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This Eat Authentic Thai Kitchen Restaurant Review is one of our many NYC Restaurant Reviews. Compared to some of the other truly hole in the wall Wondee Siam restaurants, Eat Authentic Thai Kitchen is sleeker, with a bit of style.
Usually there's just one host and one server during lunch service, but in the 5-6 times I've been here, I've never had to wait more than a minute upon entering to be seated and given the lunch menu.
From the First Courses, I highly recommend the Tom Yum Seafood Soup if you enjoy spicy seafood soups. From the Second Courses the best items I've tried are some of the specials listed at the bottom, or one of the curries. If you don't want something spicy, this is the perfect choice: thin, flavorful grilled pork chops atop a generous serving of vegetables, with rice and garlic sauce on the side.
It's easy to miss this one since it's toward the bottom of the menu, but I really enjoyed the combination of red curry and peanuts, all tossed with the meat of your choice and plenty of vegetables.
I actually prefer the red curry to the green curry as it tends to be a bit spicier, and I like the aromatic basil included in it. This is always my husband's favorite standby, and this is a decent if not particularly memorable rendition--but great for the price, and very filling.
We ordered this for the munchkin as a non-spicy option, and he enjoyed it, although I thought it was a bit on the dry side. Become a TravelSort Client and Book Your Hotel with Virtuoso or Four Seasons Preferred VIP Amenities!
The Clam is one of the best NYC restaurants we've reviewed, although since it's not in our neighborhood it's been months since we were last there. I first heard of Sripraphai in the upper echelons of basic cable, on a now defunct channel that showed reruns of Korean soaps, Japanese gameshows, and the occasional Pride match, and had, to my recollection, exactly one show worth watching, where the hosts profiled Asian restaurants around New York’s outer boroughs. The next year I moved to Queens, and, learning that Sripraphai (and Woodside, with its many gastronomical treasures) was two subway stops from me, was on it. Fish sauce, a staple of Thai and Vietnamese cooking, is pretty putrid-smelling off-the-shelf. Sripraphai had recently expanded before my first visit, and it now boasts a nicely appointed dining room and great outdoor seating if the season is right. With a slew of talented NYC chefs taking the age-old cuisine back to its roots, we can be sure to never order that same Pad Thai again. With more emphasis on sustainable farming, down-to-earth experiences, award-winning chefs and authentic dishes with a modern influence — this list of Best New Asian Restaurants in NYC is definitely worth your attention. Why: Creating a fusion and interpretive style of Chinese-American food, helmed by Chef Jonathan Wu, another transport from Per se. Why: Laotian inspired cuisine with familiarities from other Southeast Asian cuisine in TriBeCa. Why: Started by the restaurant owners of Perilla, which is in the same block as Kin Shop, Chef Harold Dieterle (you may know him from the Bravo Top Chef series) and Alicia Nosenzo are the co-owners of Kin Shop, a small but cute and contemporary thai restaurant. Why: A farm-style Chinese restaurant and with a Hong Kong dim-sum chef Joe Ng, you can expect to gobble down tasty morsels of meat packed in pillow-y dumplings. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. Up until the 1970s, District Six was home to almost a tenth of the city of Cape Town’s population.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this magazine and receive notifications of new places by email. Book Thailand Now offers special hotel, flight or tour packages made available by the trusted partners curated by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Welcome to Thailand Insider, an online destination where a vacation isn’t measured by souvenirs, but by the life-changing memories that define an escape from reality.
We want to help you celebrate Thai culture more by recommending a few restaurants in the LA and NYC areas that will have a special Songkran Menu that will help you get in the mood for the Thai New Year. From April 11-17, participating restaurants will be offering a limited edition menu only available during this time.
Our Thai restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes from the northeast of Thailand. Thai Paradise has been open for over 10 years and well-known Thai restaurant in San Gabriel area. Discover the art of Thai cooking and the secrets of Thai cuisine from our traditionally and classically trained experts Chef Fern and Chef Pla at Luv2eat Thai Bistro.
Lacha Somtum restaurant, authentic north eastern styled Thai food located on a busy street in Hollywood.
Offers a variety of Thai favorites with a great lounge feeling in the evening and late hours.
Established in August of 2004, Ayara Thai Cuisine continues the tradition of crafting delicious home-cooked food for those dining out.
Though the Upper East Side is known to many for its abundance of museums and Gossip Girl references, the area actually has much more to offer than just Serena sightings.
The Upper East Side is a fresh change from the usual downtown date locations, and for some reason feels like the decidedly more adult option. Eat Authentic Thai Kitchen, aka Wondee Siam III, is easy to miss, a narrow entrance at 1429 3rd Avenue on the Upper East Side.
I'm not sure why there's not a chili next to it to indicate it's spicy, but there probably should be. It comes with a chili garlic dipping sauce similar to that served with the pork chop, but it's on the side so it can be ignored and still be a good safe option for kids. Even on my first few visits service was polite and efficient, the food has consistently been good to very good, and the value in this part of town is pretty much unbeatable. I discussed Can a Hotel Cancel Your Confirmed Reservation in a prior post, but this time the issue is with a restaurant reserved for a special occasion.
To go from average Thai food to Sripraphai is a little like suddenly seeing in color instead of black-and-white.
Following Pok Pok, my other favorite Northern Thai restaurant in Brooklyn, Uncle Boons is quickly becoming the go-to for authentic thai cuisine that goes beyond the Kee mao.
Chef Soulayphet Schwader, a Laotian native is behind Khe-Yo to recreate the dishes that his mother made at home. Expect the unexpected here, naked mannequins, war posters,  Images of disturbing sex scenes and loud music. Moonlighting in the original sushi joint Ushiwakamaru, this is a place for the slightly-tipsy-late-night crowd, that is either very noisy or very friendly.
Best for Sake and pub-fare. The Amazing Chicken Wings that is presented beautifully in a couple of bamboo skewers.
Reinterpreting traditional dishes, along with a focus on modern palates and newer techniques are why Kin Shop is in this list.

Outpost of a no-frills local chain known for curries, noodles & other Southeast Asian staples. It became an instant hit with lines of customers often waiting patiently outside to sample the exotic tastes of Thailand.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chef Kris has no formal culinary training, but grew up in his family-owned restaurant, Talesai.
Brimming with great restaurants and cafes the Upper East Side is a perfect area for a date. We can guarantee, that with these restaurant recommendations you will have a great time on the UES, even if you don’t get spotted by Gossip Girl. But for one of the best cheap lunch deals, especially in this pricey neighborhood, it's worth a visit. It was pleasantly spicy to me, but if you're at all sensitive to spice or chilis (see that long dried chili in the center of the soup?), definitely don't order it.
Do note there's plenty of bamboo shoots in this, so if you're not keen on bamboo, choose another dish. The food is spunky, bold, the space is modern minus any cultural references – yes, there are no red lanterns. Partnering with Marc Forgione, an Iron Chef and seasoned restauranteur, have created the space that is warm and dishes with the flavor combinations of sweet and salty with a meat-centric menu. Anything goes. You sit in a stool that is about 20 inches tall and the food is bold, along with all the regular izakaya fare. Each day brings out different characters to this joint, but what’s standard here is the ramen, and that is pretty top-notch. We serve only top quality authentic Thai cuisine, using the freshest and best ingredients possible.
It sits atop the local Silom Thai market and has served up traditional Thai cuisine along with vibrant music for years. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the quaint streets, take a stroll through Central Park, do some window shopping on Madison Avenue and then dine at one of the restaurants listed above. I'd advise starting with the Tom Yum, and for main dishes, not ordering the noodle dishes, and focusing on the curries and the specials at the bottom of the menu.
Tucked in a quiet street in Nolita, in a basement shop, decor filled with nostalgic knick knacks of Thailand life, Uncle Boons deserves all the hype it gets. Our menu consists of a wide variety of tea, coffees, and unique Thai desserts that are hard to find anywhere else. The usual wait is about an hour, you know the drill, put your name and walk around or grab a drink or two at nearby Mother’s Ruin.
You can spot the restaurant with the hordes of people waiting at the entrance enjoying a free Cotton Candy. Tofu soups with the characteristic savory meatiness known as xian wei (??), without fattiness or cloudiness.

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