost of certification. This will allow you to eat organic and can cost even less than buying traditionally grown produce. Shopping organic simply means your babe is getting the most environmentally safe products — creating happy, healthy bodies!
Would you rather pay for food thats healthier and a little more pricey or pay for your medical bills when you get a disease or cancer from eating unhealthy? As people start voting with their money and buy good organic food products.the prices will come down.
If I feel the need for a cup o tea, filled with half an inch of sediment, I’ll grind it to a powder myself. As we spread awareness and organic foods become more prevalent in todays society we wont have to worry about costs. Food is merely the latest battleground of this decades-old pathetic American tradition of big corporations lobbying for profits over quality of life.

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