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The chances are that if you ask your local favourite restaurant, they will be able to take you on as the ‘apprentice’ for half a day, so you can master all those green, red and massaman curries, pad thai, tom-yum, papaya salad and the likes. If you're one of the millions of budding cooks around the world who would like to make your own Thai food, then a cooking class is for you.
Silom Thai Cooking School is the Thai Cooking Course located in the Downtown Silom Road area of Bangkok.
Thai cuisine has always stressed a delicate balance between the four different tastes: sour, salty, sweet and, last but not least, spicy hot! There are innumerable things to do while you are on your vacation in the exotic country of Thailand.
The Thai capital city is a buzzing place to visit, being home to innumerable tourist attractions, great nightlife scenes and unique sites.
If you would like to take cooking classes in Bangkok, one of the best cooking schools is Bai Pai.
The Manohra Thai Cooking Class takes part in the Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa. While you sail along the fascinating river, you will learn how to prepare delicious dishes of selected fresh ingredients. The wonderful world of Thai sweetsEating is always an adventure during the holidays spent in foreign countries, especially in an Asian country. Top 5 family-friendly hotels and resorts in PhuketAre you about to visit Phuket on your holiday? If images are needed for online media, low resolution pictures can be instantly saved (click right on the image, and click: save image as…). If high-resolution images are needed for print media, please specify the reference number of the required picture and complete this photo request form.
The Amita Thai cooking class is held at the home of Tam Piyawadi Jantrupon, A beautiful oasis on the banks of a canal in the old section of Bangkok.

One of the best souvenir that you can possibly bring back home from your holidays in Thailand is definitely to know how to cook delicious Thai recipes that will impress your friends and family.
Wherever you stay in Phuket, you should easily find one school where you can learn the basis of Thai food as well as a few recipes that you can do when back home, in order to remember the exquisite flavors of Thailand before your next trip in the Kingdom. Before the class starts, many schools invite their customers to visit a local fresh food market to purchase the ingredients used to prepare tasty meals.
In Rawai, Organic Thai Cooking dispenses a traditional approach, and the class will start with a visit of a local market to buy fresh ingredients and where you will learn about the different Thai herbs and vegetables. Learn directly from professional Thai cooks who will teach you about the flavours, ingredients and techniques in cooking Thai food. This country is a top holiday destination of the world which is not surprising at all if we think of the deluge of the fascinating visitor attractions and activities that can be practiced here.
In this school qualified Thai chefs will teach you how to prepare the most delicious Thai dishes.
You will also learn how to prepare numerous salads, starters, noodle dishes, curries and also deserts. This cooking class can be a remarkable and unforgettable experience, as it takes place on the wonderful Manohra cruiser. You will learn in a fantastic open-air kitchen in an orchard full of mango, papaya, banana and coconut trees. In Phuket, there are many different cooking schools and a good amount of hotels propose their own lessons to their guests.
With an experience in some of the best resorts on the island, he will teach the delicate techniques a 5-star hotel chef uses when cooking, bringing an artistic touch to his creations. The number of “students” is maximum ten, so that the chefs can spend time and explain to everyone.
Many of the recipes she will teach you during her classes were handed down from her mother.

Miss On, our favourite local restaurateur, always ends the ordering of food with the cheeky question: “My spicy or your spicy?” which indicates the dishes have been somewhat adapted to foreign taste. Price: 3,900-8,200 baht per course) is an upmarket option, with private classes given by the restaurant’s chefs. And finally, at the end of your class, you'll get an apron and certificate to take home with you.
You will also have the occasion to visit an open-air market where they will present you how to select fresh and quality ingredients. There is an herb garden from which she harvests the ingredients you will cook with that give Thai cooking its unique flavor. The wise ones reply: “My spicy,” while the rest suffocate in hiccups and coughing fits as they consume the lovingly prepared but super-spicy food. If you love Thai food and you are planning a visit to Bangkok, I suggest you to take some cooking classes. Besides shops of the world's best brands, you will find a wide selection of high-end restaurants. The Asian love affair with chillies can be easily understood if you look at chillies’ health benefits and body-cooling qualities. Her  classes are hands on  giving  you the skills to recreate authentic Thai dishes at home.
Thai cuisine is influenced by that of its neighbouring countries: Northern Thailand has similar food to the North of Laos and China’s Yunnan Province, North-East (also known as Isan) to South Laos, West Thailand to Burma, East Thailand to Cambodia and Vietnam, while South Thailand draws on Malaysia’s  influence.

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