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Now personally, I still use specific supplements based in accordance with my blood chemistry results, I only eat certified organic protein and produce…and have now finally found a Real food supplement to take with me when I travel or am unable to get to a scheduled meal. One of my students and Elite USP Certified Coaches Matty Plant answered the call with the development of lite and healthy superfood which basically in a nutshell combines all certified natural superfood ingredients designed to improve health and performance! Lite and Healthy Superfood provides great tasting REAL High Quality Nutrients from real food-free from chemically synthesized nutrients and artificial colours and flavours which makes it the perfect pre or post workout shake or meal replacement for those short on time! I’ve asked Matty to write an article about the benefits of superfoods and how the superfood formula he has devised can accelerate your progress and results in all aspects of health and performance! I have been working in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years and have competed and won various body building competitions.  During these years I have been involved with various sports supplements and health products. Taking Lite and Healthy Superfoods enables a healthier, happier and clearer mind enhancing body and mind connection.
To perform at your highest potential it is essential that not only the body is at its physical peak; we must also be aware that the mind plays an integral part in your performance base. Superfoods have an important role in promoting a healthy and functional mind as they are 100% natural and clean, free from artificial additives, synthetic fillers, and chemically synthesised ingredients. With clarity comes the ability to connect with the higher self in order to achieve desired goals; becoming stronger and more powerful and assisting the decision making process in order to win on all levels. Now you can get a Multi Vitamin, essential fats, protein, fibre and antioxidant’s all in one 100% natural product. It gives me great pleasure that I can bring not only performance and recovery but good nutrition, health and longevity to athletes and working gym goers. Lite and Healthy is a super-food health company dedicated towards Global awareness for health and well-being. Health benefits: Although eggs have been criticised for their high cholesterol content and for contributing to high cholesterol blood levels, the many health benefits of this food – if eaten correctly – outweigh the bad reputation it has acquired. Health benefits: Broccoli contains a considerable amount of nutrients that are very beneficial for health.
How to eat it: In order to get the most benefit from this super-food, the fresher and less preparation the better.
Health benefits: Flaxseeds, or linseeds, are rich in micronutrients and fibre as well as being a good source of the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic-acid (ALA). How to eat it: Sprinkle a tablespoon of flaxseed or ground flaxseed over wholegrain breakfast cereal, porridge or a smoothie, or add to a small tub of low-fat plain yogurt with fruit salad as a wholesome snack. Health benefits: Avocado pear is a good source of mono-unsaturated fat, which has been shown to lower your risk of heart disease.
How to eat: Slice avocado pear into a salad or onto a slice of health bread with low-fat cottage cheese, tomato and salad greens for a healthy lunch.
Health benefits: Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel or sardines are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids as well as plenty of lean protein. How to eat it: Try to eat oily fish at least three times per week, making sure that it comes from a reputable source and is always fresh.
Health benefits: A banana is an easy takeaway food that is rich in nutrients and beneficial in many ways. How to eat it: Eat as a snack on its own, or slice up and add to wholegrain cereal or plain low-fat yogurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon for breakfast.
Health benefits: Depending on the type of herbal tea of choice, there are different health benefits, from having a calming or energising effect to decreasing feelings of nausea. How to drink it: Choose a variety of different types of herbal teas for different flavours and health benefits, and try to avoid any caffeinated varieties. Health benefits: Cabbage is a great source of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce free radicals in your body – one of the fundamental causes of premature aging.
How to eat it: Eat cabbage in a slaw with grated carrots, mango or green apple and dried cranberries or raisins, but avoid mayonnaise. How to eat it: Add a mix of fresh berries to plain low-fat yogurt as a snack or healthy low-fat dessert.
Health benefits: Quinoa is a grain that is similar in texture to couscous, and as a crop it is sustainable to grow. How to eat it: Quinoa can be prepared in much the same way as rice or couscous, and substituted as such.
Helen de Beer is the dietician for DNAlysis Biotechnology. Helen is passionate about achieving optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle, and helping her clients achieve their lifestyle and weight goals. Nature has a way of putting the best things for us humble humans in the natural foods it creates.
Dandelion: this common weed can be eaten from flower to root, it's lovely in salads or herbal pesto, you can make coffee from it's roots. Chia seeds are a good souce of omega-3 fatty acids, it's high in energy and lowers blood sugar levels.

Sesame seeds have one of the highest oil content of any seed, its oil has the highest antioxidant value of any oil. Turmeric: This is truly a little miracle, traditionally used in curry mixes, turmeric on its own gives a nice yellow color to your dishes. Green tea: Green tea is a great antioxidant, it slows early aging symptoms and even inhibits the growth of cancer. To me, the nicest way to use super foods is to use them as foods, instead of supplements, because it can get quite tedious to take a whole set of pills at every meal. Another good tip is to buy in bulk, as you will be consuming them on a daily basis for the whole family, this will also cut the tab a little. Now you've spent some money on these lovely nutritional bombs (or you spent he afternoon harvesting them in your back yard), best use them too! Adding your superfood to a smoothy: oils and powders can easily be added to delicious smoothies.
Broth: adding roots, herbs and seeds to your broth will give you a magnificently healing broth.
When children become upset - no matter the reason - it seems as if all polite adult behavior goes out the door.
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Neck Pain – Prevention Easy than Cure By Qurat ul Ain Majority of people today are suffering from neck pain.
Back Pain – Hazardous if Ignored By Qurat ul Ain People even in the current century try to be the doctors of their own. Minimize the Damage from Heat Stroke By Syed Saqib Summer is in full swing in many parts of the world. Nails – Important for being Healthy By Syed Saqib Health condition can be effortlessly detected by the condition of an entity’s nails. These amazing foods have been around a while, and may be forgotten in the rush to try the new great things in super foods.
Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Wholefoods and Superfood Powders provide certainty that you are receiving the essential and required nutrients for a healthy body, mind and spirit balance. Using natural products free from toxins decreases the pressure put on the bodies eliminating system and lessens stress which can have a negative effect on the mind.
Lite & Healthy’s vision represents a change for a healthier, better and fuller life in our world and society.
Eggs are actually relatively low in calories and are a great source protein and essential amino acids, vitamin D (which helps to prevent osteoporosis as well as cancer and heart disease), vitamin B12 (keeping nerves and red blood cells healthy), selenium (a powerful antioxidant) and choline (essential in building healthy cell membranes). Eat a poached or boiled egg on a slice of health toast for breakfast for an energetic start to the day, or a vegetable frittata for a tasty, nutritious dinner. Lightly steam broccoli and serve in a garden salad with slivered almonds and citrus segments or with a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.
ALA plays a role in decreasing inflammation in the body and fibre contributes toward a healthy gastro-intestinal tract, treating constipation and maintaining blood sugar levels.
Avocado is also rich in a variety of carotenoids (usually thought of only being present in carrots or tomato). Mash up an avocado, add a pinch of salt and pepper and use as a spread instead of margarine or butter, or as a dip for vegetable crudites. Benefits include improved mental function, decreased risk of heart disease and many types of cancers, as well as boosting infant sensory, cognitive and motor development. The methods and recipes for preparing fish are endless, from sushi to salad as a light lunch or as a main meal. Since they are easy to digest, bananas are a great fuel-source before exercise and, being a good source of potassium and magnesium, help to prevent muscle cramps.
Bananas are also a great ingredient to add to smoothies or as an accompaniment to a spicy lentil curry.
Herbal teas are generally very high in antioxidants, thus helping decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer with increased consumption.
Cabbage also has anti-inflammatory properties and contains a large variety of phytonutrients, which have been shown to reduce risk of cancers. Besides their high content of anti-oxidants – helping to prevent cancer – they also contain flavonoids, which may help to counter the build-up of plaque in blood vessels and improve cardiovascular health. It is high in protein with nine essential amino acids, high in dietary fibre, and low in fat.

It is delicious added to a herb salad with beetroot, citrus segments and a little goat’s cheese, or mix roasted vegetables and quinoa for a very satisfying lunch. Generally speaking, weeds, nuts, seeds and berries are the most nutrient dense foods one can find, so it's only smart to add them to our daily regimen. It has so many health benefits and is a natural medicine on its own, among other things, it relieves throat ache and it heals burn wounds. Moreover, the quality of your super food is often a lot better in it's original form then when you get it in pills. You don't need much to create a lovely smoothy: a banana and a cup of coconut oil can do the trick, but there are lots and lots of flavors and textures to experiment with.
This is another great mix to have on your table, it can act as a ready made dressing for any salad, or a quick flavory bread spread.
Playing games, writing blogs on technology, health niches and personal life are most favorite hobbies.
These selections are readily available, have many recipes easy to find, are affordable, and delicious. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship.
Since working in the sports supplement industry I have found that to get the most out of your training and to look and feel at your very best a solid nutrition foundation is required. The Chia seeds in particular were so valuable to them that they even used the seed as a form of currency. So now you can save money and be healthier and more conscious in your approach to health and nutrition. We are committed to donating Lite and Healthy Superfoods to the world’s less fortunate kids to give them the opportunity to have healthier and happier bodies and minds.
Studies have shown that eating broccoli contributes to the prevention of cancer, maintaining a healthy nervous system and strong bones, and reducing cholesterol. Flaxseed is also a good source of lignans, which are one of the major classes of phytoestrogens (oestrogen-like chemical compounds with antioxidant qualities) that are able to scavenge free radicals. Both carotenoids and phytosterols, another kind of fat found in avocado, are beneficial because of their powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
Grill, bake or steam fish with fresh herbs and lemon juice for lunch or dinner, or eat sardines on health toast for breakfast. Bananas also help to contribute to a good mood and may help in treating depression as they are rich in tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin – the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter.
Herbal teas also contain polyphenols, which have antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities, and modulate detoxification enzymes as well as stimulate immune function. Prepare iced tea in advance to sip at your desk using your favourite tea variety and add a drop of apple juice for sweetness, or mint leaves and lemon slices for a refreshing summer beverage. Consuming berries may also help to prevent urinary tract infections, because they contain substances that inhibit bacteria from binding to bladder tissue. The grain is also gluten free and has a low glycaemic index, helping to maintain constant blood sugar levels.
Turmeric is a cure for inflammation, The more turmeric is researched, the more we find results of its virtues.
The berry's high nutrient value and antioxidant qualities have made it come to Western attention in recent years.
Start out with a little bit of your superfood, because some (like spirulina or chlorella) have a very overpowering flavor. And have a pot of your mixture  close to your cooker too, so you can ameliorate your omelets and stir-fries.
Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.
I have formulated Lite and Healthy with the help of naturopaths to ensure that consumers are receiving all the macronutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants from 100% plant based Superfoods. This high potency energy source would fuel a warrior for extended periods of time up to and exceeding 24 hours. Research suggests that this super-food may help to decrease risk of heart disease, cancers and diabetes. It's also a good idea to use same colored fruits when you're using brightly colored additives.
Right now, I have a sprinkler with chia seeds, sesame seeds, nettle, dandelion leaf, thyme, turmeric and oregano sitting on my table.

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