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While visiting Stan's grandpa, Andy, Stan's dad, tries to leave early saying "the food here gives Sharon diaria."Link to watch full South Park episode hereGrandfather then gives Stan a $6000 bolo tie with a gem claiming that it's worth thousands. You ever been in a situation where someone was being really sarcastic with you and you wanted to attack, but you were in a professional setting? Among the reasons given by those who dismiss South Park, Comedy Central’s 15-year-old cartoon mainstay, is a usual litany: it’s crude, sophomoric, mindless, thoughtless, offensive, or satanic.
There is plenty of evidence to support these claims; beyond the show’s main characters, four elementary school boys in Colorado, the show’s lesser characters have included (among many) a weed-smoking towel, a rectum-excavating gerbil, several pedophiles, the parents of Jon Benet Ramsey, and a talking piece of poo. But when South Park finishes its improbable run, future generations will view it as an incomparable document of its time. The owner of 4Rivers Smokehouse, the popular Winter Park barbecue joint, will get a chance to feel the heat bear down in a whole new way this week when he takes his Texas-style 'cue to the 10th Annual Food Network South Beach Food & Wine Festival. That's our money."As he's waiting with friends, they try telling him it's cool and Stan sticks up for himself and says that it's worth $6. The show—arguably more sustained in both relevance and quality than its animated contemporaries The Simpsons and Family Guy—will endure because South Park manages the binary requisites for cultural longevity: it succeeds in explaining its era and, more importantly, the show has heart. In a 2006 two-part episode, the writers attempted to feature animated images of the Islamic prophet Mohammed to protest censorship in the wake of the Danish cartoon scandal (Comedy Central blocked them out after receiving death threats). He is part of the Perrier-Jouët BubbleQ hosted by Bobby Flay on Friday, and he will cook at Thrillist's BBQ & The Blues on Saturday. He then looks for a Cash for Gold place to sell it.Looking for Cash & Gold to sell bolo tieHe finds a place and the guy says he'd give him $15 so they leave and find a cash for gold place right next door. What was overshadowed by the episode’s controversial message were jokes the writers made about its rival Family Guy. At BubbleQ at the swanky Delano hotel in Miami Beach, Rivers will serve up food alongside Chicago's Rick Bayless (Frontera Grill), Iron Chef Cat Cora (Kouzzina by Cat Cora at Walt Disney World), Todd English (Bluezoo Orlando and Olives in Boston), Dean Fearing (Fearing's in Dallas), Allen Susser (Chef Allen's in Aventura) and legendary pit master Myron Mixon (Jack's Old South in Unadilla, Ga.). As with many other episodes, the broader context remained unexamined and the show, which is consistently a thoughtful and equally-offending American conversation, was dismissed for its lowbrow flourishes.

After he says it was worn by King Henry the 5th, she says "ok $9"They go to a Taco Bell next, he gives it to the cashier and he says he'd give him a 6 layer burrito.
The music-laced evening at Miami Beach's Raleigh Hotel also will include such South Florida food luminaries as Kris Wessel of Red Light, Kevin Kehoe and Hans Seitz of Sparky's Roadside Barbecue, Timon Balloo of SUGARCANE raw bar grill and John DeLucie of The Royal.
While the show’s detractors see only anti-Semitism (or the myriad boundary lines of identity politics), many fail to even investigate the extremely blunt points the show attempts to make, which often stem from topical real life.
Consider Kyle Broflovski, the major Jewish character, who was actually created in the image of the show’s co-creator Matt Stone. In interviews, the Jewfro-ed Stone cites his experience growing up as the only Jewish kid in his predominantly Christian hometown of Conifer, Colorado. Accordingly, the character Kyle (whom Stone voices) is also Jewfro-ed and shares Stone’s birthday on the show. I didn't hear from them for a long time and then the call came right before Christmas." When Rivers returns home, he will get back to work on the expansion plans for 4Rivers. Kyle is outspoken, morally righteous, and often insecure about his place adrift in the Midwest.
A second location, in Winter Garden, is well under way but he also has his sights on Longwood and Orlando's Waterford Lakes neighborhood.
Cartmen then says, "We're in a new era of science that only the smartest can comprehend"He then begins to explain the formula for gold which he describes as: "Cash for Gold signs gives you people's unwanted crappy jewelry which when added to a cable shopping network divided by demented old people equals GOLD"Kyle tells Kenny to tell Cartmen to shutup.
When the school’s most unpopular kid is revealed to have no Facebook friends, Kyle befriends him, losing everything in the process. In an episode early in the first season, South Park covers the War on Christmas controversy that dominated the news cycles in the late 1990s. Too many businesses expand quickly without having the right team or facility in place to maintain quality standards. Cartmen says, "Oh I'm an asshole for doing MATH?!"As they're on the couch, Stan's grandpa calls the network. For the sake of tolerance, citizens of the town attempt to wash out religion from the school’s Christmas pageant.

Much of the episode is a treatise on the life of an American Jewish family in a place where Jews are scarce, especially for Kyle, a Jewish kid struck between belonging and not.
Kyle’s ridiculous song “A Lonely Jew on Christmas” is high on sentimentality and an insider brand of exlusion. When Kyle’s stereotypically Jewish mother Sheila (who in the episode becomes the target of a once-famous song about her particularly Jewish obstinacy; the Estonian version will blow your mind) argues that the emphasis on Christianity in the school play offends the Jewish community, a teacher replies by shouting back, “You are the Jewish community!” It’s hard to imagine that this line and its specific verisimilitude could work its way into an episode of the show without some authentic experience behind it.
But the approach to South Park’s Jewish themes comes most often through Kyle’s confrontations with his foil Eric Cartman, the show’s best known and most incendiary character.
Consider this amazing collection of (just some) of Cartman’s anti-Semitic utterances throughout the series. In the course of this minute-plus clip, Cartman uses the word Jew as a noun, adjective, and verb. Then, of course, there is the episode when the town is about to be flooded and Cartman is willing to save Kyle’s life if Kyle hands over the bag of Jew gold that “all Jews carry around their necks.” Kyle tries to tell Cartman he’s insane, but Cartman persists.
Kyle then produces a bag from around his neck and Cartman calls it out for being the decoy bag of Jew gold that every Jew carries. The host responds by saying that he shouldn't push him because if he started blowing out people's brains tonight that he'd be liable for a lawsuit costing millions of dollars. They go back and forth blaming each other on who is "f*cking" who.Cartmen then goes to an india plant and says he wants to buy gold and cut out the middle man. The Indian plant delivers the jewelry to the home shopping networks in the US who sell it to senior citizens at high prices. The grandkids then exchange it for cash from the cash 4 gold places who then strip the jewelry down selling the gems separately and the gold parts to a melting plant.
The grandpa can't remember it and calls it "gay as f***"Shopping network hostStan's grandpa calls in says that he should kill himself.

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