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If this notice is just appearing only sometimes, you likely need to disable compatability mode. Choose from prepared foods by Sable & Rosenfeld’s Tipsy Tapas, condiments by Stonewall Kitchen and specialty ingredients from all parts of the world. Sometimes referred to as living because the enzymes have not been destroyed or denatured by the cooking process. All these (except the nuts) should be stored in air tight containers out of direct sunlight. Make sure you have a good supply of fresh greens such as kale and other vegetables such as carrots, pak choi and fennel which can be grated to add to salads and other dishes.
Raw Coconut Oil is consistently one of our bestsellers, replacing butter, cooking oils and even moisturiser!
As you experience the benefits of a this diet you will want to expand your repertoire and so may need to invest in some more specialist equipment.
Spiral Slicer - this can turn vegetable such as sweet potatoes, onions and courgettes into fine spaghetti like strands for raw pasta or long thin ribbons. Dehydrator - used to warm food on a cold day and to create your own raw food cookies, crackers and burgers, or dry your own fruit slices. If you are interested in buying ready prepared items to enhance your diet, take a look at our raw food department and choose from the wide range of possibilities available.

If you have any feedback about how we could improve our website or service please click here and let us know. During late fall, the store takes on a new dimension as darkness returns and a reflective season approaches. Signature events are part of the magic that happens throughout the year at If Only… We celebrate light in all forms whether it be the full light of Summer Solstice, the low light of Winter Solstice, the Northern Lights in their brilliance above our heads or the twinkling lights on Christmas greenery and candles at Festival of Lights. Our well-stocked shelves boast staples of gourmet cooking right alongside day-to-day grocery essentials. Our specialty foods section caters both to the international palate, and to the consumer whose diet is determined by health concerns or lifestyle choice.
Fresh fruit is also essential, particularly fresh lemons which are necessary for many recipes.
Himalayan Salt is said to be one of the purest salts on the planet and has 82 trace elements.
It's excellent for an energy boost in a smoothie or for making raw cookies and confections. As your experience of raw food cuisine develops you may like to invest in some more specialised tolls and gadgets to make life easier. Don't use one that has been used for coffee beans though as the flavours will intermingle.

From October through December we offer a wide range of specialty foods chosen for their good taste, ease of use, and common goodness.Many are award winners.
Through our Signature Events we provide an opportunity for friends to gather in an ambience of fun, celebration, and entertainment. Our line of specialty food products supports those living with gluten and lactose intolerances.
If you are in need of a gift, create a beautiful gift basket with a variety of gourmet foods and kitchen essentials. We also stock food for diabetic, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, as well as an assortment of international specialty and gourmet food items. Check out our healthy living section for more information about special diets and our recipe section for innovative ways to prepare new foods.

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