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Tableware and Dinnerware on Sale Buy bowls, dinnerware sets, jugs, mugs, plates, serveware and more online in our range of great value tableware products. J&T’ has a fast casual setup in which you order from the counter and find your own seating afterwards. For those of you not familiar with Hainan Chicken, it’s poached boneless chicken over lemongrass flavored rice and served with a tangy garlic sauce…. They have just been open for a couple of months now and already I’ve come here a few times. You will find this made so many different ways around San Diego, but this one in particular has the best balance of sweet and savory IMHO.

Steamed Pork Leg, Red Curry with Beef, etc.) and while I wouldn’t say they are as good as my favorites mentioned above, they are all decent for the price. So when Darren mentioned he had a new Thai restaurant on his radar, I was the first in line to try this place out.
There are a few different renditions of this dish I’ve seen over the years, my favorite being at Savoy in the Los Angeles area. Nonetheless, this void has kept me searching for a decent Hainan chicken both in San Diego and anywhere I may travel. I don’t usually jump straight to the food pics, but checkout the chicken pad thai and satay appetizer all for ~$10!

In fact, just a few months ago, Jorgina and I took a trip up to Oregon and got to checkout the food pod experience (Instead of food trucks, Portland has a bunch of food pods offering an array of cuisines packed within a square mile). While we were there, we encountered and tried Nong’s Khao Man Gai… highly recommended if you ever have a chance to visit (this is the first place we encounted a Thai spin on Hainan Chicken). Anyhow, J&T’s Hainan Chicken (aka Steamed Chicken Rice on their menu) is pretty darn good.

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