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This organic cafe branding by Budapest-based Judit Besze is a stunning visual identity characterized by its use of images of hybrid coffee bean-mushrooms and plants paired with an earthy color scheme. Taking inspiration from lush foliage and an idyllic secret garden, the packaging range works well in a variety of uses like coffee pouches, tins, to-go packaging and more. On a recent journey across Birmingham, I stopped by the most stripped back, earthen, cottage-like cafe I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. They've kept the prices low because it keeps customers happy, and they don't see the point in charging the earth for something you're going to consume – no matter how local, organic, or high grade the ingredients.
I honestly felt like I could talk to any one of the staff about anything at all, and they'd give me an honest answer, or at the very least advise me well. Speaking of sitting and typing, the free wifi is high speed, and I had no trouble connecting via both laptop and smart phone. The tables are in clusters of two, three, four, and five, and they don't mind if you push two tables together if you're in a large group (which is what happened when a group of six mothers and nine children entered).
They're open til late on Thursday and Saturday, for all of the events, so you've got time to catch them after work. With more than a handful of antique mirrors on the cafe's bare brick walls, wooden tables, slate flooring, and patio doors which open out on to the pretty garden, I felt at home. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. I’ve always parked on and around the smaller streets around Gouger Street when making a pit stop to the Adelaide Central Market, getting my grub on at Wasai, spoiling myself for some yum cha or just eating or drinking around Chinatown. My lunch date and I both ordered their healthy and humungous sized burgers, they both arrived tall and stacked with fresh and organic sourced produce with house made patties and sauces.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. McArthur Highway that covers a long stretch of the province of Tarlac is famous for a lot of pasalubong centers and a local seafood restaurant. I recently traveled to Tarlac with a few friends for an adventure in the Mount Pinatubo lahar trail via an ATV ride of the Capas ATV Adventure. The entrance to the dining venue was a narrow but charming trellis-cum-walkway topped with a green-colored see-through roofing for natural light.
We were welcomed by Rowena and her daughter after they took a dine-in order of a couple of walk-ins. As our orders of the Malunggay Pasta, Tilapia Spring Rolls, Tanglad Chicken and Tofu Sisig were being prepared, I hied off to what seemed to be the backyard. As we walked around, she showed me varieties of plants that they've been growing like basil, oregano, ginura (good for diabetes), chives, ginseng, gotu kola (good for nervous disorders), tanglad (good for high cholesterol and high blood), the mosquito-repellent citronella, viola (leaves best for salad; flowers good for insomnia) and sambong (good for kidney problems). I also had filling slices of the Saluyot Pizza which Rowena decided to include in the taste test session, along with the Malunggay Pizza (malunggay flakes, tuna bits and cheese). The best of the roster of deliciousness served that day was the appetizing Tilapia Spring Roll.

To return the good favor of a delicious lunch, I bought the restaurant's best-selling Tomato and Tuyo Pasta as pasalubong for a dear friend waiting for me at the ATV site in Capas. My friend and I agreed that the difference of having organic food for a meal is in the gut. Feel free to visit Good Earth Garden Cafe and its adjoining Good Earth Farms and Foods for organically grown herbs and medicinal plant finds in Tarlac. The Gardens Table is a Sydney-based cafe that needed a visual identity that could take the brand from letterhead and business cards to sugar packets and coffee cups. The coffee to-go cup is paired with a bright red lid and features plenty of detail on a white base, which is a refreshing take on the minimalist logo stamped white cups of most cafes. My peppermint mug of tea was fine, it wasn't loose-leaf, but they don't advertise it, so I can't complain.
Organic produce is sewn into the fabric of the cafe, and they seem to have grown into an artisan haunt, even though they don't actively advertise it as somewhere only the individuals hang. When I mused over the menu, the waitress behind the bar quipped 'too much choice isn't there?', which broke the ice between customer and staff, which I loved. Funnily enough, the staff didn't even seem aware they were providing exceptional customer service, it was just natural; Kitchen Garden Cafe, have their service down to a t(ea). I popped up to the till for another cup of tea, but instead of having to pay, the staff filled my mug up for free. More often than not, I’ll walk past Bliss Organic Cafe on Compton Street and make a mental note to myself to check this place out.
Also, somewhere down that path once stood an organic restaurant that has since settled at Romulo Highway as its base where its organic farm stands.
The trip was also an adventure in organic gustatory delights, something that my friend and contributing photographer, Josua Chan, was giddy about because he's into healthy treats. There was a signage that I anticipated to see for our necessary stop but it was the massive presence of the nearby Iglesia Ni Kristo worship place that I relied on for the trip's landmark.
I'd never thought that the restaurant would have visitors at this time of the day but there they were. The teenager was proud to share that her favorite organic produce at the farm is the katuray which is normally tossed in a salad mix or used as part of the sinigang dish. I had more than two of those as I couldn't get over the tasty combination of fresh balu leaves and fried tilapia fillet. Rowena even had me and my friends take home some of her bottled organic produce like the Tomato Vinegar and the tanglad drink.
The tasty experience did not make us feel bloated like whenever we would feast over fast food stuff.
A lot of places claim to have an 'honest' ethos and 'organic' approach to trading, but Kitchen Garden Cafe lives, breathes, and is the most forthright with the 'organic' way of doing business.
I helped myself to a little bit too much brown sugar, but it's self-serve, so I didn't see the point in being stingy.

In fact, Kitchen Garden Cafe seems more at home with the OAP's, parents with children, and the odd creative like myself who seeks out the cosy cafe's to reside in. The cafe hosts a number of events on a weekly basis for local bands, reading groups, and discussion evenings. The coupling of home-cooking and fresh herbs reminds me of my Auntie's house, with an other-worldly quality, which I can't put my finger on. It took a while to get there, but finally (!), I managed to plan a quick mid week lunch date at Bliss. The dining venue is called Good Earth Garden Cafe (GEGC) and it's in the same sprawling Sotero property owned by couples Rogelio and Rowena where the farm called Good Earth Farms and Foods is. We headed to Barangay Carangian for lunch on a convoy of hired tricycles from our Microtel Inn & Suites By Wyndham-Luisita hotel base. According to the family, customers would come in great numbers at lunch time and in the evening for early dinner. However, the Tofu Sisig (seasoned with herbed vinegar) was too spicy for my conservative palate. I reckon that since the delectable shebang was marinated in tanglad juice, eating it was thirst-quenching at the same time.
The cafe is next to the Kitchen Garden Shop, which only sells organic produce, and as a result the cafe sells the most incredible organic chocolate brownies, and a range of gluten and wheat-free bites. Nonetheless, Kitchen Garden Cafe is effortlessly cool, cosy, and creative, without even trying. Aside from the sauce to burger ratio not matching to my taste buds, the burgers were great! She shared that the farm's currently in the state of being organized as the clan's matriarch recently passed away. Since the farm is still yet to be fully organized, vegetable rows are yet to find their way in the thick of the setup.
The blend of malunggay leaves, parmesan cheese, and spices complemented well with the generous amount of extra virgin olive oil tossed in the mix.
Simple flavours, fresh, snappy and crunchy veggie accompaniments all sandwiched between a slightly toasted rye bun.
The whole setup was carefully shaded and the freely loitering livestock added extra charm to the venue.
I want to visit the Monasterio De Tarlac and the Capas National Shrine next time.DeleteJayson SantosNovember 20, 2015 at 4:29 AMHey Karl!

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