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Relatively good quality Thai food for a price that won't break the bank!Meals range from $6-$13 per dish which was perfectly decent for the amount of food you get.
Thai House features entree after entree of simply delicious Thai dishes, such as pineapple prawns, cashew nut chicken and pad see ew.
No matter what is served for the main course, a good meal at the Thai House always begins with the exquisite chicken satay.
Seafood pot for me, beef noodles for siblings, and some sort of beef-based lunch special for mom.

I like that their Tofu (or beef) Pad See Ew is flavorful but not oily, like many other Thai places.
The rice, a constant regular at your table, is always fluffy and cooked to perfection, leaving the rice served at other Asian restuarants in the area dry with envy. The salad had a little too much ginger, but there was a good amount of squid in the salad which is always good.
Even though I love meat, I almost always get the tofu PSE because the tofu isn't too soft.

The servers are also really nice and attentive, and they are always greeting customers with wide smiles.

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