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Very few chefs ever become as synonymous with a particular cuisine as David Thompson has become with Thai food.
His obsession lead to the opening of string of successful Thai restaurants in Sydney, being asked by the Thai government to set up and run a venue showcasing Thai food in Bangkok, publish a Thai cook book that remains the absolute bible on Thai cooking and open the first Thai restaurant in Europe to achieve a Michelin Star. Thompson's first restaurant in Sydney, Darley Street Thai, was somewhat inauspiciously located upstairs in the Botany View Hotel in Newtown. Built on the success of Darley Street Thai, Sailor's Thai was opened in The Rocks area of Sydney in 1995. Thai food is complex and wide-ranging in texture and flavours but not traditionally suited to Western style restaurant dining. The dishes were all designed to be shared, starting with a range of delicate looking, but intensely flavoured canapes, followed by entrees that starred a dish of scallops, shredded green mango, toasted coconut and shallots wrapped in betel leaves.
Perhaps as far from a Thai street food stall as you can get, Thompson opened Nahm in the Halkin Hotel in London in 2001 and the restaurant has since become the first Thai restaurant in Europe to win a Michelin Star. Renowned chef David Thompson first went to Thailand by mistake: a holiday plan had to be changed at the last minute and he ended up in Bangkok, where he was seduced by the people, their culture and cuisine. Working alongside cooks who had perfected their craft in the Thai royal palaces, he began to document the traditional recipes and culinary techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation - before they were eroded, altered and modernised beyond all recognition. The result is Thai Food, the most comprehensive account of this ancient and exotic cuisine ever published in English. Widely acclaimed as an expert on Thai food, David Thompson is one of Australia's foremost chefs, restaurateurs and cookery writers. Cookbooks Australia has a great range of new, used and out of print recipe books to suit all tastes and palates.

Since travelling to Thailand in the late eighties, Thompson has been obsessed with Thai food, or should I say with traditional Thai food. However, as Thompson's Thai food prowess gathered momentum, Darley Street Thai was soon moved to a more up-market locale in Bayswater Road in Kings Cross.
This restaurant was divided into two parts, one with a large shared table with quick, cheaper dishes (Sailor's Thai Canteen) and the other a more formal dining area.
It is more a cuisine of dishes to be served to and shared by a family, or bought from a street vendor.
This is a very detailed book and the recipes, although clear in instruction, are not for the half hearted home chef. The launch of the book in Australia included a series of dinners in restaurants in major cities across the country, featuring selected dishes from the book.
There were six main courses, with the Neua Kem Sot, salted beef ribs with lime, chillies and red shallots outstanding along with the red curry of dhufish (Geng Chuu Chii Plaa Dhu). David Thompson writes with passion and conviction about a unique style of cooking that he believes to be one of the world's greatest cuisines. Basic, how-to and general cookbooks, international cuisines, favourite chefs and cooks, cake decorating and cupcake recipe books, slow cooker, pressure cooker, quick and easy, comfort food, cookbooks especially for chldren, Australian Women's Weekly recipe books, vintage old favourites from the CWA, Green and Gold, Commonsense Cookery Books. Thompson's great achievement has been to create often spectacular restaurant dishes that have won the consistent acclaim of diners and critics alike, without sacrificing the essence of traditional Thai cooking.
The dinner in Perth was hosted at Star Anise in Shenton Park where a somewhat tired looking Thompson (as usual Perth was at the end of the whistle stop Australian tour) introduced each of the courses and provided gentle banter to assist diners in understanding the food they were being served. The meal was rounded out by a sensational sticky rice dish served with mango (Kao Niaw Mamuamg).

His Sydney restaurants, the acclaimed Darley Street Thai - now closed - and the perennially popular Sailors Thai, have increased the awareness and appreciation of authentic Thai cooking.
If you are looking for a family favourite recipe or cookbook to give to your daughter, son or to replace your mother's or your own falling-apart copy, it might be here!
An array of cleverly matched wines complemented the food perfectly, with the stand out wine being the 2008 Donnhoff Riesling from Germany. Seven months later, it gained a Michelin star, making nahm the first Thai restaurant to attain such an award. Currently David Thompson is consulting with the prestigious Suan Dusit College in Bangkok on the preservation of Thai culinary heritage. Splitting the book into sections entitled 'Morning', 'Noon' and 'Night' is a nice touch, lending a rhythm to the recipes-the closest you'll come to spending a day eating your way around the country without leaving your living room. Make sure you peruse the back pages, too, where there's a satisfyingly comprehensive ingredient guide, and captioned thumbnails of the book's illustrations. Recipes- then- and where to start? Anyone who's eaten in Thailand will be gratified by the authentic replicas delivered by Thompson- although procuring more esoteric ingredients might well necessitate a rather grand voyage for some.
It's also a source of wonderful memories for previous visitors to the country, almost evoking tears in a close friend who spent a year in Thailand.

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