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Aroy-D means very yummy in Thai and it’s what the Thai Elephant Truck wants you to say after tasting its Thai food truck fare, inspired by the freshly prepared street food you can find on any given street corner in Thailand. Sorry Montclair, but we won’t be at Walnut St on Thu night due to the lousy weather and the fact that we have to prepare for the Homecoming event at Montclair State U on Saturday. Nice looking truck but did you realize that this truck has the same color theme, similar design, and almost exact same menu items as the popular Thai food truck in Los Angeles? Featured CommentHow many years have I heard these tales of downplaying the re-appraisal game? Copyright © Baristanet LLC - Providing news and entertainment to Essex County and the world since 2004. One of the easiest parts of acclimating to central Midtown after seven years in Midtown south has been the getting used to the variety of cart food. There is definitely no shortage of Mexican food in Midtown but good tasting authentic Mexican food is a bit harder to come by.
With so many food trucks roaming the streets of NYC, I still manage to get excited when I read about a new truck hitting the streets- especially when that new truck serves oxtail. When I first heard that the mini-chain restaurant Crisp was launching a falafel truck, I was dismayed and thoroughly unexcited. City Room noticed this amazing sign posted on 43rd Street and 6th Ave, and went so far as to interview the two different coffee cart vendors.
Buffalo favorite, Thai Me Up food truck, is serving classic Thai dishes including delicious Chicken Pad Thai.

Due to family medical emergency we will have to cancel This Week lunch service sorry every one. Nothing beats getting off the train at Walnut, remembering there’s nothing good to eat at home, then being able to pick up dinner as I walk by. Enter Mexico Blvd, a new food truck set to hit the streets in February, which according to their website plans to “bring to New York the food and culture of Mexico that we loved so much.
Last year when the DOH announced they would be giving letter grades to restaurants, there was also talk about doing the same for food carts. First off, I think of food trucks and carts as a great way to start a business when you don’t have the funds and capital to open a restaurant.
Then I discovered Zach’s review from a while back and I truly learned what happens when you assume. If the line seemed short, it was probably because you were seeing the last of the people that had lined up earlier that morning.
Future plans include branching out to other train stations as well as being a regular presence at Montclair High School during lunch hours. One of the most noticeable has been Kims Aunt Kitchen, which manages to waft a garlic-scented breeze past me as I walk down 46th Street every morning. A few articles appeared this week in places like the NY Daily News and the NY Post saying that Mayor Bloomberg is pushing for the grading system, but the DOH says it is unlikely to institute it any time soon. After the yellow halal truck on 33rd showed up and then disappeared a few weeks later, I hesitated to write this new cart up for fear that it would wander off before too long.

The Baitong Thai Food Truck, every Friday will create Thai favorites such as: Pad Thai, Pumpkin Green Curry Chicken, Basil Noodles, Gai Yang (BBQ Chicken) and more.
Food is priced between $5 and $8; daily offerings vary but will include spring rolls, chicken or pork satay, spicy beef basil, dumplings, tom khakai soup and of course, pad thai.
They claim they don’t have enough inspectors (only 20 devoted to food carts) and it is difficult to do re-inspections since carts and trucks are not always in the same spot.
Just knowing a truck was serving oxtail was enough for me to trek out into the rain for lunch. It looks like we’re in the clear for now, but could this do more harm than good for the carts? And secondly, why would I want to eat this generic falafel when I have options like Taim and Kwik Meal on the streets? On the other hand, this could help legitimize the cleanliness of food carts once and for all to the people who are hesitant to eat there in the first place. My hobbies revolve around food.I would like to share some of my recipes and cooking with you.

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