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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a prominent global electronics and technology focused trade show that takes place every year in Las Vegas.
The gift that keeps on giving has never been greener, and the time to buy one for your friend or loved one is quickly approaching. Now that most governments, environmental organizations, scientists and even the Catholic Church have agreed on the need to combat climate change, innovative solutions are being sought in many quarters. We have received many inquiries regarding the various sizes of rechargeable batteries for solar lights. Compact size means a smaller battery compartment and overall smaller solar light for the customer.
As summer comes to a close and your solar garden lights have had a good run for weekend barbecues and late nights on the porch, it may be time to replace the old batteries.
We now know that you can interchange a NiMH rechargeable battery (or more, if your solar light uses 2 or more batteries) with a NiCd rechargeable battery.
Corrosion in a solar light battery compartment caused by non-rechargeable Alkaline battery. This brings us to our point in question: Can you use Alkaline batteries as replacements in solar lights? All of this daily stoppage caused by the truck takes its toll on the train tracks by leaving behind a residue that comes from the train’s engine compartment. So, you can use an Alkaline battery in a solar light to illuminate the LEDs; just be sure to do so for a short time (no more than a week or so is recommended) if you are waiting for your replacement rechargeable batteries to come in the mail.
If you are ever unsure about what batteries to use as replacements in your solar lights, be sure to do research beforehand just to err on the side of caution. Replacing NiCd rechargeables with NiMH rechargeable batteries in solar lights, the better choice! Just remember, don’t mix the chemistries in your solar lights (if they take 2 or more batteries).
These batteries go fast, but Your Solar Link is constantly replenishing their stock with NiMH rechargeable batteries and will be adding various mAh ratings soon.
Have you ever wanted to get some solar garden lights for your home, but were unable to find some that were chic and fashionable? There are also table-top items such as the solar glass mosaic pot light (blue) that can be charged in the sun and placed anywhere in your patio or indoors at night to add a pleasant light feature to your evening dining settings.
Affordable with a number of design styles and purposes, solar lighting for your home and garden is a great way to illuminate your garden with exterior lighting and save on installation costs, avoid dangerous high voltage wiring and help out our environment with using a renewable resource (solar panels) in 2014.
As the winter season approaches, we will start to see changes in our weather, fashions and planning for those holiday meals. This stylish, sleek and reliable pocket size Universal Battery Charger (Juicebar Solar Charger) is proven to be your best friend in a situation when conventional electric supply is not available or if you are trying to use eco-friendly renewable power supplies. Great as a solar phone charger for any type of Mobile Phones, IPhones, PSA, PDA, Mp3 Players, Satellite Navigation, and much more. Path solar lights are an excellent choice for lighting your garden paths, walkways, driveway perimeters and other regions in your landscape. Stone Solar Spot Lights (also known as Solar Rock Lights) completely camouflage with existing landscapes and look like any other rock in your garden. How to start using ecologically friendly energy to power up your garden fountains and other garden water features? Solar spot lights like this one rely on energy from the sun to charge their batteries and provide light throughout the night. Beautifully designed and illustrated, and drawing on Tim′s vast experience in organic gardening, this book is a truly comprehensive reference that features all the latest, most-up-to date thinking balanced with tried and true methods. Helps the gardener avoid many common problems of pests and diseases with simple, effective, organic strategies.
Shortly after moving into a 4 ? apartment in Villeray, my husband and I got our first shared garden plot. Flowerdew gardens in the United Kingdom, so the seasons and the growing schedule doesn’t match Montreal.
Most of organic gardening centres around improving soil through green manures, mulches, and composting.
There’s a whole chapter on beneficial insects and wildlife and lots about choosing the correct plant for any location. He goes into types of plants, sowing and growing, plant species and many types of food that can be grown in any garden. To finish off the book, Flowerdew provides a monthly list of chores that can be combined slightly for a Canadian climate.
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Copper Beech and Golden Privet hedges were planted down both sides along with a Rosemary hedge. But I remember the last time I helped Dad plant his Cabbages with Bromorphos - memories are beautiful. The fruit trees with grafted on branches had already gone because I hadn't realised how to manage them with the hedge so close. I realised that the straight sided hedge, paths and walls would be a problem, and I worked out various designs to reduce their impact and create the feeling of an open distant view within a relatively small garden. Over some years I had looked after Mum at home and it became impossible for me to go out to work.
You are probably reading the organic gardener today because my pages came up on a search listing or you have been recommended by a friend or link from another website. However, none of this would have been possible for me to do, and you would never have seen the organic gardener, without the help of SiteBuildIt.
But should you decide to try out SiteBuildIt for yourself with its money back guarantee, I have one word of advice first. The result is that I can now live freely paying the bills with no need to apply for outside work, and I can spend time in my garden. However, if I were planning to sell products and services I would be able to bring my customers from further afield who are willing to pay more. A website is different because I have the opportunity to provide up-to-date current information to you. Jackie Marie Beyer of the Organic Gardener Podcast interviewed me about Planet B Gardens and my first year as a farmer’s market gardener with Planet B Harvest. As a keen organic gardener for most of my life I went on to produce Charts, Guides, Calendars and Books on various topics such as Moon Gardening, Companion Planting, Water Conservation,and Organic Gardening.
While I had my landscape architectural practice I undertook many projects that were sustainable and this resulted in the production of four booklets - The Sustainable Village, Farm, School and Residence. Having used my professional experience to design conventional swimming pools I later decided that as part of my eco-design philosophy I would introduce Natural Swimming Pools to the United Kingdom in 1999. I have used my wide knowledge and experience both as an organic gardener and a landscape architect in this country and abroad to produce all my publications. Payment Methods (See Order Form for full details); Cheque, Bank Transfer, International Bank Transfer, International Money Gram, or Checkout online with PayPal.
The Seasonal Availability Calendar from Michael Littlewood provides an at-a-glance guide to what is in season each month, making it easy to plan meals using locally grown food. Each month-to-view page has a beautiful illustration showing some of the produce that is in season, as well as a complete list of all the vegetables and fruits that are available.
This chart is for the keen gardener who wants to see at a glance when to sow, plant, harvest and store vegetables throughout the year.
After reading this book you will understand how the system works, as well as the environmental, health, and safety benefits it offers.
If you wish to swim in clear blue water and have a beautiful garden feature all year round, this book will help you create your own paradise.
Over 80 illustrations and coloured photographs take you through the process in an easy to understand way.
The huge interest in Natural Swimming Pools, which I introduced to this country in 2000, has now convinced many owners of existing conventional swimming pools to aspire to a natural one. Advocates of the natural swimming pool system are now keen to share its benefits with local authorities and the leisure industry.
It explains how the natural system can be adapted to pools intended for a large number of users, and how existing outdoor swimming pools and lidos can be converted to the natural system. The Organic Gardener's Handbook is a concise practical reference manual, containing essential information for the organic gardener in a handy size and easy-to-read format. A straightforward introduction to the basics of companion planting, the benefits of gardening in harmony with nature, and the ways companion plants work to make your garden healthier and more productive. This inspirational beginners' guide provides a straightforward introduction to the basics of companion planting, explaining the benefits of gardening in harmony with nature and outlining the different ways in which companion plants can work to make your garden healthier and more productive. Most modern gardening is undertaken without any reference to lunar cycles – but the moon’s gravitational pull has a fundamental influence on both people and plants. This beginners’ guide demystifies the subject, clearly explaining the basic principles and explaining how to put lunar gardening into practice in your garden.
Most simple definitions that focus on the use of chemicals do not describe organic gardening very well. If we ignore for a moment the certified organic farmer, organic gardening is more about a philosophy of gardening than any specific act of doing or not doing a certain thing. Many people would say no, but I think you can garden organically and still use man-made chemicals. A certified farmer can do all kinds of damage to the environment and still be certified organic. Many countries have such certification programs, and the requirements differ from country to country, although most are similar.

For example, organic farmers can and do use higher levels of natural pesticides instead of using a smaller amount of a man-made product. Organic certification would be so much more organic, and environmentally friendly, if the program used the pesticide that is most suitable for the job, considering both efficacy and environmental impact.
Unfortunately this group usually does not believe in science because all science has been paid for by Monsanto.
I hope you find Garden Myths an educational site that helps you understand your garden better. Although it becomes more and more unlikely that there is any other sentient life in the galaxy, considering how we treat organisms on the Earth may well inform us how we would treat alien life forms.
I agree totally that gardening upsets natural processes and that we don’t respect or think about smaller organisms. In my glyphosate example, it is a choice between possible damage by chemicals and definite damage by invasives. Mick here again, I do use Roundup but I drill a hole in the bad plant and put 1 drop in the hole. Drilling a hole in the center of a woody stem might work but is less effective than painting around the edges where the transport vessels are. I am a huge advocate of the benefits of glyphosate as I constantly go on about it on my blog.
I have always keenly followed the organic movement and perhaps in another life I might have been an organic gardener myself! When sprayed correctly, very little chemical reaches the soil, and glyphosate is tightly held by soil. The labeling of glyphosate as “probable carcinogen” has promoted all kinds of false impressions and sensational headlines. Held in January each year, it is known for introducing the latest technology trends and most innovative electronics. Winter months are in fact the ones where lights are on the longest (think, coming home after work and it's already dark out) and will have the greatest effect for use, illumination and enjoyment. Winter months are in fact the ones where lights are on the longest (think, coming home after work and it’s already dark out) and will have the greatest effect for use, illumination and enjoyment. In the story above, the train is an Alkaline battery and the Mack truck is sunlight providing electron exchange via the solar panel into the non-rechargeable battery.
Every day a little bit of fuel spills from the train and the leaks onto the tracks in front of the engine car, making it dangerous for the train to travel while creating a barrier which will make it near-impossible for the train to keep its traction on the iron tracks. If you leave an Alkaline battery in your solar light for an extended period of time, the above scenario will take place and the battery will eventually leak and develop corrosion at the terminals.
If you are still not sure, contact the folks at Your Solar Link to get further information and a potential solution to replace your solar light rechargeable batteries. Make a note of the various power levels and the flow rate of the solar water pumps before your purchase.
This means that there is no need to tap into the electrical grid for these lights to operate.
A true organic gardener adopts a holistic approach, starting with the most precious organic element of all: the soil.
He not only guides you through the principles of organic gardening, he explains the reasons behind these principles and why they work.
The New Organic Gardener is the set to become the gardening bible for every Australian gardener. We sought out some assistance about what we should plant in the 20 x 10-foot space and found “The Organic Gardener” by Bob Flowerdew. Still, his experience and confidence about gardening as a way to improve society crosses geographic boundaries. Flowerdew doesn’t focus on permaculture, but he does explain how to design a garden with the ecosystem and human requirements in mind. Organic Garden is extremely well-written and Flowerdew’s slightly persnickety personality shines through. Please note, you will need weekly access to a computer and the internet for some course materials.
Because I'm just about ready to share with you some of the joys and freedoms of my organic gardening life and business.
Gardening has always been one of the lowest paid jobs and I didn't possess the confidence to move far.
And my unlikely experiences had ranged from typing, admin and office training, and a few I.T.
Make no mistake, to reach my goals I have stiff challenges ahead of me, but now at last I'm getting the rewards I deserve. But after Mum died I was ready to grow enough food to live on and make my cooking and eating very special.
Indeed I can even claim that it works despite my own incompetence in producing it - which is sometimes quite worrying! We talked about how to grow sunflower greens indoors year-round, how to get started as a new gardener, the importance of localizing food production, plus food preservation tips.
This was followed by five volumes- Surfacing, Enclosure, Structures, Water and Trees.They continue to sell well after all this time, especially to students. The detailed introduction includes seven good reasons for eating in harmony with the seasons, advice about the appropriate diet for each season of the year, guidance on buying and storing vegetables, fruits and herbs, and sources of further information on seasonal eating and local food. The Herb Guide for Vegetarian Cooking is designed to hang on your kitchen wall, where it will be an instant source of information and inspiration. Charts show you at a glance which of these are suitable for different kinds of dishes, the best herbs to use with a wide range of vegetables and fruits, and which herbs go well together. Presented in the form of a bar chart with over fifty varieties of vegetables grouped in their families for ease of planning.
A comprehensive guide to planning, constructing and maintaining your natural swimming pool, in the most environmentally friendly way. If you have some experience of building work and are keen to build your own natural swimming pool with or without some specialist assistance, then this book will provide you with everything you need to know. This small book, which is a supplement to Natural Swimming Pools - A Guide for Building, sets out to show the many benefits, the design and planning of the pool, the basic construction process, along with many inspiring illustrations of completed projects. This booklet explains how the natural system can be utilised to create inspirational public pools which combine a natural, healthy swimming environment with a recreational facility which can be enjoyed all year round as a place for walking, relaxing and watching wildlife. It concludes with a range of case studies profiling inspirational examples of successful public natural swimming pools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It introduces the reader to the basics of organic gardening before examining various aspects in depth. It explains how the constellations relate to different types of plants, and how to harness the power of the zodiac to achieve a more productive garden.
This should be a simple question, and many of you may think you know the answer, but the answer is more complicated than you think. Many organic gardeners believe this statement and it is part of many definitions of organic gardening, but if you understand anything about chemicals you will know that the statement is false.  Organic gardeners do use chemicals.
I tried to find a good, succinct description of this philosophy, but didn’t find one.
Organic gardening is a method of gardening that minimizes the impact the gardener has on the environment. I think most of you would say yes to the first two – they follow accepted organic practices. Buckthorn is very invasive and takes over wooded areas competing with and killing native perennials and shrubs.
Recycling old newspaper instead of using chemicals seems like such an organic selection, but consider this.
I won’t go into details, but the qualifications are very focused on NOT using synthetic chemicals.
As a philosophy, organic gardening allows you to make intelligent choices on a case by case basis. These are people who go over board on organic ideas to the detriment of both their gardens and the environment. As a result they don’t understand the real world and make all kinds of unsubstantiated claims. The important thing is that you use them as little as possible, and where possible and practicable you use better alternative organic methods. It is OK to be an 80% organic gardener, which is much better for the environment than being a 100% organic zealot. Besides writing and speaking about gardening, I own and operate a 6 acre private garden called Aspen Grove Gardens which now has over 3,000 perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees.
But what about some of the organic chemicals (copper sulfate, petroleum-based horticultural oils, even insecticidal soaps) that are known to have greater negative impact on the environment than some synthetic chemicals?
And the zealots, they should be sent back to live in those times when people were accused of witchcrafting since they don’t need science in their life. Even if you hate Monsanto it is now out of patent and you can support other companies without using ‘Roundup’! Here is one study that looked at invertebrates in the soil after spraying and found no detrimental impact.
But realize that the same organization also labeled drinking alcohol, working in a beauty salon, working shift work, and drinking coffee as a “probable carcinogen”. One thing to remember when changing your the batteries in solar lights is to keep the chemistry consistent. With a rechargeable battery, the truck (sunlight) is filling the train (rechargeable battery) with energy during the day and is essentially on board the train during the night as it heads to its final destination. Eventually, so much residue will be left on the track that the train is no longer in direct contact which will cause the train to stop moving altogether. This corrosion can become excessive and possibly (most likely) damage the terminals of the light’s battery compartment to the point of disrepair.
Featured Stainless Steel Solar Light set uses 2 ultra-bright LEDs for maximum light output and minimum battery usage.

In this particular case a ground fastener and a stake are included for quick and easy installation. The solar spot lights will work consistently, even if the whole neighborhood is dealing with a power outage. Once you have these principles of organic gardening under your belt, then the real fun begins.
It’s evident that he really cares about food and has thought out his presentation in detail.
Or perhaps you want to know why you found my website in the first place and how it works for me. My working class parents were proud of me, and although they did everything they could for me I've since come to realise the importance of those missing ingredients. So although I believed that I could do lots more, at that time the Internet didn't exist and pocket calculators had only just arrived. So let me tell you more about that and how the organic gardener made it onto your screen - see below. They hadn't been eaten by pests, but by a concrete path for me to play on, then a concrete shed to join the small wooden shed.
I sold them and built new ones at the bottom of the garden where they shelter each other and everything is at hand. My search brought up several opportunities - from franchises that cost thousands along with hard work limited by 24 hour days, to cheap pyramid selling scams like the cash machine that is useless and ethically wrong. Of course I also like to think that you may have bookmarked the organic gardener and return to it regularly because you enjoy the content. Well I'm not Alan Titchmarsh and, I guess that a publisher would have to work hard to get my book published. Furthermore I can analyse feedback and change the content to reflect both current issues, new developments and the way it is being received by my visitors. The first, an introduction to the system and how it works, the second is a guide for building the pools and the third on how to convert a conventional pool to a natural one.
With over 300 beautiful colour pictures that will inspire you to have your own natural water garden where you can swim in harmony with nature at any time.
It also shows you how to use a lunar calendar to help you align your gardening activities to the phases of the moon. Meanwhile, global environmental issues mean that there is also a moral imperative to use water wisely. Neem oil is not selective and kills both beneficial and pest insects which is not environmentally friendly. I had 4 acres of buckthorn thickets made up of thousands of plants – they seed like crazy. You have two options; spray with Roundup, or cover the area with newspaper using the lasagna method.
Does that make any sense?  Having dozens of different definitions of the term organic does not make sense to me. As a certification process, you are forced into following rules even when they don’t make sense for the environment. The natural product can even be more toxic than the man-made product, but the rules are quite clear.
The latter group can’t get their head around the fact that some man-made chemicals are safer than organic chemicals.
In many ways they are like certified organic farmers in that they follow very strict rules, but they are not certified. Each zealot makes up their own rules, but they do tend to follow each other with a herd-like mentality.
They will do things in their garden that benefit the plants and the environment – to some extent. Most leisure activities probably do more damage than gardening, especially if they involve travel. She was a practical farmer and I believe if glyphosate had been invented then she would have used it.
They make it very clear that all this means is that in their view there has not been extensive enough research to eliminate cancer as a potential. Assuming the truck isn’t annihilated by the train at impact, the energy from the train is still moving, but now with less force as the Mack truck is pushing with its own momentum against the train.
This is equatable to the corrosion you will find on the battery and battery terminal of solar lights with prolonged use of Alkaline batteries. Corrosion may consist of Potassium Hydroxide, which is a caustic agent that can cause respiratory, eye and skin irritation. However, we recommend using your new NiMH rechargeable batteries sooner than that, gotta keep those solar lights shining.
NiMH can be partially charged (say, on cloudy days) and be fully recharged to their maximum capacity on the next full-sun day. There are many recycling locations (from what we’ve seen, Target and Best Buy have drop-off bins at the front of their stores for battery recycling), but if for some reason they end up in the trash, NiCd are not good for landfills. They offer NiMH batteries at the same price (and sometimes lower) than the NiCd counterpart.
So, if you have had your solar lights for about 2 years and are noticing that the output is diminishing at night, it may be time for a replacement. Successful organic gardening, Tim fervently argues, is not just a matter of blindly following a set of rules, it is about experimenting, being creative and making discoveries about how plants best thrive and flourish in your unique garden.The New Organic Gardener shows you how to grow a large range of not just vegetables and herbs but also flowers, trees, including fruit trees, shrubs and even a traditional lawn.
For example, he explains why nasturtium leaves, celery and marigolds are in the chapter about herbs.
If you want a compendium of his latest thinking, consider purchasing his Organic Gardening bible (2005) or his guide to Going Organic (2008). They are described nowadays under the term 'social mobility' - in short the ability to break through the class barrier and make an education count. In those days he grew his tomatoes in 2-tier cloches and there was a chemical for everything in gardening. I wanted to thread flowers through the vegetable and fruit gardens so as to blur the unnatural looking separation.
However, my real experience with SiteBuildIt tells me that article marketing would have been a complete waste of effort. It is a sure route to success for any business website or able enough individual like me - and because you are reading this - no doubt like you too.
This book introduces the different aspects of water use and water conservation in the garden, showing you both how to use less water and how to save more. Then you have some gardeners who do a little composting  and use as few chemicals as possible.
As Alkaline batteries are not rechargeable, they will not drain completely each night, allowing for charge during the day to be stored from sunlight via the solar panel. As the sun sets and night falls, the truck has veered off the track and the train continues with its payload.
And so, as a solar light generates energy during the day, it is collected and stored in the rechargeable battery. Corrosion can be cleaned off of the battery terminals, but often it is past the point of repair that will ultimately lead to the disposal of the solar light. There is a little discharge (trickle discharge) during storage, so it is best to put your NiMH batteries into your garden solar lights in the pre-dawn hours before a sunny day. Of course the trusted partners that I link to deal with all that for you, so I suppose I really kind of work for them. Waterwise garden design, water-efficient gardening techniques, rainwater harvesting and household water recycling will add up to give you a garden that is largely independent of mains water - which is also more attractive, productive and beneficial to wildlife. That some of the organic chemicals have higher EIQs than some of the synthetic chemicals, as you correctly point out, is difficult for some gardeners to accept, in my experience. The train has slowed down and will not go as far as it had initially planned for the entire trip.
As the sun sets, this energy is released from the rechargeable battery and powers the LEDs of your light, giving you illumination. You won’t find a better deal than at Your Solar Link for NiMH rechargeable batteries, anywhere! And I was planning a somewhat esoteric design with geological features to remind me of the mountains and moreland that I loved. Roundup on the other hand kills the grass does limited  harm to the soil life and has a short half life.
Dawn comes and that same Mack truck is back on the track heading straight for the train (you think the truck would have learned by now to stay off the track, but it is a persistent thing). Excessive corrosion will break the contact between the alkaline battery and battery terminal, thus no energy will be delivered to the LEDs and you will not get any illumination at night. They are priced to get your solar garden lights up and running with the best option available. So if you want to build a lively organic garden that you can eat, taste and smell, do contact me.
Is it worse for the environment than doing nothing and letting buckthorn remove all the native plants? You still have to have someone manufacture it, and truck it to your property, so it also has a negative impact on the environment. The process is repeated until the train eventually stops well short of its final destination. The price you see is the price you pay: no hidden fees, shipping charges, sales tax (for our California customers), etc.!

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