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It’s easy to start an herb garden right in your kitchen, and  we have several varieties of potted culinary herbs available. Leave us your email to receive occasional updates about store specials, seasonal items and events you don't want to miss. When the ice caps first began to melt here in Michigan a couple of months ago, I compiled some garden resources in anticipation of planting season. Meanwhile, we urban homestead with kefir culturing on our countertop, clothes hanging to dry in the living room, and new pots crowding our second-story balcony! Since this is the first garden either of us have planted in a long time, we relied heavily on Jami’s eBook Apartment Gardening to walk us through the process. Apartment Gardening‘s chapters on herbs convinced us that this was the route we wanted to take with our first garden. One of the reasons we’re planting a garden is that we want non-GMO, pesticide-free produce. We planted our seedlings after the last frost, filling the pots with a mixture of 80% potting soil and 20% pearlite.

I have some herbs in my tiny balcony too and now consider trying cherry tomatoes this summer. You can successfully grow many herbs from seed, however it may take several months before you can harvest them. It’s still a bit early to plant many of the varieties outside, but you can get them started on your windowsill. Jami’s book is a GREAT resource for everything from choosing seeds to harvesting and preserving your crop. We filled the pots to within about an inch of the top, as some of the soil will drain out over time.
Some day we’d love to own a little piece of land where we can plant an orchard and a full vegetable garden. The book includes chapters on composting,  organic gardening, and maintaining and caring for your plants. In addition, you can move them indoors during the colder months and continue to enjoy them year-round.

We couldn’t find organic potting soil at Meijer or Lowes, but members of our local WAPF chapter recommended checking a hydroponics store.
As our plants grow (particularly the intrepid kale), we will need to upgrade to larger pots. Our herbs LOVE the nutrient-dense soil, though, and we love being able to harvest them right away. I love that the revised second edition also comes with free garden printables for keeping track of your goals and harvest.

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