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All CategoriesSPECIALTY FOODSFRESH PRODUCE - CSAHEALTH & WELLNESSPERSONAL CARE ITEMSGIFTSPETSGEARPHOTOSEVENTSINFOHome > SPECIALTY FOODSSensational flavor experiences throughout our entire selection! The focus of the Connecticut Food Trail is to enhance the marketing, promotion and sales of Connecticut-based specialty food brands both in-state and nationwide.
Since reviving Nip 'N Tang, Brian and Jennie now have over a dozen representatives throughout New England and the mid west, and are expanding their territory westward on a monthly basis. The CFA is a food industry trade association that works on critical industry issues that effect both state and public policy.
In addition, joining members of the CFA who participate in the site will have a listing upgrade to include a minister web page to showcase their product or establishment in full color.
Visitors to the new site, which is due to go live on January 1, 2006, will be offered a "menu" of services which includes profiles from various specialty food companies throughout the state. Retailers can also utilize the promotional opportunities to showcase various Connecticut-based specialty food products, and also offer specials through a coupon mechanism built into the web site.

In exchange, these various companies, retailers, and restaurant will help to promote the web site program. The main attraction of the site will be an interactive map that the visitor creates, after indicating what counties they will be travelling through.
So, if you’re looking for some good reason to say that caviar really is luxury food, you should take a look at the short list I’ve compiled about the top caviar brands around the world.
DisclaimerThe opinions in this blog are the sole opinion of the authors and in no way reflect views of Binary Bits, LLC. The site will combine the talents and know-how of gourmet and specialty food producers, distributors, marketers, retailers, and restauranteurs, as to network together and promote the rich bounty of specialty food products the state has to offer.
Their membership includes major food chains and independent grocers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and specialty food producers. Members of the Connecticut Food Trail will also be included on the 'food trail map', and in all outgoing correspondence to help increase exposure.

The site will provide a creative, alternative venue for these Connecticut-based food businesses to advertise their product and services to the world, as well as helping consumers to discover the many flavors of this ever-growing industry. Participating retailers will carry at least five Connecticut-based specialty food products in their store, and restaurants will offer two dishes per week that utilize a Connecticut specialty food product. Some people would say that being able to eat caviar is a sign of being one of the society’s elite, and that you are a person of good taste. The map will indicate participating retailers and restaurants by location, as well as special promotions that are available. Suffice it to say that this belief, despite its flaws, still pervades our consciousness up to this day.

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