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Welcome to our Thai video blog – Did you know?, where we shows what Thais like to eat and cook. Our selection of dishes is also limited to food you can cook outside Thailand from your own home whatever you e.g. Cold beer is always good but there are several more sophisticated ways to partner this most popular of Asian cuisines, writes Curtis Marsh. There is a great deal more complexity and flavor in Thai cooking than many other Asian cuisines and, contrary to perception, it can be paired successfully with wine. I can fully relate to an ice-cold beer if you are eating at a stall in the sweltering heat of Bangkok.
Traditional Thai table etiquette is similar to Cantonese with communal sharing of dishes in banquet style; while conducive to good conversation and informality, it does present a challenge for wine to cope with so many different flavors competing with each other at once.
It is prudent to decide on the sequence of the dishes prior to ordering and to convey this clearly and firmly to your waiter. There are no set rules for matching wine with Thai food; however, aromatic white grape varieties with naturally high acidity work best, cleansing the palate as well as coping with strong flavors, spices and ever-present chilli.
Riesling (served well chilled), with its racy, powerful backbone of naturally high acidity, lemon and lime core is the perfect all-rounder for Thai food.
The indigenous Austrian white grape gruner veltliner has emerged from obscurity to become the trendy partner to Asian flavors and an outstanding match with Thai salads, especially where pomelo is used.
Oily textured, low-acid white varieties such as pinot gris, pinot blanc, viognier, gewurztraminer do not work as well with Thai food, but do not take this as verbatim, as there is always room for experimentation with crisper examples. Red wine has its limitations with Thai food, the tannins disagreeably accentuated by the sour ingredients and flavors, but there are some beneficial liaisons such as red curries and meats.
Rose, with its vibrant and refreshing white wine attributes combined with sweet aromas and flavors of red berries, works well with the chaos of flavors from start to finish. Cru Beaujolais from appellations such as Brouilly, Morgon and Moulin- a-Vent have more power than basic Beaujolais, with intense sweet cherry flavors balanced by perky acidity, and are user- friendly and benefit from being served slightly chilled.
The spicy characters and sweet and sour raspberry flavors and juicy acidity found in grenache can also go well, in particular lighter, crunchy modern style Cotes du Rhone.
For more robust dishes of pork, lamb or beef, a lighter style of shiraz from northern Rhone of France, New Zealand or cooler parts of Australia work well with their crunchy sweet-sour dark berry-fruits and spicy, white pepperiness.
I would avoid cabernet sauvignon, Bordeaux blends, big Australia shirazs, and Italian reds which have a propensity for firm tannins somewhat lost with Thai food. Disappointingly, Thai cuisine in Hong Kong is unduly relegated to convenience dinning or takeaway food status with an excess of pedestrian restaurants serving up humdrum deep-fried spring rolls and fish cakes, superfluous garnishes of tomato wedges and shaped carrot pieces; any possibility of authenticity lost in translation. There is a serious lack of contemporary Thai food, especially at the mid to upper level, with the exception of Ayuthaiya, operated by the dynamic Aqua group. By comparison, Australian chefs are at the cutting edge of Thai cuisine with acknowledged master David Thompson’s Sailor Thai in Sydney, and Michelin star rated Nahm in London being global benchmarks. Chef Martin Boetz and restaurateur Sam Christie at Longrain in Sydney (now also in Melbourne) combine contemporary flair and the best Australian produce to create tantalizing modern Thai and Asian food, with the buzz of an open kitchen and large communal tables encapsulating traditional dining. One of my favourite Thai restaurants that I have been visiting regularly for more than 12 years is at the Datai Resort, Langkawi Island, Malaysia (bordering Thailand). Thank you for your feedback… please post your problems on our feedback page and our administrator will assist you. With nearly 30 years experience in the hospitality, wine and media industries, Curtis Marsh is one of the most erudite, passionate and truly independent wine writer, commentator and presenter in Asia. But the bitter truth we critics must face is that, in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.
As uttered by the vitriolic restaurant critic Anton Ego, in the film “Ratatouille”, after his epiphany.

However, beer does not appease the chilli factor and, as the locals suggest, warm green tea is a better solution to extinguish the fire.
The problem can be compounded by a tendency for kitchens in more congenial establishments (usually BYO friendly) to bombard you with dishes in illogical order, irrespective of texture or flavor, with mains sometimes arriving before appetizers. If you are choosing a large number of dishes, group them in to three or four progressive brackets and insist that they are reasonably well staggered, allowing you to experiment with different wines. It is particularly good with salads, picking up on the principal ingredients such as red shallots, mint, coriander, limejuice and lemongrass.
Sharing some of the characteristics and appeal of sauvignon blanc, gruner veltliner has a more sophisticated personality and is typically drier, with the exception of Wachau Smaragd which is harvested late.
However, most are made in a consumer-friendly softer fruity style globally popularized by New Zealand, and capitulate when confronted with too much chilli. Neither do oak matured whites or those that undergo malo-lactic fermentation, which relegates most chardonnays, with the exception of Chablis, which is predominantly unwooded and with notably flinty acidity from cool and exceptional terroir. Pinot noir-based roses from New Zealand and Australia go particularly nicely, but are difficult to find, as is decent Rose in Hong Kong full stop. Its berry-fruit sweetness, soft tannins, silky mouth-feel and a warming spicy farewell achieve a synchronicity with the lurking heat of chilli and spices. Lighter pinots, dunked in cold water just before serving to take the edge off, are remarkably harmonious with whole deep-fried fish marinated in spices and served with sweet chilli sauce; similarly, wok-seared prawns or crab that have substantial chilli, black pepper and garlic involved. Thompson’s book Thai Food (Viking) is an imperative reference for anyone passionate about the cuisine. This serene setting is hard to beat, with their Thai Pavilion perched on a cliff top among the jungle canopy, looking out to Datai Bay and the Andaman Sea. This is the kind of info that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs.
We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment.
From San Francisco to Durban in South Africa, its profusion of exotic flavours and fragrances make it among the most coveted of international cuisines. The main Thai dishes are easy and fast to cook and it is only when we talk about seafood it takes longer time to cook. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Thailand club tagged: travel asia thailand food thai tourist. It will also keep up with the spiciest tom yum soup or invigorating green curry and is compatible with stronger meat flavors such as duck or pork. Northern German rieslings are the full monty in this arena with their naturally high residual sugars camouflaged by bracing acidity.
It is as versatile as riesling although slightly less acid but brimming with grapefruit and citrus tanginess; a juicy mandarin and stone fruit mid-palate and a unique signature of white pepper spiciness. Importers take note, the excellent dry rose from Domaine du Grand Cru, in Provence would well suit this purpose. I find the juicier, fleshier styles from Australia and New Zealand the most suitable, although I also enjoy experimenting with different Burgundy communes.
Resident Thai chef Tidarat Luangthep has spent time at the Regent and Sukhotai Hotels in Bangkok and produces exquisite food, using chilli in moderation. If you have ever experienced a walk through Thailand’s bustling food markets, these flavours and fragrances are seemingly inexhaustible. The street-style noodles are hugely popular, as are Nuit’s signature squash fritters and shrimp chips. However, whether it be juicy pieces of grilled pork on a stick or a fiery bowl of ‘Tom Yum’ soup, we all have to start somewhere.

And what better place than our carefully selected Top 5  Thai Food restaurants in Durban, which spans everything from Thai Fusion, Thai Favourites to Thai classics. Another big draw is a rather nice seafood offering, Filet Stripe Bass in Tamarind Coconut Sauce, as well as a lychee martini that is both generously sized and delightfully sweet. Kung Thai 59 Adelaide Tambo Drive (Old Kensington Drive)Durban North and Shop 14, The Lighthouse Center, Umhlanga Rocks, Umhlanga Kung Thai Prawn Kung Thai Restaurant wraps the palate in Thai infusions and complex flavours fresh from the sultry shores of Thailand. Calendar : Thai's Heritage Actor of Thailand Actor of Thailand Actor of Thailand Actor of Thailand Actor of Thailand Actress of Thailand Actor of Thailand Actor of Thailand Actor of Thailand Actor of Thailand Actress of Thailand Actress of Thailand Actress of Thailand . For starters, try the rice paper wraps with fillings that include fresh vegetables, grilled chicken or beef, all of which are served with a mixed salad, herbs and glass noodles or the crispy crab basket with deep-fried wontons filled with minced chicken, crab and coriander. For mains the kung Thai duck wrapped in a pancake served with a ginger and honey based sauce and jasmine rice. Kung Thai The tamarind chicken is a crispy, de-boned baby chicken, tossed in a wok with ginger, chillies, tamarind and bok choi.
Steak lovers can indulge in succulent fillet steak served with a variety of sauces including the lethal crying tiger sauce. Thai curries and seafood dishes like the calamari kung Thai with a refreshing garlic, chilli paste, spring onion, coriander and lemon juice sauce will seduce the palate. The wok and noodle dishes offer a wide variety of main ingredients with accompaniments such as stir-fried bamboo shoots with chilli and basil and also cashew nuts, bean sprouts and spring onion.
The desserts include jewels such as the deep-fried ice cream with chilli choc sauce and banana dipped in a three-flour batter, deep-fried and served with ice cream, honey and cinnamon. Kung Thai Restaurant will engage and delight the palate with Thai infusions and ambience for a truly authentic Thai experience.
Our favourite is the Lime, coconut Prawn Noodle which is also available without the prawn as a vegetarian option With a range of dishes to select from; ranging from the ever popular Sesame and Peanut Chicken served on Coconut Noodles to our speciality Seared Calamari with Chilli and Lime to the taste sensation of our signature Lentil and Feta Salad served with a mint and lemon dressing, there is something for everyone. Chef Roger Sirvanjanakul augments the dishes of his native Thailand with a good sushi selection. Monks on river boat Actress of Thailand Actress of Thailand Thailand Thailand Thai Movie Poster !
With a great atmosphere and an open kitchen, chefs work steadily preparing you some great Thai cuisine. Their menu has amazing specialties including Chu Chee Duck, fantastic seafood, Curries, Wok and Noodle Dishes. Kai Thai SunCoast Casino Kai Thai – Suncoast Our favourite dish at this Restaurant is their crispy duck. Kai’s recipes have been handed down to her through just the right fam­ily con­nec­tions and she has brought them all the way to South Africa. The duck with its sweet, crispy skin, stir-fried in oys­ter sauce with mush­rooms, chilli and gar­lic, is great as its infal­li­ble clas­sic green curry.
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