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Learn about preparing the soil in this free gardening video about growing your perfect garden. I was going to get a truck load of mushroom soil to put in a new garden that is shady and very moist in the spring. QUICKLY TEST YOUR soil FERTILITY COUNT EARTHWORMS It sounds crazy, but by knowing how many earthworms are in your garden soil, you can quickly estimate your soil fertility. What would be a good soil to keep my very small 1 inch Coast and Dawn and Giant Sequoias in? Hello, I have a raised garden and I purchased soil from a company in Maryland that specializes in top soil. It is recommended that you sample your soil every year, so that you can spot any major variations in balance.
Some companies will send a rep who will plan the testing with you and take the samples themselves. Avoid irregular features such as gates, hedges, tracks, troughs, buildings or anywhere else that the soil is unlikely to be a representative of the average soil in the area.
Using non-recommended equipment can cause contamination of samples with metals, chemicals or foreign substances.
If sampling around trees, make sure to take the samples at a uniform distance from tree bases.
You should repeat the sampling process every one to three years to monitor changes in your soil.
If you are interested in organic gardening and better health sign up for our intensive course taught by Master Gardener Darren Butler. Hello, Can anyone tell me what I can use safely on my leafy veggies, such as spinach, lettuce and collards, that can rid of bugs, especially beetles? Hello all, I am looking for organic (and therefore pestiside free) edible Nasturtiums, Elderflowers, Dandelion Heads and Violets that I can get relatively fresh in (or shipped to) Spokane WA. Spring is usually the time to start the gardening, and today we are going to discuss the soil tips for gardening in spring.

Spring is considered the most perfect time to start the gardening process, however before starting this process you need to determine several things. One of the ways to test the soil is to use a special thermometer; however a cheap kitchen thermometer will also do its job.
Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, photo shoots, and more. Although chillies can be grown in many varieties of soil we have compiled some of the best soil methods to get your chilli plants ground and fruiting consistently. If you really want to make your chillies thrive and fruit well as soon as the plants start growing little flowers place some premium organic soil or fertiliser on top of the pot. Remember that Growing Chillies requires regular watering, once a day they must be watered to keep the soil moist and the roots nourished.
My planters' alkalinity I think is too high, in the 9s and 10s while my plants requre a 6.5 to 7 alkaline. Maintain a good understanding of your property, and you can increase efficiency in crop and livestock production.
Others are happy for you to collect samples yourself and send them to the lab for analysis. It is best to sample at the same time of year each time, as weather can affect the samples. If you have any waterways on your land, managing your riparian areas is something to consider.
I thought about buying some Burpee organic seeds for my vegetable garden this year but I'm totally in the dark.
One of the major things to take into consideration before starting to plant is to find out your climate zone. To test the soil you need to insert the probe into the soil and let it be there for five minutes – so the temperature would be accurate. Poor soil, large old grown trees that surround the property, and a beautiful garden surrounding an area that should be grass but is instead a combination of sick looking grass, weeds and mud.

For the last 3-4 weeks, it had been raining regularly but my soil looks like I live in the desert.
Soil sampling is an important step in understanding your property, and knowing when intervention is needed. Testing packs can be found in some farming supply stores, rural vets or bought directly from the lab. However, fertilisers, minerals and nutritional supplements may be required to address any major deficiencies. Even if it didn't I plan to mulch with straw or hay anyhow so weeds seeds shouldn't be a problem. This is essential because generally the spring starts on March 21, however the planting can be started when the soil temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. I bought the moss-out stuff finally, and the directions say to remove (by hand) as much moss as you can with a thatcher.
Try to avoid nitrogen as the plants will grow soft leaves and minimal fruit will be produced. So, as you see now, Spring starts when the soil is ready, and that can also depend on the climate zone.
To check if the soil is wet first pick it up with your hands and squeeze it, if the water comes out – the soil is too wet. However, if there are lady bugs don’t touch them, as they are beneficial for the garden. Topping up the mulch every 4 weeks or so will keep the nutrition running through the chillies roots. It is better to attack the weeds first, before they start to steal the sun and nutrients off your plants.

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