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Welcome to our Thai video blog – Did you know?, where we shows what Thais like to eat and cook.
Our selection of dishes is also limited to food you can cook outside Thailand from your own home whatever you e.g. Lees verder over lekkere muziek of bekijk het recept voor een heerlijke Aziatische cake of Marokkaanse pistacheghoriba’s! Blue Elephant raises the bar on restaurant dining to new heights with our accomplished Thai chefs who prepare dishes with ingredients of the highest quality, flown in fresh directly from Thailand.
Please click the links on the right to browse through our menus, their contents and discover the many exotic dishes prepared for you by our team of talented and experienced chefs.
Our categories are Memories of Siam Tasting Menu, Thai Cooking of the Past, Thai Cuisine of Today, Thai Kitchen of Tomorrow, Vegetarian Menu, Lunch, Cocktails, Wines and Desserts. The ingredients that give Thai food its unique taste include: lemon grass, galanga, ginger, kaffer lime leaf, coconut milk, pepper  peanuts, basil leaf, mint, oyster sauce, fish sauce, lemon, onion garlic, curry powder, holy basil, tamarind paste, various chili, fermented mud fish and a few more. Khao Niaow Ma Muang is one of those dishes that you can have both as a dessert or main dish.
Another local favorite that isn’t just popular among local Thais but a standard on every menu of international Thai restaurants. From a simple Thai beef stir fry to the complex flavours of a jungle curry, we've got 280+ Thai recipes and Thai-inspired dishes to try your hand at. However one thing that happens every trip is no matter how good the hotel is we hardly get to spend time in it since we are always in such a rush! I really like taking photographs when I travel, so the inner photographer in me has always wanted to visit Thailand because of all the amazing sights there. Ondanks dat eten hier een soort russische roulette is, staat het toch op nummer drie. De heerlijke curries, gemarineerde groenten en ongelooflijk lekkere visgerechten zorgen daarvoor. Kleine rollen van kleverige rijst omhuld met zeewier verbergen een aantal krachtige combinaties van smaken: zalm met roomkaas en komkommer, gerookte schelvis met wasabi pasta en nog zo veel meer. Example: The Khao Niaow Ma Muang dish you can see on the picture costs 70 Baht at Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok, however on a local market in Pattaya I got a bigger dish for just 50 Baht. On Thailand Redcat he shares his experiences and advice to all aspects of (night)life in Thailand. Here you'll also find menu plans, articles and handy how tos on everything from Thai basil to making your own Thai-style garnishes.Thai cuisine has a firm place in the hearts and mouths of Australians.

I have many friends who are from Thailand or have lived there, but I must say that hearing about all you experienced there makes me want to travel there even more! The main Thai dishes are easy and fast to cook and it is only when we talk about seafood it takes longer time to cook. Van de wereldberoemde curries tot gebakken noedels en gestoomd varkensvlees met allerlei exotische sauzen.
Als dessert, kun je kiezen voor een van zoete yoghurt of pachinta mari, een zoete snack gemaakt van meel en suiker dat oorspronkelijk uit Nepal komt.
Spanje heeft veel te bieden beginnend met de goede klassieke, papas bravas, aardappelen geroosterd in olie met paprika erbovenop.
All of them are visually stunning dishes artistically presented with carved fruits  and vegetables.
Well Som Tam is not just one of Thailand’s most spicy meals, but one of the big local favorites. It’s impossible to say what is the best Thai food but these are for sure five of my favorites.
Stefan is also fluent in Thai both spoken and written and is author of the books Thai Beginner’s Course and Thai Love Course.
Honestly everything seems so beautiful, but I think my personal favorite was the floating market. In regards to the street food, I am anxious to try it after what you’ve written; I have found it often that street food in some countries can be the tastiest and most authentic! Zelfs in deze tijd, waarin we toch bijna alle exotische producten in de supermarkt kunnen kopen, valt er nog zoveel te ontdekken. Het maken van een reis door Italie levert je ongetwijfeld een paar kilo op, maar ja, wie kan de guilty pleasures ??als cannelloni, ossobuco of romige risotto nou weerstaan?
Dit is de plek voor als je graag veel kleine hapjes probeert en niet lang op je eten wilt wachten.
Maar dat is niet alles, probeer ook de noodle gerechten  met een verscheidenheid aan groenten en vlees. What makes Tom Yum Goong so special (and clear and sour) is the extensive use of fragrant herbs such as lemon grass, lime leaves, fresh galangal root, shallots as well as chili jam (that gives the soup a bright orange color) and fish sauce. On top of that you have the choice of putting fish sauce, sugar, chili powder and crushed peanuts – whatever suits your taste.

And just as I said there are so many of delicious Thai meals and some (but not all) of them I really like too are: Kuay Tiew (Noodle Soup, ??????????), Khao Pad (Fried Rice, ???????), Gai Med Ma Moung (Chicken Cashew Nuts, ????????????????), Geng Kheaw Wan Gai (Green Chicken Curry, ????????????), Tom Kha Gai (?????????), Massaman Curry (??????????) and Khao Man Gai (??????????). Besides that there is the floating market or you can go for a cruise in a nice ship that takes you round the city. The street feed in New York City is by far better than a lot of the restaurants I’ve been too. In Thailand werd ik verrast door fruit soorten die ik nog nooit had gezien, laat staan geproefd. Voor een spotprijs worden recht voor je neus de meest lekkere en vaak pittige gerechten klaargemaakt. Thai food is healthy because it contains fresh vegetables, herbs, and small portions of bite-sized meat. Bijvoorbeeld gebakken inktvis of kleine sandwiches met enkele uitstekende smaken: vijg en parma ham.
Japanse desserts kunnen enigszins exotisch zijn, zelf voor de foodie, maar zeker het proberen waard. The main ingredients of any Som Tam are shredded green papaya pounded with sour lime, hot chili, fish sauce and palm sugar – the four main tastes of the local cuisine. Thailand has seen exponential growth and modernization over the past decade and seems to only be growing and expanding more. Bij reizen en eten denk ik al snel aan de USA, waar ze van alles wat hebben en vooral heel veel eten.
Depending on the region, additional ingredients include garlic, dried shrimp, brined crabs, tomatoes, peanuts and yardlong beans. Na even denken ben ik toch op 6 andere landen uitgekomen waarvan ik denk dat ze alles in huis hebben voor de echte foodies!
Other ingredients include lime and lemon juices, tamarind juice, coconut milk, garlic, lemon grass, galangal, basil, cilantro, cayenne, and black peppers, bean sprouts, etc. Traditionally, Thais use only fresh ingredients, such as fresh-made coconut milk (Ga Ti) and curry paste (Krung gang) for use in curry dishes.

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