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In a seemingly innocuous first challenge, the contestants were given 45 minutes to prepare a signature dish representative of their hypothetical Food Network show. As the season wears on, the Network's gotta ramp up the celebrity to keep us viewers glued to the screen.
At the end of what was surely an endless deliberating nightmare, the judges decided that it was time for Brad to leave. Also, here is a previous post on this site that has a preview of the season and where you have seen some of the contestants before. While the other contestants had placards advertising their shows' titles, headwear-loving cutie Brad Sorenson had only a GIANT QUESTION MARK next to his station. The contestants did well incorporating the surprise ingredient, so culinarily this camera challenge was no stunner.

This reasoning was surely what brought guests Todd English and Eva Longoria to the NFNS judging table. Aarti stumbled through her dish by overcooking rice for a pilaf and mangling her fear-related backstory. For Serious Eats, she primarily covers food policy and writes reviews of food-related books.
Giada stopped the contestants and announced that first of all, they would have to incorporate their least favorite ingredient into their signature dish—think okra for Aarti Sequeira. The contestants were each assigned an emotion, which was in turn meant to inspire their dish and personal story.
Herb made a delicious-sounding combination of short ribs and mofongo cakes, impressing everyone with his Latin style once again.

Tom creates a "Tale of Two Tuna" in order to incorporate jealousy into his dish—and though the story sounds uncomfortable and perplexing on camera, the judges must have had just enough wine to be thoroughly smitten with his charm.
Brad loses all his winky, adorable charm on camera, and can't quite get a show concept right.
But vastly overshadowing this culinary misstep was the fact that everyone's family members came to present the feared ingredient.
But everyone would face difficulties conveying the meaning of their dishes to the scrutinizing panel.

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