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Sunrise Natural Foods is a wholesale distributor of quality nuts, dried fruits, seeds, spices, party mixes, snacks, bakery supplies and more.
Cooks's Tip- Add a small piece of kombu when cooking beans to harmonize and enhance flavors.
We are honored that Sunrise Natural Foods has chosen to add belicious™ to their diverse inventory of natural, organic products designed to support good health. Belicious™ savory whole food blends are made from fresh, 100% organic, WHOLE produce and grains selected for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Anyone who is trying to eat healthier and supplements would stay at this store for hours browsing the huge selections.
Our blends are vegan and free of dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, GMOs and all artificial flavorings and sweeteners. There's also lots of bulk ingredients and natural beauty products like the handmade soaps which smell heavenly. All this goodness is conveniently packaged in a shelf-stable pouch to help you provide your body with pure nutrition anytime, anywhere.

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