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La Thai is the latest work from the family that opened the first New Orleans Thai restaurant–the Mai Tai in Gretna, back in the early 1980s.
DINING ROOM This long-time restaurant space (I can recall over a dozen eateries who came and went at this address) was most recently Felix’s, which left a long, wide dining room behind. OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVEMENT They ought to get rid of the Chilean sea bass in favor of a local fish.
The general consensus is that True Thai in Seward is one of the current standard bearers for Thai in our metro.
This author was skeptical whether the order we received for our taste-off was representative of the normal product at Sawatdee Express. The judges were in agreement on the very pleasing aroma and appearance of Chiang Mai’s offering, though were slightly amiss at the lack of vegetables. The first thing one notices about Roat Osha’s Pad Thai is the heaping amount of carrot shreds on top.
Tum Rup’s Pad Thai won this blind tasting by such a considerable margin that it took aback everyone involved. The quality of the noodles in the dishes seemed to be the best bellwether for overall success – not surprising for a dish that is 90 percent noodles.  The judges were asked to construct a fantasy Pad Thai-by-committee. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Immm specializes in khao rad gang, or rice and curry dishes (the term “curry” here used loosely), arrayed on steam tables. A modest but significant burst in new, noteworthy Thai restaurants lit up Chicago over the last year and a half, with small, independent operators offering relatively uncompromising food compared to the oversweetened, dumbed-down Ameri-Thai standards much of the city is used to. Those who remember the late, great Thai Grocery know there was a similar setup in the rear of the store, and the shuttered Lao restaurant Sabai Dee operated under the same principle. The partners behind Immm, which is a Thai expression of satiation, are Dew Suriyawan, 30, who took over the venerable Spoon Thai in 2012 with his sister, and Noon Tosakulwong, 35, who daylights as a programmer. As it stands Suriyawan goes shopping each morning in the markets around Broadway and Argyle and creates a daily menu usually of nine or ten dishes based on what he finds.
One dish that will never go off the menu is gaeng tai pla, a southern Thai vegetable curry that as the menu's description asserts is made with fermented fish guts. And that's the great thing about Immm: much of the food—in all categories—is fearlessly seasoned across the spectrum of the Thai flavor rainbow.
Milder dishes can have a homey, mellow sweetness imparted by palm sugar, such as pa lo, pork belly and whole eggs braised in a sauce redolent of five-spice, or curries, like roasted duck gaeng phe ped yang, bobbing with lychee and cherry tomatoes, or the yellow Indian-influenced massaman curry with potatoes and bone-in chicken pieces. Suriyawan employs three chefs, one from northeastern Thailand, one from Bangkok, and one from the south, so interpretations may vary too. Still, there's a uniform rusticity to a lot of these dishes that comes about in part by the time they spend settling on the steam table. Another aspect of the steam-table model that differs from the older Thai restaurants around town is its general transparency. What to order at Chicago's new and notable regional Thai restaurants—translated menus included! A trio of interesting Thai spots—Tom Yum Cafe, Crepe Town, and Paula's Thai Kitchen—serve late-night menus. La Thai performed a substantial renovation, but like its Metairie Road original location, this one is sleek and modern rather than frankly Asian.
So we spoke with Anna Prasomphol Fieser of True Thai to get an expert opinion on what makes for truly good Pad Thai. The chicken, though probably the best part of the dish, was not much better – slightly dry and mostly flavorless. The main complaint was the unsubstantial noodles – thin to begin with and considered by the panel to be overcooked. The dish also featured large stalks of green onion, as well as crispy bean sprouts that the judges agreed were fresh and bright. It had large chunks of textured, flavorful pork – certainly the most tender and moist of the five.

His area of expertise is wine - thanks to schooling from the International Sommelier Guild and more than a few winery visits during his time at the American University of Rome. That being said, we did order the vegetable spring rolls, drunken noodles and the basil fried rice. Think of it as the Thai version of the south's "meat and three," with the rice standing in—as it always should—as the most important part of the meal. The pair met seven years ago when Suriyawan took a job in Tosakulwong's brother's sushi-noodle restaurant Jaiyen. In its purest form it provides Thais with inexpensive fast food at all hours of the day, particularly for takeout. Supply realities demand that some of these items repeat themselves, but usually there are at least one or two new things to be had each day. Those three words are capitalized as fair warning to the squeamish, but Suriyawan says many of his Thai customers come specifically for this dish. One variant of papaya salad, som tum puu pla rah—pounded with bits of salty black preserved crab and the fermented-fish-and-rice-powder seasoning pla rah—is one of the most powerfully funky versions I've come across, the deep oceanic soulfulness of the pla rah in stark contrast to the blazing, acidic lime and chile burn. One day you might find pad prik normai, julienned bamboo shoots stir-fried with chicken bits, and on the next, pad prik normai mhooo sub, tossed with ground pork, the bamboo shoots cut in wider batons.
Servers are forthcoming with advice on which combinations work well together, and they're eager to dispense tasting samples, which makes it simple to get a grip on the wealth of delicious possibilities that lay before you. The oysters encrusted with pecans, set on a nest of artichokes and leeks, zoomed up with a Thai chili sauce is the perfect example of what they do well here. The more recent ones also involved her children Merlin and Diana Chauvin, who are literally Thai Cajuns.
It’s the spaghetti and meatballs of Thai cuisine, an ever-present standby, a simple dish that’s hard not to like. This review does not speak for the Pad Thai at their numerous sit-down locations across the metro, nor their Express location in the downtown skyway. The spice content looked like little more than red pepper flakes strewn over the noodles, which decimated every other flavor involved. However, this left some judges feeling it made the dish too slippery and unwieldy, as if the sauce wasn’t fully integrated.
Their Pad Thai featured a wonderful, heady aroma with a large amount of crispy veggies and rich, meaty pork.
He also contributes to Beer Dabbler's Growler Magazine and is always available for writing opportunities and happy hours. Both of the latter dishes come with chicken AND shrimp (which were a nice size) so you get plenty of protein and portion for your buck.
I've tried a few of their curry dishes and have found them to have a little too much coconut milk and the noodle dishes were just fine. They're walking in the footsteps of the folks behind Spoon, Aroy Thai, and Andy's Thai Kitchen, among others. Immm veers from convention in that it offers a variety of som tam, papaya salad, a la carte, with a choice of add-ins such as fermented crab, grilled pork neck, or preserved egg. Meanwhile, the boat noodle soup kuay tiew ruea, typically spiked with a bit of pig's blood in other local restaurants, here is perhaps the most ensanguined I've ever encountered, its iron-rich minerality laying the foundation for sweetness and spice.
Suriyawan's menu is posted on Facebook each morning, but arrive too early and some dishes may not be ready; show up too late and they may be gone.
While those looking for the Thai standards will find them, the unique and most interesting parts of the menu are the hybrids.
Lightly stir-fried noodles with chunks of meat and veggies, flavored by peanuts, cilantro, a tamarind-based sauce, and some spice – it’s a simple canvas that leaves ample room for personality. Her Pad Thai strikes the perfect balance between sweet and spicy with its rich, enveloping sauce.
You should instead soak the noodles in cold water overnight to get the proper al dente firmness.
It was slightly tangy, even a bit sour, and nicely complemented the well-textured and chewy pork.  It seemed that while very decent all around, no one component of this Pad Thai stood out as spectacular.

The wide, firm noodles were considered among the best in the tasting and the vegetables were by far the most crisp, especially the bean sprouts. We also proudly offer gluten-free and vegan menu items as part of our diverse Internationally inspired menu.
Of course I asked for the rice to be a little on the spicier side AND asked for the hot sauce trio; holy smokes, the chili paste is FIRE but so good! Tai pla, the key ingredient, which he orders from Los Angeles, is a murky, pungent black brew that packs an olfactory wallop straight out of the jar. The big chunks of flat chives and crispy bean sprouts create a nice balance to the thinly sliced, flavorful pork. You then blanch the noodles in hot water just before cooking in a hot pan with cold oil.” True Thai’s well-known success with this dish provides a great control sample on which to judge the pretenders to the Minneapolis Pad Thai throne. As the ‘Express’ name might indicate, their Pad Thai was made with no stir-frying involved. All the judges said it was a passable Pad Thai, though many had trouble describing it only minutes after eating it. The main knock on this offering was the slippery texture and the appearance of the dish – it had a distinctly more orange hue than the rest.
Commenting on its richness and peppery flavors, the panel considered it to be the most faithful representation of a classic Pad Thai. But in the curry, mitigated by white rice, it softens in intensity yet still provides a deep, funky umami bottom end. The noodles were simply soaked in hot water, which left them falling apart to the slightest touch. After revealing that it was from Chiang Mai, the panel was a bit surprised, commenting that among the myriad of dishes they are known to produce very well, Pad Thai may not be their strongest effort.
Amazing Thailand’s conception of “medium spice” was the most mild of the five; several judges called it slightly sweet rather than spicy.
Overall it was fresh and balanced, with a pleasant spice component that cuts the richness of the sauce allowing all the other flavors to peek through. Never having been here before, I totally walked in with tennis shoes and workout clothes not realizing that I was far under-dressed.
But interesting and uncommon food can now be found at Paula's Thai Kitchen in Lincoln Park, Tom Yum Cafe in Lakeview, and West Town's JJ Thai Street Food.
That would be groundbreaking for Chicago, but a significant departure from traditional khao rad gang.
If their aim is to snag the tipsy bar-goers on the block with quick turn-around and a cheap price, then mission accomplished. This seemed to be a lament about Pad Thai in general – that dry protein is just the expected norm and is a forgivable miscue to the overall success of the dish. Overall, it seemed to work because it wasn’t too extreme in any one direction – all of the components worked together to a harmonious medium.  Theirs is certainly a Pad Thai worth recommending. Uptown's Immm Rice & Beyond is a unique-to-Chicago model specializing in khao rad gang, or rice and curry dishes (the term "curry" here used loosely), arrayed on steam tables from which the customer chooses a single dish or combination.
In relation to the rest of the neighborhood’s Pad Thai, though, theirs leaves plenty to be desired. The spice content was not an intense interpretation of “medium spice,” but was very well integrated, slowly building to a nice robust after-burn. They have quite an expansive bar and beautiful tapestries draped throughout the restaurant. The majority of judges enjoyed it and would order it again, though there seemed not to be a unified selling point to push it from good to great.

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