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It was an awesome week and because I was pretty young some didn't think I was up for the challenge.
When you really think about a floral business understand it's full of ups and downs like any industry; owning a shop is a risky investment. A year round business plan is necessary because you can't rely on holidays to pull you through the weak seasons.
The floral industry is competitive, thinking outside the box to optimize success is important if this may be an avenue of interest. I realized it would be a lot less work if I shared the concept of growing your own flower shop right where you live. Every spring planting is a combination of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers; I'm always encouraging others to add flowers in the garden.
There are many good reasons why you would do this; the most important is to welcome honey bees.

No bouquet is complete without the beauty of natural greenery, I like to include herbs because they add a mix of detail that compliment all that color.
This year I decreased my planting efforts, the seeds were under $10 where I incorporated four of my favorite easy to grow beauties.
I hope so because in July I'm going to uncover how you can grow fresh cut flowers in your backyard garden next spring. AK47 de Serious Seeds es una variedad facil de cultivar, de una calidad excepcional y altura media. Ak47 de Serious Seeds tiene un corto periodo de floracion y produce cogollos compactos con pocas hojas que brillan por la resina acumulada. Ha ganado 16 premios, demuestra que es una de las favoritas tanto para cultivar como para fumar. Each and every products and experiences you can find in our shop is vetted and approved by an independent Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP) of leading experts so you can be sure they're genuinely green.

This Sow and Grow Pizza Chef gift box includes tomato seeds, basil seeds and oregano seeds, plus everything else you'll need - making it easy for children to grow their own pizza ingredients.
With Sow and Grow Pizza Chef, they will learn about nature and have fun while sowing and growing these three pizza plants.
To start earning Green Points you will need to opt in to some activities, which you can see on the tabs below. This is something I discovered one week when the shop manager went on vacation leaving me in charge.

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