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At first glance, Dragonfly New York Asia, which opened about a month ago in the old Arriba Arriba spot right near The Marlowe on the Upper East Side, looks like a million other places in the neighborhood, some of which are fine, a few of which are quite good, many of which are just plain awful. For example, our starter, Silky Lettuce Wraps, a generous five-pack of buttery leaves topped with chunks of hoisin-glazed chicken, peanuts, lime, and mint leaves, was all nicely balanced and prettily plated… except the bird concoction was still refrigerator-cold and, so, the whole thing largely flavorless.
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This entry was posted in NYC Dining, Upper East Side and tagged Asian Food, asian food menu, asian food nyc, asian restaurant in nyc, asian restaurant nyc, Dragonfly New York, Dragonfly NYC, popular asian food, The Marlowe, upper east side. Join us as we explore New York City's new restaurants, hot spots, museums, galleries and cultural events! Hap Siriprakaisak, owner of Bangkok Cuisine, a Thai restaurant located on the Upper East Side, emailed inviting me to come in to sample his family’s cuisine. To be able to share more with you, I  asked for small portions of those menu items that could be halved.
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Ranked as one of the top notch Thai restaurants in NYC, Nuaa definitely did not let me down. For more information and a look at the (still-evolving) Dragonfly menu, please see the restaurant's website, here. Bangkok Cuisine is visually pleasing, with marble throughout, crystal chandeliers, elegant tableware and with waitresses in gold traditional Thai costumes.
Don’t miss their moist tender five-star steamed dumplings with the flavor of both chicken and shrimp accompanied by a soy-vinaigrette dipping sauce (four for $7) or the sizzling plate of skewers of marinated pork BBQ with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce (five for $12). Had a casual dinner with my middle school classmates and were seated promptly once arrived.
And prior to running the Oceana kitchen, Gallagher was Sous Chef at Daniel, and has studied under such giants as Gray Kunz (at Lespinasse), David Bouley (at Bouley), Laurent Gras (at Peacock Alley), and Ferran Adría (at El Bulli).
Also good are the lettuce cups (three for $8) filled with minced curried chicken, carrots, celery and cashews to wrap and dip in their sweet piquant sauce.
Mixed with the shrimp, squid, scallops and mussels and sauteed house-made noodles are scrambled eggs, carrots, bell peppers and bean sprouts in a hot & sour lemongrass sauce all topped with scallions and chopped peanuts.

We kept looking for the crabmeat and shrimp stuffing until we realized we had been served the wrong dish. Nuaa provided a very extensive yet exotic items - quail egg on a small piece of bread, duck meat bun.My personal favorite was the 40-day marinated chicken - while the meat was very juicy and tender, the skin outside was crispy and absorbed the sauce perfectly well.
So, at a very minimum, we were intrigued by Dragonfly, to see what Gallagher would do with his recent obsession with Asian street food, particularly of the Thai variety.
Mighty tasty, as was the green chicken curry — a spicy coconut blend with Thai eggplants, string beans, bell peppers, bamboo shoots & basil ($13). We preferred it to the stuffed salmon with Panang curry ($20), even though the sauce in the latter was might tasty.
A quick visit to Dragonfly last Saturday evening confirmed that this is no ordinary Asian restaurant in NYC (and it better not be, at these prices!), that there is skill and creativity to burn in the kitchen but, given Gallagher's pedigree, it could definitely be better.

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