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Just as fashion is discussed and followed by all, so is this food switch which place from time to time. The burgeoning health consciousness among consumers has brought about major change in the way people eat. Imagine this: After a tiring day at work you reach home at 9 in the night and face the mammoth task of preparing dinner. A common office hour’s sipper, it’s an apt drink for people who have to combat grilling work and yet remain healthy. WASHINGTON, DC: After a brush with a potentially fatal disease, Unni Nambiar decided his body deserved better than the heavily processed diet he had become accustomed to.
The company he founded, Fyve Elements, has grown to cover 45 states and now registers nearly triple the sales figures it started with two years ago. In an interview with The American Bazaar Nambiar delved into the world of organic food production and spoke about his company’s role in the future of the business. I’m originally from Kerala, but I was born and brought up in a place called Ooty, which is in southern India.
Our company has been around for two years and we’re starting to see some great results. We primarily focus on the South Asian market, but there are some products that cross over — basmati rice and turmeric powder especially. What sort of network does 24 Mantra have in place abroad in order to scout products for Fyve Elements to sell  in the U.S.? Ams design studio - award-winning product design studio, Ams design studio award-winning london design development studio specialising watch, jewellery, homeware accessory design.. Some food items hog the limelight for their taste, utility and appearance while others go completely unnoticed at the runway.
They are aware about the benefits of not only eating healthy but also the right kind of food and its effect on the body. Licked, slurped, basically enjoyed by all age groups, this is a bit of heaven served in a bowl. Who knew that a popular cartoon character born in 1919 and who derives her name from Olive Oil will in modern times qualify as one of the world’s healthiest foods. Like teas or coffee, it does not pile up sugar calories but fills your body with antioxidants that can help you to burn 70 calories per day. Like literally, if food could wear make-up then it will derive its color from the lusciousness of these round babies.
But honestly how many times have you fantasised about taking a bite of that perfectly smoked steak?
Today, almost a household name, these special kinds of grain are rich in calcium and are a great source of dietary fiber.
Inspired, he soon became an ardent organic food loyalist who only settled for the very best, all-natural products. For a couple of years I used to go to the American stores that are available but I couldn’t find the Indian organics.
We launched in the Baltimore, Maryland area; we started bringing the products in then we started distributing to various stores.
It’s difficult to sustain a purely organic food company so we have to carry other products as well.
They have their own factory and their own people working with farmers to source the products.
Sometimes its green veggies that block the top slot while at times, it’s the chance of milk products to be the show stopper. Hailing from the Indian staple family of dahi or curd, this is a fancy cousin of the dairy family.

A smiling ingredient of good health in any form, olive oil is the ultimate answer to all oil related problems. Fret not as at this time of despair, pre-made curry pastes, bhuna masala mixes or even ready made Indian meals comes to your rescue. Red, blue, orange or black, glistening berries are the apple of any foodie, health pundit and expert. Disguised in the form of snacks, flour, porridge and biscuits, these grains are everywhere. As Kohinoor Hospital Dietician, Miral Sheth says, “The transition from a traditional to modern sedentary lifestyle has been caused by the continuous evolution of technologies. By the end of the year we were doing reasonably well and we were encouraged by what we did. We have some distributors that we work in certain markets, so we have a person in Boston, one in New Jersey, and one in Atlanta. We are in about 450 stores and outlets so we still have a lot of ground to cover — several thousand more stores. A healthy yet delicious substitute of the calorie laden desserts, frozen flavored yogurt is completely irresistible. Not only it’s packed with monounsaturated fatty acid that boosts the good cholesterol (HDL) in the body but it is also high on antioxidants. So it can be anything from rice to cereals, biscuits to tea or spices to nuts, basically everything.
The growing urbanisation has sprung the ready-to- eat segment to move beyond your regular cereals, biscuits and juices. But a difficult thing to implement because ideally a gluten free diet will push you towards the consumption of vegetables and fruit and boycott temptations like sugary desserts, processed foods and oils. And while we do love being associated with superheroes, we are more the geeky horn-rimmed glasses wearing friend you go to for tips, tricks and quick solutions.
He basically saw what the farmers were going through and he also saw higher incidents of cancer, so he got interested in this area and he was also really passionate about it, so he launched his organic food company. We decided to open up a branch in Chicago, so again on January 1st, in 2014, we opened up a branch in Chicago, so now we have two branches.
What happens is that it takes about close to five years to convert from conventional farming to organic farming. We’ve moved mango and guava juice into a few Hispanic markets and are getting some good responses from that. Spruced up with exotic toppings of fruit, nut or candy, this is undoubtedly the most glamorous food on the list. The general inclusions to this league of multi grain features grains like oats, buckwheat, cracked wheat, flax and millet. Little wonder, as per the Indian Olive Association (IOA) data, last year the consumption for olive oil in the country cloaked an astounding figure of 10,000 tonnes. A study by the Apex trade association of India, Assocham reveals that the number of people choosing organic food has grown threefold over the past five years. Not only it saves time which is essential but there’s nothing like a pre-done preparation or pre-cooked meal that comes handy at the moment of crisis. Besides, miraculous effects of green tea on weight, this medicinal tea from China also helps to ward off the risk of chronic heart diseases and cancer. A dream come true for any dessert lover they are a must topping or ingredient of any cake, tart or yoghurt. A latest addition to the list of glamorous food in the country it’s classy to be vegetarian and yet enjoy a succulent tangdi kabab at the same time.
Primarily they started with pure, individual ingredients such as rice and spices, but they’ve started getting into processing with products like cereals, cookies, juice, sauces, honey, and a few other products.

After just one year we doubled our warehouse facilities in Jessup — we started with a 9,000 square foot warehouse, and now we have a 20,000 square foot space. Health experts say, an adult should consume at least 28 grams of whole grain in the daily diet.
So, forget your vegetable oils, coconut oil or desi ghee and make way for this Italian dude. From kadhi pakora, idli batter, biryanis, navratan korma, rajma chawal to gulab jamun mix- these packets are the superman for all working professionals, bachelors and students. Be it a goji berry, strawberry, blue berry or goose berry they make the ultimate fashion food statement. And if gluten free products are the key to it, then there are weight-watchers who do not hesitate to walk that extra mile. Also referred as ‘meat substitutes’ or ‘mock meats’, the ingredients of this type of meat may vary from soy, gluten, vegetables, eggs and other fillers.
And if you don’t believe us, then ask your granny, she will fill in a lot of information on this miraculous food. Between pesticides and fertilizer they’ve pumped so much stuff into that to get the soil back to its original form it takes about five years. Available in the form of biscuits, snacks, bread and what not at every nook and corner of any market, this is one food that has made inroads into every health freak’s list. As this golden kiss of good health can be used in salads, pastas, vegetables, gravies and rotis- basically anything and that too with equal ease.
Balasubramanium, talks about the logic behind it, “Adoption of organic food since it is free from any harmful pesticides and chemicals helps in major ailments like cancer, neurological disorders. Today, go to any super market and the shelves are stacked with various variants of green tea. So, next time if you go out for dinner and if somebody gorges on butter chicken, then you can also order your vegan version of it. Exposure meaning the food that we eat, the water that we drink, or the air that we breathe. I was referred to them and that point, after we had a discussion, they figured out that I was very passionate about organics — I was already very into [them]. Our parent company in India, Sresta Natural Bioproducts, works with farmers and helps them start from scratch.
It has the benefit of being low in calories, apart from the multiple advantages of yogurt.” And what’s more?
Right from tulsi to lemon, from mint to jasmine, Green tea is the ultimate guilt free answer to all caffeine addicts. They go in and teach them how to cultivate organic farms and then convert their conventional farms into organic ones.
We started as a company of three people and now after two years we’ve grown to about 20 people. I wanted to make a difference for the community, and after going through what I went through, I figured that was something we could do. But food and water — I figured out I could control, so I started doing more research into that and I figured out that the food chain is not as great as what I thought it to be.

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