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Explore the moss covered ruins of the Carnegie Mansion… beautiful and creepy at the same time! The North Country Trail stretches from Crown Point in New York’s Adirondacks to Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota. I plan on packing plenty of cozy sweaters, boots, jeggings, giant wedges, a leather jacket, tights, and faux fur leopard coat! The Sutro Baths of San Francisco are the eerie remains of what used to be the world’s largest indoor swimming pool establishment.
Located along Lands End, San Francisco’s wildest and rockiest coastline, it is one of the most photographed parts of San Francisco by tourists and photography clubs. The Cliff House is located next to the Sutro Baths and can offer an excellent view for those who are curious, but not brave enough to walk directly through the ruins.
Also on my wish-list… Sorrento is a beautiful town in Campania, Italy, near Naples and Pompeii. This is the second year for the Yamashiro Farmer’s Market, held in the parking lot of the renowned Hollywood Hills sushi restaurant, Yamashiro. Every summer, from mid-June through September, a dozen or so vendors gather in the town square to sell food from the Perigord Noir region of southwestern France.
This small market is held in the main square late at night, taking advantage of those exiting bars and clubs. Fortunately, I had Alexandra Road on my side, which quickly became a sort of navigational (and culinary) epicentre. There are nearly 200 (TWO HUNDRED) restaurants packed within three blocks, with everything from Cantonese and Hong Kong-style food to Korean, Thai and bubble tea.
For its tucked-away location, killer Korean food and ambiance (welcome to my home, where the apple-print pillows match my apron!), Haroo is one of my most beloved Alexandra Road stops. With its chalet-like interior and friendly service, Leisure Tea is so charming you’ll think you’ve stumbled upon the city’s greatest secret.
Just a few doors down from Leisure Tea is Nan Chuu, the place to go for Japanese small plates.
Who, I ask you WHO, doesn’t love a huge bowl filled with comforting broth, tangles of chewy noodles, and strands of fresh bean curd? Seto is on Alexandra Road for those who need a sushi fix, and for those who enjoy sitting within an almost entirely self-contained booth while eating. This restaurant serves up classic Shanghainese food, a not-too-spicy regional style that’s especially famous for soup-filled dumplings called “xiao long bao.” I saved Shanghai Morning until the end of the year, and ordered all my favourite classics, including the dumplings, stir-fried French beans with garlic and minced pork (100% the best way to eat green beans), the gluten with black fungus (#glutenlife), and a beef roll.
Co-owned by a lovely spark of a woman named Kitty, Vivacity is a smart choice for dim sum, including their wickedly good barbequed pork buns. These are just a few of the many incredible restaurants available to you on Alexandra Road. Richmond, BC--This community of 200,000, just south of Vancouver, used to be familiar to travelers as the location of YVR airport. The crowd is relaxed, young for the most part, with plenty of backbacks and the occasional stroller. Here's a stop-motion video of the action--tens of thousands of visitors every night--on YouTube.
Get each delicious new blog post and occasional info on contests and promotions from Tourism Richmond too. The Aberdeen Centre food court in Richmond, BC is one of my favourite shopping mall food courts in Metro Vancouver, let alone Richmond. I’ve wanted to try Mazazu Crepe since it opened, but I always get distracted with Frappe Bliss (my fav) and Qoola. The sweet crepes come with either custard, soft serve ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries, bananas, chocolate brownies (not house made), Japanese cheesecake, glutinous rice cakes or red bean.
I ordered the Green Tea Shiratama Azuki Soft Ice Cream crepe because it was the most unique, even though I dislike red bean. It’s filled with soft serve ice cream, glutinous rice balls, red bean, whipped cream and sprinkled with matcha powder. The whipped cream was really thick, rich and greasy and not that sweet, and I wasn’t digging it. The red bean paste (azuki) was really thick and creamy and pretty sweet, but I’ve never been a fan of red bean. Shiratama have a very neutral flavour and they taste like nothing and they’re one texture throughout. It wasn’t crispy or browned at all and ended up being really chewy and almost stretchy. The soft serve ice cream was quite light which I liked, but it was richer than McDonald’s soft serve which I still like! It wasn’t icy, overly rich, creamy or sweet (like Dairy Queen) and I would actually come back for it. On a similar note, the best soft serve ice cream I’ve had so far was at Dessert Club, ChikaLicious.

On that note, I’ve been dying to go to the new 29th Avenue Cafe, the new iteration of the old Yoshoku-Ya on Denman. The best pineapple tarts I have ever tasted and if not for its calorie laden, I could eat 10 pieces at a time.
All Hipster restaurants must feature these ingredients on the menu, either on their own, or in some sort of combination thereof: 1. This is my favorite not only because it’s so beautiful, but because I have direct access to it. I love fall fashion because of how comfortable and warm everything is, plus you get to layer and wear lots of pieces at once, which means more shopping! You can find authentic souvenirs that will look great in your home or as gifts for a fraction of the price it would cost in the States. Find out the standard prices of the items you want to purchase, either online or at stores in the area. Chances are, especially at large markets like Marrakesh or Parisian flea markets, several vendors will sell the same thing. Some of the cheaper products achieve suppleness from pigeon feces and urine treatments and the smell is incredibly hard to remove. Make sure the lid fits tightly on the base because only well-sealed tagines circulate the air properly.
Adolph Sutro, an eccentric, wealthy entrepreneur and one-time mayor of San Francisco, built this impressive public facility in the 1800s.
Walking along the Lands End trail is a great tourist activity and will make for some great photo ops! From the beautiful coast you can see Naples, Vesuvius, and even the Isle of Capri from the right spot. Originally started as a way for vendors to avoid the heat, they are now a fun event to attend on a weeknight or while traveling. One its best attributes is the view – from this elevated location you can see Downtown, the Hollywood Sign, Culver City, and the Griffith Park Observatory.
It originated as a swap meet for used car and scooter parts, but now includes vintage fashion and kitschy items.
Also known as “Food Street,” it’s a relatively short stretch of pavement at the centre of town, and an absolute gold mine when it comes to restaurants.
A husband and wife run the whole show (she’s in the kitchen, he’s out front), and everything they do, they do well. Order a bowl of their shaved ice and go to town with the toppings: favourites include fresh mango, red and green beans, peanuts, grass jelly, and the best kind of milk around—sweetened and condensed. Their aji tataki (horse mackerel) isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it, coming out first as sashimi and then deep-fried (with the head intact, for diners who argue over who gets to eat the fish eyes). They are soft, they are topped with a swirly crunch of sugar, and they are filled with sweet saucy barbequed pork.
No matter where you start, you can rest assured that you won’t be running out of options anytime soon! She holds a masters from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, and used to spend her summers as a tree planting camp cook in Northern BC. Unique food like the dried, salted and roasted squid, at a stand operated by Eddy Lee and his dad Shum Lam Lee; the flattened filet (from Vietnam or Thailand) is grilled, then run through a tenderizing machine that looks like it could be rolling out linguini.
I'm here as the guest of Tourism Richmond, and look forward to tasting much, much more in the next couple of days.
On this occasion I almost got distracted again, but I finally decided to just try the crepe and settle my curiosity once and for all. Again it’s just a switch up of limited ingredients so there is not much selection for savoury crepes either. The only thing I would come back for is the soft serve ice cream, which I actually liked, but I’d ask for it in a waffle cone.
I actually might have liked the red bean more than the crepe to be honest Yes Cafe Crepe is definitely better IMO. The 1200 miles of the Pacific Coastline stretch from Santa Barbara to Oregon with views of Big Sur and Tijuana.
I love doing things like that when i go back home to NY, even though they’re touristy.
I’ll be going the second week of October, when the leaves have changed and the air has gotten colder. Haggling and bargaining is common overseas, especially with street-side vendors and at markets. Knowing the normal price will keep you from getting ripped off and you will know exactly how much of a bargain you’re getting.
Look at the item carefully, and if you see any imperfections, don’t hesitate to ask for a lower price – without offending the seller, of course! Painted ceramics may contain led, so be sure to ask the seller about that and only use them as serving dishes, don’t put them in the oven!

A good rule of thumb is to start at a quarter of the price they initially offer you and work up from there. It was made of mostly glass, iron, and reinforced concrete and featured 7 different kinds of pools – 1 freshwater, and 6 saltwater pools with different temperatures. I can imagine driving down Amalfi Drive through the cliffs down to the beach, where I would relax and drink limoncello! You’ll find lots of free samples, bacon caramel popcorn, orange marmalade sandwiches, and french fries deep fried in duck fat.
You can find Chinese, Italian, and Thai food and plenty of gadgets and accessories at a bargain.
First pick your broth, then all the things you’d like to cook in it, which will arrive at the table on big platters. In 2012, she beat out 1,057 other applicants to become Tourism Richmond’s 365 Days of Dining food blogger, which she followed up with the Saveur award-winning blog FEAST: An Edible Road Trip. There are deep-fried potatoes on a stick that have been spiral-sliced like a slinky, the edges dipped in powdered cheese and drizzled with a spicy ketchup. The only music comes from a performing arts stage between the food stalls and the ranks of tee shirt vendors, where a local teen group called Collabocal performs hip-hop and breakdance routines. The crepes are basically wannabes of French crepes, but with the occasional Japanese toppings and ingredients. See a video recipe for BBQ Capicola and enter to win a $100 gift certificate to either Ka-Ze Sushi or Caramba Restaurante in Whistler. I can’t wait to stroll down Newbury Street, ride in the swan boats in the Common (a touristy thing I never did as a resident), and have a picnic on the Esplanade along the Charles River. These tips from experienced overseas shoppers will help you get the best price for your travel souvenir!
Specialty items are usually the things you won’t find in the States at all, or that you will find there for a much better price.
If you’re planning to send your rug home, make sure they include the taxes and shipping in the price. During high tide, water from the ocean would flow into the pools and recycle 2 million gallons of water. Other than its reputation for Asian cuisine, I knew very little about Richmond when I first started, especially when it came to navigating my way around it. It’s interactive, usually kind of messy, and always fun, plus there are options for everyone from avid meat-eaters to vegetarians and vegans.
On their five-month trek across Canada, she and writing partner Dana VanVeller visited all ten provinces and three territories, sharing stories of Canadian food culture along the way.
And they have brought with them a diversity of food cultures (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, Laotian, Malaysian, Indian, to name just the most obvious) unique to this continent. After Vietnamese food at Pho Lan I was up for dessert (no surprise there), and in the context of Richmond, this is actually one of my go-to places for it. There are amazing restaurants everywhere, stylish and interesting people, some of the best shopping in the world, and an extremely fun nightlife scene!
The up-and-coming Waterfront neighborhood in South Boston has gotten tons of buzz so I will have to check that out too! A cookbook based on their journey is due to be published with Random House Canada in the spring of 2017. Noodles, stir-fries, satays, dumplings, teas, barbecues: they're all at Richmond's four-year-old Summer Night Market. Tofu pudding, dragon beard candy (yum!), waffle cakes filled with Bavarian cream or red bean paste.
It’s easy for east coasters to travel between NYC and Boston, and if you’re planning a fall trip to either city you should consider extending your stay for a few days and visit both! Unfortunately, the maintenance costs were too high and the Sutro Baths were eventually deserted.
William Liu's family has been selling dim sum and gyozas in Chinatown for decades; now his house-made, home-made, hand-made gyozas and shrimp-paste-suffed eggplant are at the night market as well. The building that housed the pools burned down in a fire in 1966, and the site has been in ruins ever since. The Golden Gate National Recreation area purchased the land and preserved it as one of San Francisco’s most picturesque landmarks.
Chef James Chen grills beef for barbecued skewers; he wears a microphone and calls out invitations to passersby. The Mak clan from Top Wok dim sum are out in force, Mamma, Joe and Leo, with so many products they have booths on opposite sides of the main aisle. There's even a token Italian vendor doing a brisk business in pasta, meatballs and tiramisù.

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