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How to start a garden without having to dig out grass and weeds.Transform your lawn into a flower garden in 8 weeks without digging.
Yes there is an easier way of starting a garden without the heavy manual labour required to clear out the grass and weeds. Even if you do dig up all the grass and weeds there is always a bit of grass that stays behind and grows again and the weed problem starts all over again. Gather your materials starting with a supply of newspaper, enough to cover the entire garden area you wish to plant with a layer six sheets thick. It 's now time for nature to take its course and to provide you with a ready to plant garden bed. Nature needs about a month for the earthworms and other organisms in the soil and compost to begin decomposing the various organic items.
In its first year the garden is suitable for perennial plants and tubers such as potatoes which can be planted through the mulch. As the mulch and compost breaks down over time the beds will become easier to plant with seeds. When you start planting your plugs(small plants) use a small spade and dig holes of about three inches deep to receive your plants. If you are in an area where frost occurs either wait until the weather starts to warm before planting or cover the plants with newspaper at night to protect them from the cold.
Gardening like most other things is easy if you know the tricks and are prepared to put in the hours. Note: The Times Union is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members.
Gardeners are buying seed packets for the plants they’ll want to grow once planting season actually arrives.
The only time it’s necessary to start your own is when you want a particular variety that you’ve never seen available at any of the local garden centers. Don’t trust Burpee’s “last frost date” or “direct sowing” information…amazingly it is incorrect!
The average last frost date for the Albany Airport is listed by The Farmers Almanac as May 2th. The next step is to use a calendar to combine the information on the seed packs and come up with a logical schedule for starting seeds indoors. Then mark the week previous to ‘Planting Week’ “1 week BP” meaning ‘one week before planting’. Now look at the information on the seed packs to see how many “weeks before planting” we need to get the seeds started indoors. The 8-10 weeks needed to start eggplant means we’ll want to sow the seeds indoors during the first week of March. Some plants, like geraniums for instance, need a long time (10 -13 weeks) to reach the size we want for planting. TK is a Certified Financial Planner with over 15 years of experience in the banking industry. Whether you have 50 or 500 square feet of area that you would like to plant with flowers, the process should be fun and enjoyable. Pouring over pictures of English gardens, their classic beauty is always a welcome sight, or delving into dreams of sophisticated Japanese gardens that inspire zen.
Once you have an idea of which direction you want to take your masterpiece, grab a piece of graph paper and some colored pencils and map it out. There are two ways to go about actually getting the flowers for your garden, and they don’t have to exclude one another. Identify what type of soil, sun, and water each plant likes before sentencing the sunflowers to their doom in that shady spot behind the garage. A small, well-tended garden can produce as much or more than a large, poorly tended garden. We have printable calendars to help you plan your seed sowing in the article, “When Should I Start My Seeds? You can view my seed starting setup in Seed starting for Biodiversity, Seed Starting Setup, and view more detailed information on tomato transplants in Grow Tomatoes from Seed – Save Money, Get More Varieties. For more detailed information on controlling everything from slugs to rabbits, check out Natural Pest Control in the Garden.

A rule of thumb for sunlight is that most fruits and vegetables need at least 5 hours of sunlight to produce a good crop.
Weeds are often my garden companions and allies, not simply something to be removed as a nuisance.
Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission to support the site at no extra cost to you. That reminds me, I seriously need to make some venison jerky, as I, too, was blessed with meat from hunting friends, but thankfully not knee surgery. After growing up in a family that gardened, your post hit all the top points on starting a garden!
In our new home a few years ago we decided we were going to go big and year after year we are adding more and more to our garden. In my opinion most people (including us) spend way more than they need on gardening supplies and then are disappointed at the results their first couple of years. We are expanding our gardens over time as to lessen the impact on our wallets and allow us time to develop good soil as we expand. We started saving any containers with clear plastic lids last year and have saved up quite a few of them by now (probably more than we need!) These make the perfect tiny greenhouse seed starting containers. The next thing you need to get your seeds started is soil, there are a lot of different ideas with what works best here but again I just use what I have to get going.
Seeds are pretty easy to come by and don't be fooled by expiration dates on those seed packages.
One of the luxuries of modern life is the refrigerator, that appliance that keeps our perishable food fresh and lasting longer. When it comes to storing fruits and vegetables, most people resort to the use of refrigerators. Another popular method for storing produce without a refrigerator is to dig a large hole in the ground and placing the fruits and veggies in some kind of container. Still, many people prefer to store their vegetables and fruits through the process of canning. Well just like any grown adult who longs for something from her childhood I called my dad for comfort and advice.  It turns out there are actually quite a few vegetables that can be grown in a pot.
If you have four feet of flower bed space against the garden shed, you probably only have room for four clumps of giant pink zinnias there. If it’s still winter and you have plenty of time before actually applying the glorious colors to your canvas, you may want to save some money and grow the flowers from seed.
A warm greenhouse nursery on a cold spring day is so tempting and really quite handy when your poppy seeds have once again failed to sprout. If you have a wet, slow-draining spot in your yard, like I do, check to see if any of the plants you’ve chosen like a boggy marsh. Leafy greens and root vegetables may be able to get by with less sun, especially in warmer climates. But we aren't huge fans of spending $10 in supplies to get $5 worth of vegetables, anyone else feel like that when you are starting out?
It does take time to get the soil just right, it takes time to learn what works best and when to plant and harvest.
We have also learned that while we are not going to win any awards for the prettiest seed starting operation you can get started with little to no money invested at all. Instead of buying a heating pad and seed starting trays just use the things you already have. Follow along for more tips and tricks this coming spring and summer and lets all try to feed our families a little more from our garden each year.
If you are living without a refrigerator, however, there are things you can do when buying and storing produce to make them last as long as possible. Canning is the method by which food is processed and then sealed in airtight containers so it can last for longer periods of time.
I particularly enjoy heading over to the local library or bookstore and pulling up a chair in the gardening aisle.
You can sketch out your home and other structures on site and then draw the layout of your flower garden around them. The variety of colors and textures, heights and habits of the flowers in seed catalogs today is absolutely mind-boggling.

Be aware of the quirks in your canvas before you plant and you’ll save yourself a headache later on!
Get ready to enjoy some of the best tasting fruits, vegetables and herbs you’ve even eaten from your own family garden.
Get to know your weeds (and your bugs), and put them to work for you instead of against you.
Yes, over time you get things that you can use over and over each year thus making it more and more worth while. Gardening is not something that you can just go out and throw some seeds in the ground and have an awesome garden your first year. Germination rates might be lower after a few years but I wouldn't worry too much about that. If you live off the grid or want to practice more sustainable habits, refrigerators are not absolutely necessary.
When using a cellar, it is important to remember that only certain types of root vegetables and fruits are ideal for storing in a root cellar.
In this method, the ground acts as the ideal environment because healthy soils provide the same sort of conditions the vegetables were grown in.
It relieves my stress (although a dead rose bush can send me into a whirlwind), and it’s a great workout too! Be sure to observe if the site you want to use gets full or partial sun or mostly shade, as that will drastically change the types of flowers and foliage you can plant in your beds. Shopping for the seeds is one of my favorite things to do in late winter and watching the tiny seeds grow is something no person should miss out on. We started at the store buying seeds and dirt and all of the things we thought we would need and spent about $100.
This year in fact most of our seeds were already popping through the soil in the first 48 hours.
I sifted through and got out any large pieces (leafs, sticks, etc.) and then filled my containers. Actually, refrigerators can be detrimental in some cases, especially when you grow most of the food that you and your family consume.
When you select your fruits and vegetables, you will want to pick the freshest ones in order to get the maximum shelf.
These include things like potatoes, yams, turnips, beets, radishes, carrots, leeks, and onions.
The ground provides cool, consistent temperatures, high humidity, darkness, and ventilation.
A shovel, a dirt rake, and a trowel are definite necessities for loosening the soil and creating holes for each plant. That year we barely had anything grow and forgot to have someone water while we were on vacation.
The only down side to using this type of soil is that you might also germinate a few blades of grass or something from last years planting so just be carful and pay attention to what sprouts. Most stores have clearance sales at this time and you can get your seeds for as much as 75% off. Refrigerators can take a large amount of electricity to operate, and when the electricity fails, it does not take long at all for the food stored in them to spoil or rot. They should not have been refrigerated before, so the best would be from a local farmer’s market or from your own garden. If you use this method, do not wash the produce before storing it but gently remove excess dirt. Canning includes washing and selecting produce, adding acids to some foods, using the right kind of jars and self-sealing lids, and then processing the jars in boiling water or a pressure canner. Adding some well rotted animal manure and compost to the soil is almost always a good idea too, but be sure to do this a week before you plant so as not to shock the plants.
Even though it is time consuming, canning can be a great method for storing produce for years to come.

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