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The most popular baby names have had their origins in various languages in the recent past- from Hebrew, English and Polish to Welsh and Irish.
The name Dylan has a British descent and is used to refer to the son of the sea Some of the other most popular baby names having their origins in the British Isles include Braden and Kaden.
On the whole, the most common trend being experienced when it comes to baby names is that most of the traditional baby names have originated from Hebrew or British Isles and the modern clan of names have their origins in Greek and Latin cultures. Gray (18 percent) and silver (15 percent) decreased in popularity this year, and blue rounded out Europe’s top five colors with 7 percent of the vehicle market.
Silver topped the Asia Pacific region overall with more than 25 percent share in the region and repeated its No.
In China, silver topped the market with 26 percent share, though it fell seven percentage points from 2010.
Silver led the South American market with 30 percent share and also was the color of choice in Brazil.
In addition to its 59th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, DuPont develops an annual color trend show to share with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers as they seek to develop color palettes for future vehicles. DuPont (NYSE: DD) has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802. Editor’s Notes: Interviews are available with Nancy Lockhart of DuPont during the Los Angeles Auto Show (Nov.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The Most Popular Girls in School is one of those shows whose fandom sprung up overnight, going from a low-budget dollhouse stopmotion project on Youtube to fullblown meme status, replete with fake Twitters, Facebooks, and an evergrowing tundra of fan art.
That culture reflects our movie, TV shows and music tastes including Michael  Jackson, Eminem, Lady Gaga, the Twilight Saga, The Family Guy and even Justin Bieber.
Two corporate brands made it into the top 20 with the worlds most popular soda drink (Coca Cola) and the ever growing coffee culture that has spread globally over the last 20 years made its presence felt with Starbucks coming in at No. What you will notice also is that they are all B2C brands which is where the the primary strength of social media marketing truly lies and especially Facebook. Sports only presence in this Top 20 list is the Football Star, Cristiano Ronaldo who sneeks in at No.
One surprise was YouTube but maybe that should be expected with online video such a large part of the Gen Y culture and one of the most highly shared media types.
This list also reveals that social media marketing success is becoming more integrated with traditional Mass media marketing that allows brands to permeate and leverage on the web using multiple media channels.
To put some perspective on this list, not one of these pages in the top 20 has any less than 13 million fans. The creator and owner of the worlds most popular knows how to spread its separate brands on social media with it holding down the number one spot.

This singer is all about controversy and cutting through the noise on the WEb and mainstream media and her primary image is consistent with her brand. Family Guys comedy and irreverence has made it one of the worlds most watched TV series and the call to action here is to continue to promote that with asking Fans to vote for the show at the People’s Choice Music Awards.
No missing what this page is about with his latest record front and center but call to action is not very evident. Vin’s Facebook consultants and agency are doing something right here obviously with  this being the number one Facebook page for an actor.
This has become a very strong brand that started with a series of book that my teenage daughter loved that became a TV series and finally a movie.
It’s pretty easy to craft a good Facebook post for paid promotion, but it’s hard to turn a good post into a great one. Thanks, this is a really interesting article with some valuable lessons on including calls to actions and on being topical! Some interesting pages in here, certainly some which I wouldn’t have suspected to be in the top 20. This information seems dated…my recent check has Linkin park at 31m and lady gaga at 39m?
One has to ensure that the baby name is not only one of the most popular baby names of the baby's time, but also that the baby doesn't, at any point of time during his life, feel ashamed of his or her name. While Braden means someone coming from a wide valley, the word Kaden (which has its origins in the British-American community) means fighter.
Videos are also able to be watched here which displays what should be on all Facebook pages a lot of Video and multi media . Integration to the other social media channels is is good with links to his website, Twitter and Myspace pages at the top left. This page reflects strong branding and multiple calls to action as well as integration with its other social media channels. I agree with you that social media marketing success lies in it’s integration with traditional Mass media marketing.
I think its the opposite where traditional marketing is integrating with social media marketing to attain success. I mean, surely Vin Diesel’s Facebook page is more popular than his career as a whole?!
We will be taking a look at some of the most popular baby names, as per statistics, in the past decade or so.
While Noah represents peace, Ethan is the term used to refer to strength and Jacob is synonymous with supplanter. Isabella, Eva and Chloe are three of the most popular baby names for daughters as per statistics of 2008.

Call to action to start engaging is not strong with no videos or trailers of his movies on his main page though.
If you would have used traditional mass media marketing i am sure it wouldn’t have got half the response as what you see with the social media.
And for the record, the followers list is a bit out of date, since 12th Sept the figure was 27,5 mil….
Having descended from Hebrew, both of these names are used to refer to God and its entities in one way or the other.
While Isabella is an Italian name and means a€?Oath of the Goda€?, Ava and Chloe are names of Greek origin meaning a€?bird likea€? and a€?bloominga€? respectively.
It’s a series about betrayal, about friendship, about young women and the issues they face, brilliant portrayed as literal plastic dolls.
Zygna knows that its not just about a strong brand but giving  very clear instructions what this page is about.
Integration to other social media and web channels is not strong with one link to his website and no Twitter or Myspace links.
The world’s turning digital in every aspect and Social Media is BIG and in time i guess we would see the traditional marketing fading away. You will find a compiled list of some of the most popular baby names that have ruled the roost in the past few years.
While Michael refers to a rhetoric asking who on this earth is like God, the word John refers to a€?God is graciousa€?. Olivia, Abigail and Madeline are three other names that have forced their way into our list of most popular baby names for daughters.
It’s kinda like a snarkier version of the Barbie-based Karen Carpenter biopic,A Superstar, only with a lot less spanking and a lot more poop jokes. While Aidan is an Irish word meaning small fire, Jay is a Latin word referring to someone out of the crow family. Abigail has origins of Hebrew nature and is used to refer to someone who is a father's blessing. Mary, Grace, Elizabeth and Victoria are some of the most popular baby names having a subtle traditional appeal to them. Matt means a gift of god and William is used to refer to a warrior of unparalleled strength and warring skills.

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