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Named after the nearby university of the same name, Shida (??) is actually an abbreviated form of the Chinese words for a teachers college. Almost every night market in Taiwan originally sprang up around either a temple or university to fulfill the needs of the large crowds that tend to gather in those areas. Whether you are into high-end designer brands or local corner shop promotions, there is something for everyone. Thus, this night market and accompanying street, Shida Road, have become the primary eating and shopping area for the students of Shida.
However, the prospect of lugging your spoils to the airport on public transportation doesn’t sound all that appealing to you.

You need a reliable airport transfer, and roundTAIWANround will transport you in absolute comfort through Taipei’s streets to the airport. You won't find any games or rides here, rather, the highlight of the experience is the plethora of trendy, inexpensive shopping choices. For those with an affinity for fashion, a visit to Shida Night Market (????) is one of the best places in the country to get a peak at the latest style trends shaping Taiwan. Luwei is a mixture of vegetables and noodles chosen by the customer which is quickly stewed in a fragrant boiling soup, then shared among friends. Admittedly, food choices used to be even more numerous before a government crackdown forcefully closed any operations located on a street less than six meters wide, and some say that Shida has lost some of its charm since the crackdown.

But we don’t mind the relatively limited choice of food, especially because wonderful nearby restaurants such as Out of India (????) and KGB Kiwi Gourmet Burgers (???????) can easily satisfy any post-shopping munchies.

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