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This acid pH soil mix is loosely textured, easy to wet (compared to peat moss-based soil mixes), drains well, and has the appropriate level of nutrients for azaleas and other acid-loving plants. Use for plants that require a very acid pH and well-drained soil, such as azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas and other acid loving plants. This labor-saving compost and expanded shale soil mix is pH Balanced and will provide the needed organics for healthy growth when working with heavy clay-based soils. Breaks up heavy clay-based soils and immediately reduces native soila€™s pH to the desired neutral zone.
The Container Soila„? is a substantial soil mix that is appropriate for smaller pots and containers.
This lightweight blend has exceptional percolation capability so that water can flow through the deepest sections of the bed. This premium organic soil mix is desgined to provide the optimum environment for your vegetable garden.
This finely textured, lightweight and pH balanced soil blend is designed to be used for potting and transplant applications. This material is appropriate for container growing, hanging baskets, as well as professional nursery plant propagation and container upgrade applications.
The Deep Bedding Soila„? should be used when drainage is an issue, such as when you are dealing with deep beds or moisture-sensitive plants. This Finished Compost and Expanded Shale blend is a cost-sensitive solution to the heavy clay soils. This very popular soil mix contains compost derived from vegetative matter, and is loaded with organic nutrients. This lightweight soil mix is desgined for on-structure gardens when weight and percolation characteristics are paramount. At Moss and Stone Gardens we are often asked how to start a moss lawn where there is nothing but dirt covered with leaves and other debris. Mosses are not particular about the type of soil they grow on in terms of soil composition. Grade and contour the area if needed, remember that moss will follow the small undulations that are normally not noticeable until a smooth carpet of green is hugging the ground. Be aware of any water run-off paths that you may create or that already exist.  Mosses are great soil stabilizers and will filter water run off, but first they need to be established to withstand flowing water. Smoothing the surface will also aid in rhizome attachment which will speed up establishment and then growth.
Even though you have smoothed the soils before introducing the mosses, you may need to very lightly scratch the surface to create some loosened soil to aid in making good contact.
With David’s clear explaination to the needs to preparing a moss lawn from a clean slate, making a moss lawn will increase you chances of success.
To learn more about Moss and Stone Gardens – Where Moss Rocks!, please visit our website.

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Best moss for flagstone patio and walkway in shade, partial sun & full afternoon sun on north side of house in NW Denver? Remove all weeds, dead plants and any remaining vegetable plants from the previous growing season. Its growing power has been tested extensively and its material ratios designed for optimal results.
No competitive product, including peat- or pine-based soil mixes, have outperformed our Azalea Mixa„?.
This turn-key soil blend takes advantage of all the goodness that comes from the highly publicized combination of organic compost, lava sand and Texas Greensand. When preparing a deep bed (8-12 inches), till in 3-4 inches of Gumbo Buster® at a time, then repeat.
When preparing a deep bed (8-12 inches), till in 3-4 inches of Clay Slayer at a time, then repeat. If you have these areas, pre-filter run off from sediment and debris that may deposit onto newly installed areas. Keep in mind that mosses will first need some rhizome attachment at their growing edge before they will send out new branching. If you suspect your soils are alkaline (greater than 7 on the logarithmic scale,) you should get the soil tested . If you want to add any foundation plants, perennials, or hardscaping, it is best to do that first and add the mosses last.
After the mosses have been placed on top of this loosened soil, they will be watered deeply and then walked on. Moenk, I believe you are already getting the answers to your questions if you continue reading our blog posts. This type of garden differs from a standard garden in that vegetable plants thrive in high-quality topsoil. Preparing soil early allows for nutrients and additives to breakdown by decomposition to blend with existing soil.
This simple test will tell you whether you have porous soil that drains well or clay-filled soil that doesn't encourage water flow.
The additions of organic material will create good topsoil eventually, but it requires time for additives to break down.
Heron is an avid gardener with over three years of experience in online writing and a working background in aviation and earth and ocean sciences.
A pre-emergent like Preen Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer can be applied to discourage germination of any existing seeds. The exception would be soils with a high sand content preventing a stable surface; ever-shifting loose sandy soils make attachment difficult, but not impossible.

One way to do this is by placing stones and gravel as a barrier upstream or temporarily diverting the run-off. Mosses do not like being unattached nor do they like being exposed to air without some surface below them. And if it is above 7.0, you may consider adding aluminum sulfate or elemental sulphur to bring it down somewhat.
Prepare the soils to suit the vascular plants and then smooth the surface for the mosses to create a living mulch around them. This will re-compress the fluffed soil and act as an temporary mortar to hold the moss down.
The moss is really thick in spots, and it’s been a joy to walk on when the remaining grass has gone dormant for the summer. This early soil preparation will increase your chances of having a high-yield crop of vegetables. Leaving old plants to die over the winter encourages bugs and diseases that can affect soil quality and quickly negate your efforts to improve the topsoil.
Purchase topsoil specifically for vegetable gardens since this soil has a very low weed content.
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Alkaline  conditions like this may have been created by years of lime applications in an attempt to sustain grasses in the shade.
If transplanting scooped moss colonies, scratching can be done to create a slight depression to keep the soils level. You'll need to create the perfect environment for your vegetable garden by adding components to the soil. If you imagine yourself to be less than an inch tall and had to move across the soils surface, you would understand the importance of smoothness. Even though mosses may overcome almost any obstacle in their path such as a fallen tree, they don’t do this quickly nor do they simply just run up the side and over. All areas under and around the transplants will need to be tamped down by hand or by walking on them after installation.
However, you'll get a nice head start by preparing the soil at least 2 seasons before actual planting. Pebbles, leaves, or any loose material will need removing and also ensure that the soil leading up to any trees, roots, or hardscaping is slightly ramped up to meet the obstruction. This will prevent a debris zone or dead zone where mosses resist meeting vertical surfaces and attaching to them.

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