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Boat Quay Singapore is located on Singapore River, one of the coolest places in Singapore to hang out, having some delicious food at the many restaurants found along the riverside walk at Boat Quay.
In the 1860's three quarters of all of Singapore's shipping trades were carried out at Boat Quay. The path running along the front of the art deco houses, lined with restaurants and bars is lined with trees and a pleasant walk way. There are river cruises along the Singapore River that explore both Boat Quay and Clarke Quay and go on to Marina Bay. Some of the bars in Boat Quay include Molly Malone's Irish Pub which was the first Irish pub to open in Singapore.
One of highlights of Boat Quay is the great selection of restaurants all facing the Singapore River, many with dining areas right on the river edge. There are a few good hotels right next to Boat Quay as well as some budget hotels including backpacker hotels right on Boat Quay.

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Boat Quay is located just down the Singapore river from Clarke Quay, just a 5 minute walk along the nice riverside walk that connects the 2 Quays. The art deco houses were restored and converted to the various restaurants and bars you find there now.
The restaurants have indoor dining areas though the best seating is set out right at the edge of the river, a great place day or night to enjoy some drinks, a meal and watch the various boats that still travel up and down the Singapore River.
Prince of Wales Backpacker Hotel is located right in the middle of Boat Quay, with air-conditioning and free WiFi. De leukste reisverslagen doen automatisch mee aan de verkiezing 'beste reisverslag van het jaar'. They have a great menu serving up traditional Irish food including Irish Stew, a good old Irish fry up, Bangers and Mash and Fish and Chips.

Je kunt er leuke prijzen mee winnen, en daarbij help je ons ook met het bieden van leuke informatie voor andere reizigers. Laat ons dit dan weten door contact met ons op te nemen, of door een berichtje hieronder of op onze facebook pagina achter te laten. Er zijn verder diverse Nederlandse reisorganisaties waar je een trip naar Singapore kunt boeken, meestal in combinatie met een reis door Maleisie.
Enkele bekende namen langs Boat Quay zijn: Sukhothai, Kinara, Indochine Waterfront, Brewerkz Microbrewery, Coriander Leaf, King Satay, Metropole Herbal Restaurant, Shiraz en Renn Thai.

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