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We’re not just about wine here at Wine Life Today and since we’ve featured a few articles about South African wines recently, including our piece on the wineyards of Stellenbosch, we’ve decided to delve a little into South African cuisine. Deviating back to wine for a second – South Africa is perhaps best known for its red wines – Merlot, Bordeaux and Cabernet Sauvignon and there are plenty of great meats to match with these. If you fancy sinking your teeth into South Africa’s famous salty snack, biltong, make sure you have a slightly sweet red wine to wash it down with, or even better – a beer – which is another beverage that is done well in the region. However, some of the best South African foods can be found on the street, in small cafes or at a braai (barbecue).
Those seeking out comfort foods should ask for babotie – a minced meat dish topped with a savoury custard or pap – a traditional porridge. At this point in my trip, I'd found plenty of elevated, internationally-inspired cuisine in Cape Town, but I still hadn't found a traditional African restaurant. When the Dutch colonized South Africa, they brought with them European ingredients and cooking traditions.
The Trekboers, who were somewhat like our pioneers, were groups of nomadic colonialists who left Cape Town to move throughout South Africa's interior, subsisting off of herded livestock and temporary farms. The Boers and the native peoples developed the language Afrikaans, which gave us the wonderful term, braai. In the 19th century, Indians came to South African, and they quickly helped shape South African cuisine. Cape Malay-style food involves masalas, curries, and delicious breads, including roti and samosas.
Thanks to this mix of cultural influences, South Africa's cuisine has earned the monicker, rainbow cuisine.
Today, South Africa's cuisine continues to develop, and, as the prior posts suggest, many of the restaurants draw international inspiration. Tips for the world traveler and gourmet, The Ravenous Traveler blog shares food and wine experiences to help you eat and drink the world's most delicious creations.
While you are discovering South Africa, there will always be times when you have to halt all journeys and eat and drink. Due to the mixed races that are found in SA, there are various dishes that are inherent to the different cultures. Our nation’s black people are multi-cultured in both their rites as well as their food, but they are all in agreement that food should never be wasted, so you will find dishes like runaways (chicken feet and necks served with porridge) and also chakalaka (a tangy mix of spicy tomatoes, green peppers and onions) that can be had with meat or pap (a stiff cornmeal porridge). South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation, and our food therefore must live up to this title as well. Malays and the spicy curries from India alongside the indigenous cooking of the African people. They brought aniseed, star fennel, turmeric, cardamom and ginger (both green and dried) amongst others.
Biltong, a famous and popular snack in South Africa, as popular as chips are in the rest of the world. Bobotie could almost be called the national dish of South Africa, it consists of spicy minced meat topped by a savoury custard which is then baked in the oven. In a bowl mix together the crumbs, milk, lemon rind and juice, egg, salt, pepper, apricots, sultanas and mix into the minced meat mixture. This is an easy and simple recipe to make and can easily feed a large family and or visitors. Welcome to Everything, a blog about living life in South Africa and everything that goes with it. If you are a South-African living abroad, I am sure one thing that you really miss is South-Africa’s traditional food!? 1000+ Ideas About South African Food On Pinterest - Find and save ideas about South African Food on Pinterest, the world's catalogue of ideas. South African Peppermint Tart - Food Travel And Photography - A criticism of South Africans (and pretty much all antipodeans in London) is that we arrive from sunnier Southern climes, find jobs, find accommodation and then .

Roosterkoek - A South African Braai Essential - Cooksister - Jeanne Horak-Druiff is a freelance food and travel writer as well as a recipe developer and photographer. South African food is heavily influenced by a range of diverse cultures and you’ll find notes of Portuguese, Dutch, French, Indian and Moroccan cuisine in foods you discover across the country.
National game such as kudu, impala and springbok are commonly found on restaurant menus alongside more familiar meets like beef, though you’ll also find the likes of crocodile steaks and fried caterpillars in some parts.
Last year, two big name eateries made it into the top 100 restaurants in the world, so you won’t go short of fine dining options. Braais are popular in summer and winter and here you’ll find foods like boerewors – sausage, game steaks and perhaps even stick bread; as the name suggests, is prepared by baking dough on a stick over the fire. For comfort eating on the move there’s the bunny chow – a hollowed out loaf of Indian origin, which comes packed with a savoury or sweet filling. Because of the name, it would seem as though the Boers invented this delicious sausage, which is typically heavily spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, but spiced sausages were already a part of everyday life in The Netherlands.
Cape Malay cooking was developed by the community living in the Bo-Kaap neighborhood in Cape Town, which is known as the Cape Malay community.
Sushi restaurants are just as common as Ethiopian restaurants, and local fast food chains compete with the bizarrely popular Kentucky Fried Chicken chain. When you say you haven't eaten African are you referring to what they eat in the townships? More specifically, Ravenous Traveler offers recommendations for high-value wines, restaurants, culinary tours, and global travel destinations, especially Portland, Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, Italy, and the Balkans. And if you're like me, that means great acidity and elegant fruit in a variety of price points. Because it is such a diverse country, there are many varieties of traditional food that must be sampled, washed down with our world renowned beers and wines. The white people of South Africa have their heritage from the Dutch and French settlers that came to Cape Town in the 17th century. The black nation loves their beer and one of the top ranking beers is Castle Lager (locally produced but internationally renowned) is a firm favourite. Here you will be enticed with flavours of spices and herbs that resemble a market in Mumbai.
Throughout our country you will find an array of Greek, Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese and French restaurants that serve the cuisine of that country in a world class manner. Bobotie was created by the Cape Malay community and there are as many variations as there are aunts or grandmothers that have may passed the recipe on to family members. All agree however that the mince should be creamy and tender in texture which can only come from long and slow cooking. She can cook like nobody's business one minute and spend the rest of the afternoon in the garden pruning roses or talking to birds the next. The ups, the downs, the shops, the scenery, the opportunities, the technology, the frustrations, the people, the food, the experiences, the animals, the politics, the adventures, the entertainment and everything else in between.
The Test Kitchen in Cape Town came in at number 74 and The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Francais charted at an impressive number 57. Individuals with a sweet tooth are in for a real treat when they visit South Africa thanks to the many rich desserts available including – koeksister a sweet fritter, malva pudding a syrupy sponge and Melktart, which as the name suggests is a type of custard tart.
To untangle to origins of the numerous dishes that arose back then would require a grant or two, suffice it to say that some of these dishes are still popular.
Together, these people eventually became known as the Boers: rough-around-the-edges farmers of European ancestry who lived alongside the native peoples.
Similar to a barbecue, a braai involves grilling meat over an outdoor, wood-fired grill, and the cooking style is common throughout most countries in the southern portion of Africa. Whether they or the curry-loving Dutch are responsible or a combination of both, curry dishes soon became popular in South Africa, beginning in the Eastern Cape around Durban, and one of South Africa's most famous dishes was born: Bunny Chow.
This community, like the Indians on the Eastern Cape, also finds its roots in slavery, These people came from Southeast Asia, India, and Indonesia (Malay as in Malaysian).

Of course, rich curries made from the excellently prepared, fresh masalas (curry mixes) of Cape Town are truly unbeatable. Two dishes I didn't come across but that sound pretty wacky are Walkie Talkies, deep-fried chicken heads and feet, and Mashonzha, a dish of mopani caterpillars sauteed with onion, pepper, tomatoes, and curry spices. I still wanted to taste something truly African, and I found it at Bebe Rose restaurant in Cape Town, which will be featured in next week's post.
It is all the same.My mouth is watering for a koeksuster and melktert from the Village Shop.
They are very proud of their heritage and they keep their cooking traditions as authentic as possible by keeping most of the recipes a secret. So for the homesick traveller there is always a bite of comfort food just around any corner.
These latter, lighter meats tend to work better with a nice South African Chardonnay, as will much of the fresh seafood you will come across in the region. Dining here isn’t cheap though, take a sneaky peek at the menus online and use an up to date online currency converter like this one from Travelex to work out how much you’ll get for your money. Whatever your choice of dessert – don’t forget to wash it down with a light, sweet glass of wine. Before the Europeans arrived in 16th century, various peoples lived throughout the area now known as South Africa.
They created frontier towns and they too developed a somewhat cuisine independent of the coast colonial cities.
It is a truly authentic African meal, and you better believe you'll find Boerewors sausage in spades.
Today, the Cape Malay community is Muslim, and the Bo-Kaap areas is one of the most beautiful parts of Cape Town, with wonderful mosques and brilliant, pastel-colored homes. When mixing with the local Afrikaans and English people and you will soon be introduced to biltong, which is dried, raw meat and braaivleis (barbeque). There are various curries to choose from in the many Indian restaurants around SA, but a good alternative would be to ask for a Bunny Chow – this is half a loaf of fresh bread that is hollowed out and filled with the most delicious lamb or beef curry with potatoes. I believe that the Xhosa people, the San peoples, the Bantu-speaking peoples, and the Tugela peoples were some of the more prominent, but don't quote me on that.
Sadly, because I spent most of my trip on the Western Cape, I never came across this Bunny Chow. I highly recommend taking the Andulela Culinary Tour, which takes food lovers into a local home, where they prepare awesome dishes with home cooks who've made the dishes a million times already. Lastly, while you find pinot noir exquisite, you find many too light , and you can get just as excited about big, bold, well-aged reds from Italy, France, Croatia, Washington, and California. This method of cooking is very popular and almost anything will be placed on a braai as it gives the food a very distinct flavour.
Some of these peoples herded livestock, but agriculture was not popular and most fruits and vegetables were foraged.
She's not afraid of getting her hands dirty in potting soil or with new technology, and this blog is where she spills the beans on her adventures and experiences along the way. To try and grasp the effects of that these native people's culinary traditions upon modern South Africa would be like trying to show the effects of Native American cooking traditions on modern America.
So, the Ravenous Traveler blog will feature positive wine reviews of both 1) highly drinkable cheap wines, and 2) excellently made, high-value wines from around the world that keep things in balance: fruit, acidity, herbal and spice notes, and capable tannins.
There is also potjiekos (a slow brewed stew over hot coals) and dessert is usually a lovely cup of Rooibos tea – which is completely inherent to South Africa – and koeksisters (a doughy, syrupy finger cake).

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