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When my group of three first came in one of the people from the kitchen told us that he'd be right back to help us but he moved back and forth for at least three minutes before we were finally shown to our table. The 3 star pad Thai was hot, in a really good way, however I am thankful that she suggested that I not get the 4 star. The Drunken Noodle was jam packed with flavor and the noodles each had a new, refreshing yet comforting taste.

I hate it when restaurants have noodles that end up sticking together but these didn't! The Banh Thai fried rice was ok (not amazing, but still pretty good) but the curry was absolutely amazing.
One of my checklist items for a good Thai restaurant is how often they fill up your water glass, it can be frustrating to be eating a hot meal and not have any water.

On average, everything was on the sweeter side which was my only complaint in terms of the food.

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