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The WSU Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Center is hosting two winter events highlighting the importance of soil in the local food system.
This workshop will include sessions on soil biology, the use of compost and cover crops on the farm, plant resistance to disease, and field assessment of soil quality.
INVESTIGATION OF RISING GROUNDWATER LEVEL OBSERVED AT MCMENAMINS EDGEFIELD IN TROUTDALE, OREGON. Located about twenty kilometers east of Portland, McMenamins Edgefield is a resort complete with guestrooms, restaurants, a spa, and golf courses. Planting food plots can be done enjoyably with the right equipment and products, saving time and frustration. Whether applying own trophy blend or lime and fertilizer to neutralize and feed the soil, using the Multi-Spreader 220 is the number one choice as a durable, versatile and economic spreader for your food plot needs. Preparing the seed bed (soil) using the Firminator or good quality disc to loosen up the ground and get rid of the weeds will get you off to a great start. If you are planting a food plot using a no-till drill, you will want to spray the plot using our CropCare sprayers to kill off the weeds so you have a weed free start. We understand that buying the equipment to manage your food plot may not fit your budget right now, or you may just not have the time to do the preperation and maintenace that a good hunting plot needs.
Because each property is different in accessibility, terrain, and location, each potential job is subject to a price quote. Sarah Taylor Lovell, assistant professor of landscape agroecology, and Sam Wortman, assistant professor of urban food production - both from the University of Illinois - wrote the report that highlights the issues faced by urban agriculture.
It was found that throughout Chicago there were a number of vacant lots that could prove beneficial to the burgeoning urban agriculture movement, which already takes up a lot of space throughout the city.

The researchers are performing further studies into the problem after identifying that soil remediation can be expensive and intensive, which may put many possible investors off of putting money into the sector. Your details will be referred to Breaking News and they will provide you with more information regarding this press release themselves.
The Environmental Technology portfolio of printed titles and website offer a valuable advertising solution. Ann Stansbeary, Emily Jenkins, Austin Carnes, Kysa Cronrath, Scott Burns, Department of Geology, Portland State University, Department of Environmental Science and Management, Portland State University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Portland State University, Portland, OR 97201.
Over the past 20 years, head gardener, Kim Kincaid, has noticed an increase in the number of wet areas on the grounds of McMenamins Edgefield. A few weeks after planting you can give your plot a booster shot with the liquid Peak fertilizer that can also be mixed in with your Roundup as a weed & feed on your food plot. Researchers at the University of Illinois have identified the main issues that urban agriculture will face as the practice begins to grow, including soil pollution, air pollution, soil remediation and water pollution.
According to Ms Lovell, as well as environmental factors, such as altered microclimates, urban agriculture could also be affected by the lack of funding due to the the fact that there is little industry within the sector.
Polluted soil could drastically affect the growth of food items in an urban environment and is a result of air pollution caused by traffic and industry. Mr Wortman is now looking at other forms of soil management that can help to create more suitable land for the growth of food.
In a recent survey 78% of respondents indicated that they use our titles to identify new products on the market ? The main elements of concern are the Syrah vineyard production, mortality of trees surrounding the manor, and saturation of the wedding grove.

Whatever your budget may be, Nature's Outdoor Solutions is confident we can help you improve your hunting grounds!!
The contaminants build-up in soil over time, but other pollutants - such as lead - are left over from previous decades and can cause issues with food production.
Other ways of growing food in an urban environment, such as raised beds, hydroponics and cover crops, are being investigated. Several changes have occurred over this 20-year period which we hypothesized may be the cause of the rising water level: 1) A golf course was constructed on the property in 1998 and expanded in 2007, 2) A neighborhood was developed on a hill up-gradient from the property in 1993, 3) An earth flow occurred in 1993, and 4) The Pacific Decadal Oscillation changed from a warm phase to a cool phase around 1996, resulting in increased precipitation. Site reconnaissance conducted in November 2012 ruled out the golf course and neighborhood development as potential causes of the rising water level. Leaving comments on product information and articles can assist with future editorial and article content. Two soil cores were taken at depths of 1.5 meters which confirmed the presence of ML soils with redoximorphic features. We concluded that a combination of poorly drained soils and increased precipitation is most likely responsible for the increase in water level.
Our recommendations include establishing five strategically placed monitoring wells to better define the subsurface stratigraphy and to observe the seasonal changes in water table depth across the property, increasing drainage in problem areas, and replacing dead trees with wetland facultative species.

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