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Thai food and restaurants are easy to find because there is quite a big Thai workforce in this city. If you like our site or this page, please click the "Like" buttonon the right column to share it with your friends! Drawing inspiration from the North Eastern region of Thailand, Chef Adam Lee Cliff and Restaurateur Yenn Wong focus on creating legit Isaan-inspired dishes along with serious drinks in an unpretentious environment.

Characterized by well-conceived mix of concrete, tile flooring, raw furniture, and random splashes of vibrant colors, Chachawan certainly provides a nice rustic vibe.The menu consists of a whole lotta next level Thai salads, seafood, proteins, rice and noodle dishes along with traditional desserts. This was my first time having red rubies, tiny red beads of water chestnut covered with tapioca flour, served with sweet coconut milk and shaved ice.

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