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I'm Jessica, an Asian-American, born and raised in NYC, and that's Lon, my Jewish, white husband.
The US, while not offering the best quality street food, definitely has a decent selection, although not as substantial as oriental night markets (like one of the ones I’ve visited, shown on the right). This unassuming hole in the wall Mexican grocery serves up some awesome homemade tacos that vary depending on what was most recently cooked.
What this place lacks in quality they make up for with the biggest menu of all four of these places. I’ve only eaten at this taco truck once but from what I remember, it was seriously delicious. If you’re looking for a delicious flame-grilled burger, cooked to order, with a great bun, tasty bacon, and well-melted American cheese, then go to Veselka. The most hi-tech objects in the whole joint are the big screen TV up front, the jukebox on the back wall, and the hot dog machine which rolls Stahl-Meyer all beef hot dogs all night long.
To answer your question, yes, this is the famous Halal Cart that has skyrocketed in popularity since Oprah supposedly mentioned eating there (cue requisite wise crack).
You want the bagel to become crispy, not just brown, so if your bagel is cooking too quickly move it further away from the coils.
After the bagel is well toasted add sauce and cheese and put that baby back under the broiler.
There were too many mornings where my friends and I would wake up to a pizza bagel still in the toaster, left behind in a drunken stupor. In addition to what before about the drunken stupor, I would often find myself waking up in a random guy’s bed with lube everywhere and no condom anywhere in site.
Just a thought, you might be better off spending your time eating and writing reviews than deleting comments (some of them completely relevant). The other time was at Georgia’s Eastside BBQ on a Sunday, $25 for a plate of 4 big claws, some butter sauce, and some old bay seasoning.
I promise to make a pilgrimage to my local taco truck after a night of drinks tomorrow…. I know you grew up in mid-state, do you know about an island in the Hudson that is nice to hang out at in the summer? After you hit some of the other taco trucks, please let me know how it compared to the SoHo one (which I’ve never actually been to). My favorite food is pizza because I can eat it every meal, anytime of day, probably everyday, it’s different everywhere.
My eyes almost burst out of my head when I saw the pictures of Pampano Taqueria, I will be there as soon as I can possibly get there. My husband and I are both big fans of your site for your endless search for the best NYC has to offer! I tried the 53rd ST Halal guys, I went there with high expectations but it was no better than any of other Halal places in Manhattan. Speedy Romeo, One of My Favorite Brooklyn Restaurants, Opens in Manhattan’s Lower East Side TONIGHT! Whether you are an Indian or an International traveller on holiday in India, you would be astounded by the variety of food in India. This entry was posted in Food Tours and tagged India, Kerala, Mumbai city, North India, Rajasthan, South India, Udaipur.

Everyone has their late night pizza spot or diner, but sometimes you need to think bigger and better. Prices are a little higher than the trucks but having your pick of the litter makes up for it.
This place has what seems like a 50-page menu with everything you could possibly imagine served at every hour of the day. It’s a Ukrainian diner with awesome pierogies and blintzes which also make great, albeit filling, appetizers. Thick, crinkle cut fries, overstuffed turkey and pastrami sandwiches, breakfast all day, and a plethora of diner-style desserts. This is what you eat when nothing else is open and you can’t walk further than the corner bodega. This is a great list, to think all the work and eating that went into it:) Pizza and French fries are what I crave when I have had one to many and it is late.
Wait till its really fucking hot then put your bagel (no toppings yet) 2-3 inches from the coils. Whoever you are, thanks as always for attacking the readers and commenters who actually have something useful to say.
Food guy, where is the best place to wine and dine him to gaurantee im all up in that once we get back to my place.
Ive taken him there before and he was so excited afterward i couldnt walk for a week once he was done with me.
It’s embarrassing but true that I consider myself a taco connoisseur and still find the Jack in the Box taco so satisfying. It has been a lot of fun since I started, immensely rewarding, a lot more than I could have imagined. Much like your drunken noodle tour I have been on a quest to find the best pad thai and I haven’t really found anything spectacular yet.
The place overall is a little intense but I respect the fact that the Gramercy location is 24 hours on weekends.
If you want to experience a Halal Cart that raises the bar to a level of art, you have to go to Astoria, the guys at Falafel King of Astoria make a phenomenal chicken and rice plate and have other excellent dishes. WLNY Ch 55 around 9:45PM talking ??crazy? ??baseball? stadium food that I made from scratch!
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. I’m here to make that very easy for you by shedding light on places that stay open past bedtime or way past last call. Freshly grilled sliced pork, spiced up and mixed with grilled onion and pineapple and sprinkled with lettuce and cilantro and a slice of tomato. Cheap homemade donuts, a big long counter lined with stools, and cheap coffee in styrofoam cups. I used to mess with San Loco on the regular but got sick of it- the chicken they used made me sick after a while and the beef ran right through you. Don’t go expecting culinary greatness, go for exactly what I tell you, excellent fries and some mozzarella sticks. I’d heard of it before, but I live and work downtown so I would have to make a special trip to Midtown mid-day to get there so I was being lazy.

The Coffee Shop Grilled Three Cheese ($7.96) contains Cheddar, American, and Jalapeno Jack on the bread of your choice (pictured).
I got through my first two years of college on these bad boys so I stand behind them completely. Because one side is getting sauced and will become soggy and soggy pizza bagels suck – thats why those frozen pizza bites are always better when cooked in the oven rather than the cooked in the microwave. Now that I think of it though, if it had been really heated up, it probably would have been a lot better.
No frills, no fancy stuff, just a charcoal grilled and griddled beef patty on a fluffy roll with a thick slice of American and L & T. It’s sweet, slightly crisp on the outside, airy on the inside, and absolutely delicious. Deluxe-ing a sandwich isn’t really worth it because you only get about 10 steak fries and one or two spicy waffle, just go regular sandwich and order an extra side of fries.
They used to be open till at least 5am and their chicken in a pita, grape leaves, and meat and spinach pies were always on point. A counter-top toaster will work too just make sure you toast the bagel till its dark brown. A lot of Latin American people ordered Tortas (mexican sandwiches) while I was there, so I take that as a good sign, though I haven’t tried it myself. The only drawback is the intensely kitschy environment, loud music, and cheesy decorations. From idlis and dosas of South India to truly Mumbai-city-special Vada pav and Pav Bhaji, the feast in Mumbai city starts in early morning and lasts till late night. With chat items, Chinese dishes, non-vegetarian quick bites and juices, the city is full of options on almost every corner. I recommend a Queso Loco taco (pictured with chipotle chicken), a warm tortilla with melted cheese wrapped around a hard shell taco, with filling of your choice ($3.70 with chicken, price varies according to filling). Any Mumbai holiday is incomplete without a true taste of this city, if you got stomach for it. The reason is, just like their palaces and havelis, their culture and food is a royal experience.
The thali (platter) full of Ghee-soaked sweets and spicy veggies and non-vegetarian dishes could never leave you unsatisfied or hungry.
One meal in Udaipur or Jaisalmer could make you feel you would never need to eat again in life. Mawa Kachori, Dal Baati Churma, Ghewar, Mirchi Bada, Gatte Ki Sabji, Mangori Ker Sangri, Malpuas, Bajra Khichdi, Dal Ki Kachori, Pyaaz Kachori and Alwar ka Kalakand would always make you ask for more. Though it is not a part of traditional Rajasthan or North India tour package, local cookery classes are great places to pick some authentic recipes and food experiences. Kanji and Payaru, Kappa (Tapioca) and fish curry, Karimeen fry, Prawn fry, Meen mulligattathu, Olathan erachi, (chicken roast), Pattichathu, Thoren and Avil are appetizing Keralite dishes to die for. When you holiday in South India, the combination of coconut milk and spices create the most delicious food experience that would surprise the travellers.

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