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Starfish Market's expansion into an upscale food and wine specialty store is set to kick off early next month.
By shifting wines and gourmet foods to a new retail space, the owners of Starfish give themselves the opportunity to expand offerings in the grocery store, too. Gourmet food hampers, made in Australia from Australian products, and brought to you by the Dick Smith General Store in Sydney.
This Swiss specialty food store is so photogenic, each section looks like it could appear in a print ad. A highlight of Terre Vaudoise is its produce section, which mimics the wooden stalls of a farmers market in its display of fresh, vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables. If you enjoy cooking or baking and believe the ingredients make a difference to how a dish tastes make a stop at this store. Groceria Italiana is a specialty Italian food store in Bloomfield where you can learn how pasta is made and how to cook it correctly. This unassuming tiny Hispanic grocery store has the best guava and plantains you’ll want to put on your table.

Find fantastic and even some unusual cheeses such as French Andre Triple Cream, European butter, Canadian Black diamond cheddar and imported chocolate at PA Macaroni Co.
A combination butcher, wine, dairy, produce and general grocery shop, Terre Vaudoise is a picturesque boutique gourmet food retailer that boasts an impressive layout and merchandising by Swiss design firm ZAP Design. Above the produce stall hangs is a wooden rail from which hangs a selection of cured meats. KDKA-TV is joining forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Pittsburgh to give you the best Pittsburgh has to offer. You will not have a hard time finding what you seek since everything is in alphabetical order. They have the best selection of homemade sausages, breads and a variety of sauces for every dish. You’ll find products from the Goya and La Preferida line that will surely knock your socks off.
If you ever wanted to try to cook couscous this is the place to learn how to do so and find out about the spicy sauce that usually goes with it.

The clean, refined wooden stalls serve as a reminder of the emphasis of the Swiss specialty food store on high quality, all-natural ingredients.
They also have a great variety of paprika and curries, but be prepared to pay a bit more than what you’ll find in a regular grocery store.
If you want to put your tongue on a tour of Mexican, Spanish and Latin American cuisine make a stop at Reyna Foods. Be sure to try the eggplant dip dish called Baba Ganoug that’s made with oil, garlic and pepper.
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