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We transformed this garden from a children’s play area, complete with trampoline and swings into an elegant, flexible space breaking up the whole into different areas for a variety of activities. We installed one of our custom designed decks to provide an stylish space for entertaining, and created a new planting border to provide both visual and sensory interest. The retaining wall divides up the garden, making the large border the main feature from the viewpoint of anyone seated on the deck. The lower terrace has an Ipe corner seat with an inbuilt planter so that you can get ‘up close’ to the planting and enjoy the scents given off by the flowers selected for this area. The 40m2  of Balau decking gives the garden a lavish finish and, as well as being safe and practical, this decking provides a wonderful sun trap which the whole family can enjoy. One of the things that brought this project even closer to our hearts is that all the digging had to be carried out entirely by hand as we couldn’t get a digger into the garden! To learn more about dealer pricing for the Stack & Grow, please call us during regular business hours at 866-948-4727, or fill out the form below and we will contact you promptly. For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic.

Growing a variety of herbs in your new Stack and Grow planter can be an enjoyable, cost-cutting way of treating yourself to your own ideal herb garden every day of the year. Similar to any other garden plant, herbs fall into the category of annuals, perennials or biennials depending on length of life. We achieved this with some strong planting and strategic lighting to allow the client to gain maximum benefit from the garden late into the night, and the uplighting gives a wonderfully theatrical effect.
We also created a small water feature to add the relaxing sound of running water making it an ideal spot for afternoon reading or catching up on a few zzz’s. Since we also installed an electrical point our lucky client can now play music or even work on a laptop without dragging long cables across the lawn.
You can plant your herbs from seedlings or buy small plants from a local nursery for quicker results. To prepare your Stack and Grow pot, we recommend lining the bottom with wood chips or rocks to prevent soil or water from leaking out. For example, an annual herb garden consisting of cilantro, basil, chamomile and mint would make the perfect yearly Stack and Grow display.

Then simply fill your pot with soil-less mix or potting soil one to two inches below the rim of each unit. Perennials, like chives, lavender, sage, thyme and oregano, live for several years as they grow in the spring and die back in the fall for a seasonal array of your favorite herbs. Arrange your herb garden however you’d like, but remember to place the smaller plants around the outer edges for easier access.
Finally, the most popular biennial herb, parsley, is a great choice if you prefer a two-year growth cycle for your Stack and Grow plants.

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