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Wow, I really liked aome of Cash Chin's previous C-III flicks, especially SEX AND ZEN II and THE FRUIT IS SWELLING, but this just looks painful. Directed by the wonderfully named Cash Chin and starring a bevy of lovely girls, the film puts a science fiction spin on the genre in addition to using the 3rd dimension.
BTW, is it me or does the lead actress look an awful lot like Fala Chen?Man, I can't wait to write the review for this one.

Yes this looks incredibly cheap as it is, so just wait until we get to the straight to dvd stuff further down the line.John. Looks like they at least spent a little bit of money on it - and, to me, it looks like a Cat III version of Wesley's Mysterious File. The film looks like it borrows heavily from James Cameron's Terminator and appears to use the same alleyway featured in PTU.

I still have The Fruit is swelling to watch, I have to agree with you on this one, it looks like something to watch based on curiosity rather than anything else.

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