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Incorporating antioxidant and vitamin-rich powerhouses such as acai, chia, ginger, and kale, these drinks cleanse, energize and rejuvenate with every sip. I went to college initially to study design and advertising, but began to develop many of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome at the age of 20 due to a stress-filled lifestyle. Honestly my inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere – from a special ingredient I find at the farmer’s market, to a beautiful photo in a magazine, to an exceptional dish at a restaurant, to a conversation with a friend. If you could pick one superfoods recipe to make for the rest of your life, what would it be? From fitness to food to really anything at all, I really try to seek out and practice only things that I really love doing. When life gets too hectic, being in nature is one of the most effective ways for me to mellow out and slow down. Serve an innocent mango for dessert and when you slice it open see the look of wonder on your guests' face !!
Not only does Superfood superhero chef Julie Morris make a delicious acai cacao truffle, she also knows her way around a juicer too. This violet-colored “milk” is a blissful, liquid luxury of antioxidant goodness matched with beautiful berry sweetness, and it makes a particularly special light dessert. Transfer the fresh blueberry juice from step #1 to a blender and add the water, hemp seeds, maqui berry powder, vanilla, and cinnamon.
This juice gets everything in: roots, fruits, greens from the earth, and greens from the water. In a shaker cup or blender, combine the juice with the protein powder, wheatgrass powder, and nutmeg. Julie Morris is a Los Angeles-based natural food chef, superfood expert, and bestselling author. We are experiencing some nasty weather in Queensland, and it feels like Summer is truly wishing us well and leaving us for good. Julie Morris, author of the bestselling Superfood Smoothies, serves up a fresh, ultra-healthy take on juicing with 100 flavorful recipes.
Learn countless secrets that will take your juicing to the next level with more healthy benefits and delicious rewards.
An active advocate for whole, plant-based foods and superfoods for optimal health, Julie has worked within the natural food industry for close to a decade as both a recipe developer and writer.

She is the Executive Chef at Navitas Naturals, a superfood expert, and the bestselling author of 3 books: Superfood Smoothies, Superfood Juices and Superfood Kitchen.
Usually all I need is a starting point – such as, muffins with fresh herbs – to get the creative juices flowing.
But it would probably be my recipe for superfood chocolate, only because I simply adore chocolate, and making it from raw cacao and smart sweeteners is rewarding in every way. Healthy diet and exercise are absolutely paramount to looking vibrant – a happy body usually means happy skin!
For example, I’m not a natural athlete in the least, and hated most sports growing up, but I found that I loved distance running when I was 17 and have been a dedicated runner ever since.
Once you do, I promise to share in your enthusiasm for Carrot Ginger Ice Cream and pretend you never raised an eyebrow. Pour the fresh-pressed juice into a blender and add the cashews, hemp seeds, maple syrup, vanilla, and guar gum. You can also use ? cup store-bought berry juice of any variety, or use 2 cups strawberries and juice them fresh, in place of the frozen blueberries. It’s nice to take a moment to soak in the beauty of these well-balanced and slightly sweet ingredients before you juice them . Combine it with your favorite vanilla-flavored, plant-based protein powder and create a quick shake that’s so delicious and energizing, you may just find yourself with a new healthy craving on your hands. These proteins are easy to digest, are hypo-allergenic (with the exception of soy), promote better pH balance, and help speed recovery and cellular repair through their inherent anti-inflammatory qualities.
She has worked in the natural food industry for close to a decade as a recipe developer, culinary writer, cooking show host, speaker, and active advocate for whole, plant-based foods and superfoods for optimal health. Regardless of the rain and turbulent winds, we want to embrace the end of Summer by blending up some fresh, homemade watermelon juice. Satisfy your sweet tooth without wasting this mornings workout, or ending the day with a sugar crash! She has worked in the natural food industry for a decade as a recipe developer, writer, and speaker.
Externally, I do like to use a toner and moisturizer morning and night, and since I go running at the beach everyday, sun protection is a must. Ironically, most people would describe me as “athletic” – but it’s only because I’ve found, through trial and error, activities that I enjoy doing so much that they never seem like a chore.

Fortunately for us she has featured a few right here on our blog; Cheesy Kale Crisps, Mango Chili Smoothie, No Bake Brownies and 5 Tips to Grocery Shop like a Pro.
Incorporating antioxidant- and vitamin-rich powerhouses such as acai, chia, ginger, and kale, these drinks cleanse, energize, and rejuvenate with every sip.
Her mission is simply to share recipes and nutrition tips that make a vibrantly healthy lifestyle both easy to achieve and simply delicious to follow.
Let yourself indulge in this deceivingly sweet treats without having to add extra into your workouts! Julie is an active advocate for whole, plant-based foods and superfoods for optimal health. I decided to switch gears and jump into the natural food industry to learn more about superfoods and nutrition, and help promote what I believe to be a fundamental element of everyday health. Few things are more rewarding than being able to share something with another person that you know will make a healthy, positive life impact.
It’s all about how to make truly the best-ever juices at home that are balanced in both flavor and benefits, through the use of superfoods.
We love having her at Murad events where she whips up super smoothie magic in her trusty blender. My first job was as a store clerk at a very small vitamin store, and I worked my way up from there to eventually become a natural food chef. With over 100 unique recipes and a full guide to juicing, I know this book can help many people reap the delicious, energizing, glow-inducing rewards of homemade fresh juice. Same goes with food… which is one of the reasons why I stress the culinary aspect of healthy living so much, because it’s just so important to ENJOY. And of course, for those who are looking for further ways to enhance their lifestyle via the use of superfoods, my previous books Superfood Smoothies, as well as Superfood Kitchen, are also wonderful additions. If we enjoy something, we’ll fold it into our daily schedule, and with time it will simply become a positive habit that we don’t even think twice about doing.

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