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Biologische val gemaakt om groenten, fruit en planten te beschermen voor de aanval van slakken.
I had been promoting the idea of people growing their own food as one angle to help curb obesity, and explained that I felt that most people could at least participate in some form of urban gardening, whether it was one small pot on a windowsill, joining a community garden, or turning your balcony into a small garden. She insisted that it couldn’t be done in New York, that there were too many problems.
I tried showing her blogs about people successfully growing produce on rooftops right there in New York City.

I remembered that discussion when I came across a story describing Rooftop Farms, a 6000 sq foot rooftop farm that produces organic vegetables. It includes preferred delivery times, driving instructions to the pantry as well as (in many cases) information about store bought items also needed by the pantry (for after the growing season).
The Salina in Vila do Maio and the surrounding sand dunes and semi-desert areas are the home to many birds including migratory shorebirds and wading birds. As a result of extensive tree planting since 1975, there are forests of acacia on Maio, which are some of the largest forested areas in Cape Verde.

In Maio Island protected are the Terras Salgadas a€“ Natural Reserve, the majority of the photographs were taken in this location.
How could it possibly be too polluted to grow edible plants under any condition but perfectly safe for people to live there?

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