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Every single PLeeFix™ marker must be planted into the soil using the manufactured purpose-made safety cap and driving tool provided. This is supposed to accomplish softening by improving the structure of the compacted clay soil. In arid parts of the country, sodium occupies many of the cation exchange sites in the soil. And since it is only a +1 charge, soil colloids tend to disperse and can be easily compacted together causing a poor soil structure. They may also be highly compacted and layered, and gypsum does not work well on layered soils.

The released Na+ is leached out as Na2SO4, and the soil tends to granulate due to flocculation (fluffing up and colloidally glued together on the microscopic level) with more Ca++ on the exchange sites. In such landscapes it is pointless to add yet more chemicals in the form of gypsum unless you need to increase soil calcium.
This granulated condition improves soil structure, and soil is then less prone to compaction.
Adding gypsum to sandy or nonsodic soils ( low in sodium) is a waste of money and natural resources and can have negative impacts on plant, soil and ecosystem health. Once the marker has been removed, using a small chisel, check the inside of the hole, remove the obstacle.

This does not minimize the benefit of have a high Ca and Mg level reading in your soil test, but coring does physically reverse a physical compaction of soil particles. Yes, coring is an expensive service to buy, and most lawns really don’t need it; but it won’t hurt.

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