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In this story we go to Oakland where we spoke with seniors experiencing the benefits of regular Tai Chi practice. This story is about in-home care but, more than that, it’s about the strong bond and love between two women: a senior and her caregiver. Kerry Rodgers, co-founder of Give a Day Global, gives an inspiring testimony about the power of giving and the reason why she founded the organization. Geovana Perea, a peruvian woman who lives in California, felt that painting help her tremendously to deal with stress. This piece, produced for the Ecuadorian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, contains XIX century documents and photographs.
In this story,a mother of three, Alejandra Escobedo, was trapped in an abusive relationship.
Historias con sabor a sueno (Dream-Flavored Stories) is the name of Veronica’s first book, published by Letramia in Quito, Ecuador in 2001. In this piece we go to a music therapy class where the participants are seniors with dementia. As satisfying as building a garden is, the ever changing picture of a good planting scheme will bring the hard-landscaping elements of your garden to life.
Your garden planted it is now time for you to watch it grow and mature whilst providing the Maintenance it requires to develop. Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Seedlings at Sunnyside Organic Seedlings, an example of the kind of small, organic business that organizers of the summit are hoping to promote.
Organic and sustainable aren't terms often associated with Richmond, home to a Chevron refinery and a General Chemical plant. To that end, the summit featured panelists who could share their experiences with urban agriculture models and challenges to local urban farming. Vice-Mayor Tom Butt assures Richmond citizens that there are no legal obstacles to urban farming in the city. Urban Tilth serves more than a thousand people each year in this city of about 100,000 residents, but Robinson hopes to see that number grow.
Richmond officials are looking at ways to make that possible, thanks to a new Community Health and Wellness element added to the city's general plan.

Over the past few months, Ly and other staff members have been working on an urban agriculture assessment that will provide policymakers with data about existing programs and future possibilities. Lina Velasco, from the city planning department, said the document could positively impact organizations like Urban Tilth.
Erica Reder is a freelance journalist and native San Franciscan, though not always in that order. This Saturday, we had a full greenhouse at the West County Urban Agriculture Summit despite the rain and cold. This was the first event of its kind in Richmond and in West Contra Costa County, the result of collaboration between the City, County, Sunnyside Organic Seedlings, and various community organizations. The event’s keynote speaker, LaDonna Redmond, longtime community activist and policy associate at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, spoke about her decision to grow food to feed her son and about why farmers must be engaged in the development of policy.
Panelists from Sunnyside Organic Seedlings, Urban Tilth, ECOVillage Farm, Communities United Restoring Mother Earth (CURME), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE), and City Slicker Farms talked about the social, environmental, and economic benefits of urban agriculture and urban agriculture models.
Panelists from the City of Richmond, Contra Costa County, Richmond Community Foundation, and Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust (BALT) spoke about what local governments can do to support urban agriculture.
Breakout sessions addressed promoting urban agriculture in schools, parks, and public places, business and job opportunities in urban agriculture, and promoting prospects for urban agriculture at the City of Richmond’s Miraflores development site.
We hope that you left the Summit feeling inspired by the speakers and fellow attendees, and that you took back with you ideas about how to grow urban agriculture in your community. Pilar Reber, Rick Wesson, Chef Tim Hammack, Chef Odelle, Luz Gomez, Erica McFadden, Trina Jackson, Shasa Curl, Jennifer Ly, Natalia Lawrence, Kenji Warren, Monty Ousley, Neil, Leonard, Brooke, David Gray, Christine Sanok, Monica Lemos, John Larsen, Cynthia Harvey, Carl Johnson, and any other contributors we missed.
City of Richmond, Contra Costa County, CURME, Bay Area Rescue Mission, Comcast, East Bay Regional Park District, Holland and Knight, Kandi’s Cakes, Republic Services, Richmond Sanitary Service, RES Success, Richmond Community Foundation, Sunnyside Organic Seedlings, Sunrise Bistro, Urban Farm Store, Verde Garden, and West County Landfill.
It’s no secret that women are the most rapidly growing segment of the nation’s changing demographics in farming. Read on as Kari tells us why we need more women in the food and farming world, what obstacles they may face, and why support networks and community are so vitally important!
And, just today: We launched our New Women in Agriculture Toolkit with resources on the growth of US women famers, women farmer networks, funding opportunities and more.
ContactIf you'd like to be a guest blogger or have an idea for an interesting topic, get in touch. 4Wheatgrass helps in throwing the toxins from the body and helps in boosting the cell regeneration.

By clicking "Send" you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice and agree to receive newsletters and promo offers from us. Plants link the garden to the environment allowing you to borrow aspects of the surrounding landscape and bring them into your garden.
But those were two of the most frequently heard words on Saturday, at the first-ever West Contra Costa County Urban Agriculture Summit in North Richmond. He cited access to healthy food, environmental stewardship, and job opportunities as motivation.
Maybe you’ve checked out the great resources in our brand new Women in Agriculture Toolkit, but if you want to see these stats in person, look no further than the Yolo Farmers Guild! Paralleling this upward trend, the number of women-focused agriculture networks, funding opportunities, and technical assistance training also continues to climb. Kari spoke about the need for better policy-making to build a more democratized food system, and the important role that women farmers play in the future of agriculture. Good planting will emphasize the seasons, provide focal points, create rhythm, produce movement and invite insects, birds and other wildlife in.
Despite pouring rain, nearly 100 people gathered at Sunnyside Organic Seedlings to exchange ideas about bringing new models of food-growing to the area. The driving force behind the latest addition to the Guild Network is a feisty group of female farmers and allies that have taken the reigns and gotten the Guild up and running.
Women farmers are [finally] being recognized for their contribution to agriculture, not only as farmers’ wives, but as farm owners and operators themselves! No matter how long it takes to build the hard-landscaping elements of your garden, it won’t feel like a garden until you have plants in it.
In case you are using mortal and pestle, first chop the leaves and while adding little water at a time, grind it into a fine paste.
We are in Milfoil Road, Pretoria.We also make arrangements, should you want to visit on weekends and after hours.

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