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Our Garden Center carries a wonderful selection of plants hardy to our northwest Ohio (Toledo) area including deciduous trees and evergreen trees, as well as shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, water garden plants and specially pruned & trained trees.
We strive to offer a well rounded variety of plants to meet all landscaping needs – shady spots, sunny areas, clay soil, sandy soil, and more. Whether it’s a large or small amount, we will pick it up from anywhere in Brighton and Hove. The third generation was welcomed in 1981, when Nick Solty joined the company as a full-time carpenter on the construction crew after working for Banff Trail Nurseries and Tobias Construction in Calgary, Alberta.
In early 1990’s the retail division in Scarborough was closed to free up space for the commercial construction division. A member of Landscape Ontario since its creation in 1973, Solty’'s has always participated at the association level.

The business soon moved to Kingston Road in Scarborough, when ten acres of land was purchased in the mid-1950’s.
Frank Solty joined the company a year later after finishing his studies at the University of Guelph. In 1994, as the last crop of sod was harvested, a further shift in focus resulted in the downsizing of the construction division and a more concentrated effort on the wholesale department. Inventory balances change rapidly especially during the busy season of April, May and June. Nine of those ten acres were quickly sold off to finance the growth of the business which employed one hundred and twenty people during the summer months. Frank soon took on the management of the nursery farm while Nick was promoted to general manager of the construction department.

Two years later, the purchase of three hundred and thirty-five acres in Cookstown allowed for a horizontal expansion into sod production and nursery stock. The mid-1960’s saw greater expansion as work commenced on the “Expo '67” site in Montreal in 1964. In 1995, Nick Solty became involved in the association as we know it today, Landscape Ontario; first as representative of the Toronto chapter, then as a Provincial board rep.
Land hold increased to 1000 acres in the Cookstown area, to handle an increase in sod and nursery production.

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