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In July 2012, two teenagers visited us (children of friends) after they decided to take the chance to backpack with us through a part of South East Asia.
Our travel companions arrived early in the morning, so it was a smart decision to spend the remaining part of the day around Siam Square in the newer part of town. The next morning we went to the old part of town, the area where the old temples and palaces are located. I like to go to Yak Fa, a busy shop on Ratpakinai road, in the northeast corner of Chiang Mai’s Old City when I am looking for fried noodles.
Four people work the main noodle cart, chopping vegetables, frying rice noodles, and ladling broth, and during the lunch and dinner rush they are always moving. Between the soupy bowls of Raad Na or the smokey smell of Pad See Ew, there’s not a single plate of Pad Thai. Wide, fresh rice noodles are fried with dark, sweet soy sauce (a little like Indonesian ketjap), oyster sauce, Chinese broccoli, eggs, and meat in a very hot wok. Rad Na means “over the face,” since a thick gravy covers these Chinese-style noodles, fried with vegetables, meat, and mushrooms.
Cooked egg noodles (ma ma or ba mii) noodles or glass (mung bean) noodles are often stir-fried instead of rice noodles. Kaitlyn is originally from North Carolina but moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, so that she could eat more noodles and avoid snow.
Hi,rn By the way that noodle shop you are showing not to far from my house.I came from Chaingmai been here USA 30 some yrs. Thai's Asian Food Shop, which is located in Vinohrady offers a wide range of Asian foods including rice noodles, rice, rice flour, tasty sweet snacks and more as well as exotic spices and sauces for all your exotic Asian cuisine creations. Many huge shopping malls are located in this area, so it is a good place to escape the heat once in a while. We took a typical public river boat, which is a very efficient way of transport in clogged Bangkok.

The complex houses loads of gold coloured stupas, temples with inlaid glass and mirrors, and a surrounding wall whose inside shows old paintings from the Ramakien (paintings made during the reign of King Rama I).
It seems that Bangkok’s China Town is one of the few China towns left (outside China) with the real Chinese atmosphere. The cook sometimes makes the gravy in the pan after frying the noodles, thickening it with tapioca or cornstarch.
She’s been abroad for over a year, with occasional stops in other parts of South and South East Asia. You will also find a great selection of frozen seafood from Thailand, Malaysia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
In most parts of south east Asia, June to August are the rainy months, buts some part of the Philippines are quite dry during this period of the year.
The air conditioning is sometimes so cold, that you have the feeling that you walk in a refrigerator. We got off the boat in the area called Banglamphu, the area where also the backpackers ghetto Khao San Road is located, and walked the remaining part to the centuries old amulet market. One of the highlights of the visit to the palace complex is the sighting of the Emerald Buddha, one of the most holy statues of Thai Buddhism.
Bangkok is for many backpackers the start or end of their longer backpack trip through South East Asia.
And indeed, the area has loads of alleys where you can walk around for hours without getting bored. I was skeptical of putting granulated sugar onto noodles at first, but it keeps its texture and adds a gritty crunch to each bite, while the sweetness balances the chili that I always spoon on. Every week a fresh stock of vegetables and herbs including hard to find sweet basil, Thai basil, okra, lemongrass, galangal, coriander, etc.
But before we took the flight to Manila, we spent some days in Bangkok; just to relax after the long flight from Europe and to get used a little bit to the different climate.
We saw shops where they make Buddha statues, sell traditional Chinese medicines and markets where unidentified products are sold.

Thai men, armed with magnifying glasses, stroll over the market in search for a powerful copy. Many others are interested in these buildings too, so expect to share the place with many others.
The travellers that are at the beginning of their trip, still look decent and are often walking around somewhat confused, absorbing all the new impressions. This seems to be a difficult task to us, because most of them look like they just left an assembly line somewhere in China.
Another short stroll brought us to What Po, the temple that contains the huge reclining Buddha. At the end of the day we went back to Khao San Road for another drink, after which we took the public River boat back to Siam Square. Bring home the intriguing taste of the Orient today - pop into Thai's Asian Food Shop in Prague and explore the culinary delicacies of the Far East in your own kitchen.
Many of the extremely expensive brands like Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuiton have outlets here too and most of them even have customers. Especially the t-shirts of Bintang Beer (Indonesia), Chang Beer (Thailand), Tubing in Vang Vieng (Laos) and the t-shirts with communistic symbols (Vietnam) are extremely popular. Many of them, sometimes still wearing their school uniforms, form long queues in front of designer boutiques, just to get a chance to buy one of their products. Thousands of tourists, brought in by touring cars, visit this part of town as an important stop on their itinerary through Bangkok. They attract many scammers who try to rip off tourists, by misinforming them about tickets or by selling them inferior products or services.

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