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Youcan Group was established in 1992, it is a group enterprise with diverse advancement and professional development, taking food industry as the core industry, and real estate and investment as two wings.
Food Grade Greases – We stock more than 300 different greases at our lubrication and relubrication facility in New Jersey. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CFR Title 21 and have been approved and registered by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use in and around food processing areas. Stainless Steel – We supply special stainless steel bearings that allow for customer wash down and protection from cleaning agents in food processing plants (white paper on Bearing Materials). Specially Designed Seals – AST engineers have designed special sealed bearings to help keep out water and other containments from entering bearings during wash down (white paper on Bearing Seals and Shields). Conversely, if you already know what bearing is best for your application, then check out our online bearing catalog below. FDA “Inspection” of CFR Frozen Foods – March 14, 2016 – Best Description – Refusal – Real Question – Why?
Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin Linked in Gold Medal Flour E. A great overview of the problems facing fast-food restaurants in coping with foodborne bacteria and viruses in fresh produce, specifically lettuce, by Jerry Hirsch of the Los Angeles Times.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 52% of the 9,040 outbreaks of food-borne illness reported between 1998 and 2004, the latest year for which numbers are available, were linked to restaurants and other commercial food establishments. Safety experts say fast-food chains need to push the produce industry to come up with treatments that do a better job of killing dangerous pathogens and to improve the way their prepared produce is packaged so that a surprise bacterial hitchhiker from the farm to the take-out window can’t unleash a disaster. Safe Food Connection Assassin Bug Simple Good and Tasty Safe Food NZ Food Safety News Food Risk Ag and Food Law Blog Civil Eats Weaversway Over Lawyered Cornucopia Institute Food Politics Iowa State Food Safety News Food Safety Policy Center for Foodborne Illness The Pump Handle The Pop Tort Defending Food Safety Safe Foods Blog Food Law Blog Science Blogs Torts Professors Blog Food Liability Law Blog Freshtalk The Green Fork Ethicurean La Vida Locavore What to Eat Fooducate Fight E. We like to keep our customers informed of the latest Calypso developments, so if you’d like exclusive news and special offers simply sign up to our regular newsletter using the form to the right.
Writing in Huffington Post Purpose + Profit today, Dave Stangis, our Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Campbell, talks about how our purpose, Real Food that Matters for Life’s Moments, is changing our culture, how we do business and how we engage with consumers.
In particular, his post discusses why Campbell supports mandatory, national labeling of GMO ingredients and our decision to label all of our US products, not just those required by the pending Vermont legislation.
So glad to see Campbell’s moving in the right direction by labeling their food whether it is GMO free. Our hydrolyzed (via enzyme) NON-GMO Soy Protein Isolate is highly dispersible, clean tasting, and low viscosity. Soy Protein Concentrate is about 70% soy protein and is basically defatted soy flour without the water soluble carbohydrates.

Soy protein isolate is a highly refined or purified form of soy protein with a minimum protein content of 90% on a moisture-free basis. In the field of food, Youcan involves in food manufacturing, food distribution, food commerce and trade etc. AST supplies many customer bearings that are require food grade grease for various types of products such as blenders, ice machines and many different types of food processing machines. After nearly 20 years’ rapid development, Youcan Group has been ranked among the top five cold serving industry, selected as “National Private Enterprises Top 500” for successive four years; Youkang brand has become a Chinese top brand and a famous trademark of China.
Some customers also request special high percentage fill of a moisture barrier grease to help keep out water in their application or caused by intentional washdown by customers. Food Policy Blog Food Law Prof Blog Food Safety from Farm to Table - Iowa State University Extension Health Law Prof Blog S.

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