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To be blunt, I’m bragging that I can name practically every dish on a Korean menu in the States. The soondubu with tripe and intestine is also nice: soft tofu in contrast with crunchy tripe and chewy intestine. The jajangmyeon is a slight disappointment, compared to the one at Daddy and Daughter‘s in the H-Mart food court.
Tofu Village is a Korean restaurant located in Outer Sunset area in San Francisco, CA 94122. On a cold dreary day, nothing warms you up better than a boiling hot bowl of sundubu (tofu soup), and what better place to get some at a reasonably cheap price than at Tofu Village. Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go.

I like white rice because like water, white rice keeps your palates clean for the other dishes, but not only is this nut-mixed rice fun to eat, it also deems the mackerel and the kimchi unnecessary. At least that’s how Aaron and I knew that we were talking about the same Korean restaurant when he mentioned that his group has a new place to frequent. Any time I'm craving Korean food, you can find me at Tofu Village because their varied menu, delicious sides, and great prices keep me coming back. Every Korean restaurant here, in strikingly similar manner to Vietnamese restaurants, has the same menu as every other Korean restaurant.
My favorite dish here, hands down is the mixed tofu soup because you get a mixture of beef and seafood all in one dish.
The menu may contain a hundred things, but it boils down to maybe ten, with tiny variations.

But just as I don’t stop going to Vietnamese eateries altogether, I still like to share a big Korean meal with Mom and Dad.
If you're feeling a bit famished, there's also a choice of the combos which give you a option of skillet meats, like bulgogi, with your choice of tofu soup! A bubbling jeongol, rice and banchan always give the familiarity that a Western meal cannot.
I say this with caution because I know some of the servers aren't as nice and can be very curt to you.

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