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The best soft diet foods are typically somewhat soft and moist naturally, but may also be pureed or mashed and have moisture added to make the food easier to swallow. A short-term diet, for only a week or two following a dental or surgical procedure such as wisdom tooth removal, is likely to contain a fair amount of sugary, unhealthy soft diet foods such as ice cream, pudding, and gelatin desserts.
One way of ensuring that the soft diet foods contain enough nutrients is to puree, mash, or otherwise soften some fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are naturally soft already. With some conditions that would cause a person to need to follow a soft diet, certain foods might not be appropriate. My husband recently had all of his wisdom teeth extracted in one go and I am really looking for some good soft food diet recipes.
After an illness that ravaged her digestive system, my little sister had to be on a soft diet for about a month. To make it easier on her, my mom and I came up with a way to add some fun to this dull diet.
The rest of the food I ate was mostly soft food as it was easy to fix and for my body to digest. Surgery saga, continued: After graduating to soft foods, I am VERY excited to be able to incorporate more variety into my meals.
Solid foods are now only a few weeks away so I’ll be back on bacon by my mid-September birthday. I bet the sauteed green onions the original recipe calls for would taste delicious with this, but alas, I didn’t have any on hand.
Just made this (with some modifications, as I didn’t have a couple ingredients)…delicioso!
A soft diet consists of foods that can be mashed, pureed, chopped, or ground in order to change the consistency so that the person does not have to chew and the food can be swallowed easily. Dysphagia is a condition making it painful or difficult for a person to swallow, and it is usually caused by another illness that weakens the muscles of the tongue, cheek, or throat.
Gastrointestinal tract problems can make it uncomfortable for a person to digest certain foods. After a surgical procedure, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments, the esophagus, mouth, and digestive tract can be sensitive to many foods. After a tooth extraction, such as the removal of wisdom teeth, a dentist will recommend a diet of mashed and soft foods.

Soft foods include yogurt, milk, mashed potatoes, pureed cooked vegetables, and ground up meats.
Whenever I have a health problem that requires me to eat a soft diet, I like to eat baby foods.
What is a soft diet that would offer benefits to someone who needs to regulate their blood sugar? I have done a lot of research on the diabetic diet, and so far none of them have pointed to soft foods being any better.
He's always been a hearty eater so going by the liquid diet foods list our dentist gave us just isn't going to be enough after the first 48 hours or so. Basically, as soon as my hubby stops bleeding he's looking forward to some sort of decent meal, even if it is soft.
So I ended up feeding her sweet foods like rice pudding, Brown Betty, muffins, fruit purees and juices, peanut butter and milk. That's a good way to get all the nutrients you need when you have to be on a soft food diet. She had a lot of pain from the pulled teeth and it was also hard for her to chew with dentures at first. My mom has been eating a lot of cooked and pureed fruits, as well as lots of plain yogurt and mashed potatoes. But being excited didn’t exactly translate into being creative, so I took my quest—and my list of approved foods—to the Internets to help.
At an early age I declared I wanted to marry bacon and was sad to find out that little girls could not marry food products. This condition can occur as the result of a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or other neurological disorders. A soft food diet will provide the person with nutrients, but it requires he or she to abstain from hard foods, such as raw vegetables and nuts. A soft diet consisting of high protein and low fat foods will provide a person with most of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients during the recovery process. Smoothies made of blended fruits, yogurt, and milk are a great option for those on this restrictive diet. My dentist said that it is caused by overactive nerves being aggravated during dental procedures. I imagine they would help with digestion, but isn't it still the quality of the food that counts? I figure if I eat a chocolate shake, it is pretty much going to have the same effect on me, had I just went and ate a piece of chocolate cake.
But I don't know why you would want to be on one unless you have a health issue preventing you from eating solid food. I'm glad it helps you but I think that you're going to get tired of eating soft foods pretty soon.

People who have dysphagia, gastrointestinal tract problems, recently undergone surgery or chemotherapy, or who have had invasive dental surgery may all benefit from this type of diet.
A soft diet allows a person to eat safely without the risk of choking and obtain the necessary amount of nutrients in his or her diet. Physicians will prescribe a soft diet to someone who has just undergone gastric bypass procedure. This will allow the pain, inflammation, and soreness to subside, while still allowing the person to gain enough nutrients from food sources to protect him or her from developing an infection. A dentist may also recommend this type of diet after dental implants have been put into place to ensure that the implants are able to heal properly and that there is no unnecessary pressure put on the teeth. People will be able to eat bread, muffins, and crackers, but they should be softened with a liquid. Through trial and error, I realized that eating a soft diet during these times helps this annoying nerve pain calm down much quicker than when I eat crunchy or hard foods.
Or you can just change recipes you already know and cook ingredients longer or in a pressure cooker to make them softer. Soft foods also eliminate the risk of food being caught in the esophagus and developing aspiration pneumonia from bacteria growth, stemming from the lodged food, in the lungs and throat. This diet will allow the surgical site to heal fully before introducing whole foods into the small and large intestines.
Those on a soft food diet should avoid uncooked vegetables, cereals, fatty foods, and dried fruit. When soft foods are to be eaten for a long-term diet, such as with some medical or dental conditions, it becomes more important to make sure the foods provide enough nutrients to support health.
For some it might be an acquired taste (or more like an acquired texture), but I like tofu just fine and thankfully, it likes me back.

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