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Hygiene stations significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination and food poisoning in the food industry. Food poisoning was the cause of approximately 5,000 deaths and 76 million illnesses in 2012 according to StatisticBrain. Industrial hygiene stations are the best way to prevent cross-contamination when paired with an HACCP system. When a worker decides to move from one designated area to another, he just simply walks onto a hygiene station and uses the built-in hand sanitizing system to dispense soap and water onto his hands.
English translation of the monthly report "Retail prices of major products in Tokyo" published by Tokyo Metropolitan government can be downloaded also. In terms of the cost of living information, you can download the Excel price list of goods I posted. Food Safety Focus (45th Issue, April 2010) a€“ Incident in Focus Food Poisoning Outbreaks Related to Food Premises and Food Business in Hong Kong Reported by Dr.
Diffuse outbreaks occurring in many prefectures have been 1) Salmonella food poisoning (1,634 cases, mainly children) due to semidried squid snacks distributed in the whole country (IASR 21: 162-163, 2000), 2) S. 2) Enterobacter sakazakii : In other countries, 73 incidents of infection of infants involving 27 deaths due to powdered infant formula (PIF) were reported, and there was an incident that highly contaminated PIF was withdrawn (see p. Food hygiene systems that use color-coding such as HACCP are excellent tools, but they can’t be completely relied upon.

Meats, dairy products, and eggs have the highest chances of contamination.That’s why it’s imperative to have outstanding hygiene systems in place. Not only will a large contamination cost a company an initial loss, but news coverage will provoke many consumers to boycott a specific brand for a very long time.
Hygiene stations set up between transition zones and changing rooms have proven to be extremely effective. Multi-entrance hygiene stations are capable of allowing large numbers of employees to pass through with ease. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Perfect hygiene must be accomplished by food handling industries due to each product having strict handling procedures. The most popular designs for hygiene stations are: the walk-through design, sole cleaning, and sole + vertical boot cleaners. The mixture of soap and water dispensed by the hand sanitizing system is easily adjusted for different uses. To protect public health, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD), in collaboration with the Department of Health (DH), offers timely and effective management to suspected food poisoning outbreaks related to food premises. Paratyphi A, the physician must notify as the case of the category III infectious disease in compliance with the Infectious Diseases Control Law.

224-228 of this issue), and ensuring investigation and laboratory examination systems for identification of etiological agents are desired. This article reviews food poisoning outbreaks related to food premises and food business in Hong Kong following the setting up of the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) in 2006 and introduces the food safety work to prevent food poisoning by the FEHD. Food Poisoning Outbreaks Related to Local Food Premises and Food Business From 2006 to 2009, the CFS received referral from the DH of 2 186 food premises and food business related food poisoning outbreaks reported and totally 8 283 persons were affected.
These include health education and enforcement actions ranging from verbal warnings, summon actions to closure of the incriminated food premises in case of large scale or serious food poisoning outbreak. The CFS has also launched the a€?Five Keys to Food Safetya€? Campaign to address the common contributing factors of food poisoning.
The HKSAR Government has been taking prompt management and control measures to prevent and control food poisoning outbreaks.
The trade and public are advised to follow five keys for food safety to address the common contributory factors of food poisoning.

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