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The place is perfect for an evening rendezvous with its sophisticated vibe coupled with green and gold accents. Yam Som O is the best-seller salad of Simply Thai that consists of pomelo, chicken and prawns.
Chiangmai Kao Soi Noodle Soup is a famed bowl of a hearty curry-based noodle soup with your choice of chicken, beef or seafood.
Simply Thai offers refreshing beverages like the Pandan Juice and Lemongrass Juice that are both equally light and clean to the palate. After dinner, we settled on the bar area outside for some of Simply Thai's cocktail creations.
Simply Thai is a restaurant that offers modern Thai dishes that definitely suits the Filipino taste.
Head chef Alyssa Han had brought her years of experience in Thai culinary cuisines, media, PR and marketing to create a website with more than 50 authentic Thai menus to order online including Bangkoka€™s favorite set menus.The popular food delivery served customers in Shanghai Puxi area for almost 7 years allowing orders to be placed both online and via SMS.

I also love the hanging bird cages that was turned into lamps to illuminate the whole place. For me good tom yum soup needs to have the perfect balance of sweetness, sourness and spiciness on it and Simply Thai's version hits the spot.
I just couldn't remember how much serving I got of this soft shell crab in black pepper sauce. Topped with some fresh cilantro leaves, crispy noodles and shallots, this bowl is both pleasing to the eye and the palate. Fortunately, we were able to try the Takhoo Sakhoo or these tapioca pearls steamed cakes in small and fresh pandan cups.
It could be a great drink to contrast the sharp and strong flavors from all the Thai dishes and at the same time neutralize the taste buds.
Then try Simply Thai's Green Tea Milk Tea that is sweet and creamy with a hint of grassy taste that takes a while to appreciate.

We tried 2 of their signature cocktails Simply Thai Punch- a rum based concoction of citrus and apples and Blue Day- a mix of orange-vodka and blue curacao. DegThai strives to provide the highest quality Thai-fusion meals from our state of the art mobile food truck.
The sharp taste of the soup came out too strong at first but the spices and coconut milk balanced the flavors really well. I'm going to have to note down to get that if I have another chance to eat here.BTW, love your pics!

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