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When this architectural model surfaced back in 2006, as beautiful as it was, it was hard to visualize what kind of home would actually take root in Tokyo.
With all its green and glory, the 4-story structure lacks many things that most people require in a home. On one of the floors there is even a layer of thin soil that replaces actual flooring, further blurring the transition between inside and out. If you’re in doubt that vertical gardens are in fashion, this creation by Dior will surely convince you. This is the proof that vertical gardening can be applied in a variety of spaces, including commercial units. Westin Hotels & Resorts unveiled this public space concept, demonstrating how business can lead in customer care and wellbeing by incorporating living walls into their spaces. Back in 2007, the Italian city of Milan was facing a crisis: too much pollution, not enough green space. Installed in the fall of 2009, the Westfield Living Wall is the largest living wall in Europe.
The slate grey of a concrete overpass is one of the least aesthetically pleasing sights in the modern day metropolis. Back in 2011, the National Gallery in London decided to run a special feature: they wanted pieces of living art for their gallery. But, even when space saving isn’t the objective, the vertical gardens are about beauty. The planter cells also come with angled slats which enables the plants you select to grow vertically. It’s important to choose the right plants and remember to look at the area where you are going to hang your living wall. Once you have chosen the plants, it is best to break them apart and add them to the individual planter cells.
Idee e suggerimenti su come creare un giardino verticale in casa sfruttando l’altezza invece che l’estenzione degli interni.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn StumbleUpon Digg Flipboard Designed for a tiny urban lot, the narrow building by Nishizawa might easily be mistaken for some sort of mysterious vertical garden.
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I think what I find so intriguing about vertical gardens is that they appeal to my desire for 360 degree immersion. A great way to create extra gardening space without encroaching on the narrow street or cramped inner courtyard. Prolific and generous Tokyo gardener Joan Bailey is documenting her new and improved green curtain.
Precarious yet thoughtful, this construction does not intrude into the narrow thoroughfare any further than the curb line. I needed a telescope to get a REALLY good look, which would have felt a bit like being a garden stalker….
The inside must be filled with delicious scent of the roses and feel miles away from the city life just outside the door. The planting is amazingly thick, creating a green wall between the sidewalk and the large boulevard.

These recent pictures documenting the progress of Tak Watanabe and daughter’s first green wall are amazing. Upturned beer crates form the structure of this mid-scale tiered garden in a Yanaka driveway. And after several years of silence it appeared the model was just another overly-ambitious architectural venture that got shelved away. For one thing, the glaring omission of a facade, which is likely to cause onlookers to mistake it for a vertical garden rather than a private residence.
Combining inspirations from landscaping, architecture, interior design and even fashion, inventive vertical plant compositions are popping up all over the world. One cannot miss how skilful design results in an impressively precise, artful composition of the project. Far from it – these Shanghai ZOO hanging gardens provide visitors with a completely different perspective on public green spaces and can be a real “sight for sore eyes” on a sunny day.
Unlike regular gardens, which lie flat on the ground, vertical gardens are designed to climb into the sky. To deal with this problem, Boeri Studio presented the Bosco Verticale, Italy’s first vertical forest. Developed by Scotscape Living Walls, the lush green of the Westfield Living Wall contradicts with two of the other walls on the shopping center, which are both covered with electronic advertising.
Completed in 2008 by Patrick Blanc, the Point Max Juvenal Overpass is a vertical garden like no other. Scotscape was up to the challenge, creating a living wall that was a replica of a Van Gogh painting, “Wheatfield with Cypressus”. These aren’t the greenhouses that hold flowers or plants for gardeners – rather, these houses are made up of vertical gardens.
Wander European streets and you will stumble upon beautiful gardens and magnificent living walls which leave you breathless and envious.
Assess the amount of sun that you are going to get as this will help determine the type of plants suitable for the wall. After the six easy steps, remember to sit back and enjoy the piece of paradise that you have created! Ci sono tanti modi per realizzarlo, occupando un’intera parete o solo alcuni angoli della casa. Not only does the vertical garden provide fresher, moister air to the facility, it also creates a noise buffer to make the space more relaxing. Well, finally images of iconic architect Ryue Nishizawa’s House & Garden have appeared.
These are our most inspiring picks, showcasing the versatility and innovativeness of this urban-friendly way of greening the space around us. The design fantastically sums up the benefits  of including living elements in architectural designs: “pioneering sustainable residences, with the aim of taking urban living forward while still maintaining a balance with nature and the surrounding environment”. This Tokyo design takes advantage of an entrance wall to make a plain feature of the building it’s eye-catching asset.
Rather than driving beneath a boring concrete overpass, drivers and passengers get to pass under a luxurious vertical garden. As the wall was a piece of art, weekly visits were scheduled to ensure the vertical garden maintained it’s resemblance to the painting.

The Europeans know how to make the best use of the limited space they have with their vertical gardens. It’s becoming quite fashionable (if there is enough light) for an office to have living wall. They often come in 10 or 45 cells and depending on the garden size, you can buy multiple panels. Design your garden, and create shapes or weaves or simply mix and match the textures that you have selected. I giardini verticali rappresentano dei veri e propri complementi d’arredo, in grado di regalare un tocco di verde e di vivacita agli ambienti. The architect instead opted for floor-to-ceiling windows, curtains and planters to serve is elusive boundaries between spaces.
In fact, it took over two years for experts to decide what type of plants and trees would best thrive in such a vertical garden.
During Christmas time, thousands of red and white cyclamen were planted to create a flower snowman and Santa Clause to give the wall a more festive feel. The Point Max Juvenal Overpass turns what was once an eyesore into a thing of beauty while also improving the environment. Surprisingly, the garden only took three days to install, and visitors were able to enjoy it from July to November 2011 when it was taken down again. In order for green houses to survive, designers and architects need to create a water membrane to ensure the plants stay moisturized all year long.
Petunie, felci, milindres, queste le piante piu adatte per la realizzazione di una parete vegetale, poiche hanno un fogliame molto vario e creano un bellissimo effetto insieme. Only full-height windows and curtains form the separation between the interior and the amenities placed in the exterior: a bathroom and laundry room, along with benches and planters functioning as parapets.
Secondly, you have to accommodate for the sunlight each portion of the garden will receive. Con un po’ di creativita e di arredo si possono realizzare anche soluzioni fai-da-te, piu economiche ma comunque di arredo. A plant that thrives in sunlight won’t do well on the north facing side of a building.
Both towers have been completed, and the Bosco Verticale is scheduled to open in late 2013 under a construction budget of 65 million Euros.
Rather than coming home to the same suburban beige as others, they’re greeted to a beautiful green treat. Riciclando i pallet, meglio conosciuti come bancali, si ha la possibilita di creare un angolo verde in caso di grande effetto.
Likewise, plants that can’t stand the sun need to be placed towards the north, rather than the south. If you have your own vision of a vertical lush green garden then read on – it’s easy to create.

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